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Pikachu's Summer Vacation (P01)


Great short,

i loved to see Snubbull and Cubone in Kanto, although they showed in Johto in the anime.

It was nice to see all of the group's pokemon for a change, instead of a select few like in most pikachu shorts. The fancy pokemon scene changes were kinda dumb though, and how in the heck does marril swim so fast with those stubby little arms!


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I really liked this Pikachu Short. I really like seeing Pokemon on their own without Human involvement. The races were cool to watch. The narrator was a very good part of the Short. It was neat to hear Bulbasaur's Bulbabye.



The best Pikachu short in my opinion. I though that this episode had more interaction with the pokemon than the others. It was funny that the voice of Ash's Pokedex WAS the announcer. Was a cute special as well, as I remember this when I watched pokemon the First movie for the first time years ago... What is more exciting if I could understand it back then was that it was one of the first times a Gen II pokemon was on the anime.


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This is my favorite Pikachu short, I liked the part where all the Pokemon worked together to pull Charizard out. I liked Cubone's personality too.

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Fufufu, this is such a classic. It really was the first time that we just got to see the Pokémon act themselves, and even though we couldn't understand them (we could have gone without a lot of narration, Dexter), their body language and visuals was good enough to drive the point home. It was also nice to have another Raichu and Pikachu face-off, though it was... weird.

Charizard had his awesome prideful moments here. My favorite scene has to be when Raichu and Pikachu run over his tail, and he glares after them as though saying "Challenge accepted", beats his chest with a battle cry, and then outruns them just to blow them off the side of the cliff into the belly of a Snorlax. It delivers the most laughs to me, next to Meowth's suffering (poor Meowth).

Also, I don't know how many of you remember the little based-off-the-series-books some woman would write and publish (Terry West I believe is her name *checks dusty first movie book* Tracey West), but there was one for this short. I unfortunately lost it years ago, but I got it along with the first movie, and from what I remember of it, it was... meh.

Overall, it's a good short. Not my favorite, but it's up there as one of the better shorts.
Awesome! Especially awesome when Psyduck ate the apple Togepi was going to get XD

I have a VHS of the first movie and this short, and I watch it very often! I love the movie, but also this short. Also nice to see Marill and Snubull make their anime debut. I think that Marill is the same Pokemon as Jackson's Azumarill in Jotho (Jackson is an opponent of Ash in the Jotho League).


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This is probably my favourite Pikachu short (I haven't seen that many of them though). I liked being able to watch the Pokemon do things on their own without their trainers around. Also, I think this was the first time I saw Snubbul and Marill, so I liked how new Pokemon were included.


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The very first Pokemon short I ever saw! I remember those gripping suspenseful moments from charizards delima and it makes me so sad for him. But a great short :D


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I still remember watching this short at the movies, I was all ''wtf'' when i saw Marill and Snubble...I feld sad when Charizard got his head stuck in the pipe..glad Cubone help the Pokemon afterall to save poor Charizard


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Man! Togepi was a real baby to the core! Kept crying every five seconds. The little green eggs almost made my ear bleed to death in the movie theater when I first saw this thing!
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This is just the best!! brings back memories. I LOVE that vacation song, It's funny how we don't see Ash Misty & Brock's faces in these kinds of specials LOL! Vulpix & Togepi are so adorable in the sand! I love how Ash tells pikachu to keep his eye on togepi meaning he cares hehe.
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This was cute and funny. I like Marril, I don't like Snubbul. The Pokedex narrator can be annoying, but it doesn't say too much. I like this short.


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this is my favorite pika-short.
i actually felt bad for charizard when he got his head stuck. Also, i noticed charizards horns and wondered "how are they going to get him out without snaping his horns", and like any cartoon it just popped right out.
id give it a 8/10.


I really just wanted to start a new thread, but I am not able to. So I will just ask it here. I wanted to start a thread dealing with all the movies and pikachu shorts that deals with their aspect ratios and listings as to what countries offer/have certain aspect ratios.

I am trying to find out if Pikachu's Vacation and Pikachu's Pikaboo were ever released in 16:9 formats (widescreen) as I know Pikachu's Rescue Adventure and Pikachu & Pichu were (Japan and United Kingdom/ Region 2). I am also aware that for region 2 you can grab movies 2 and 3 in 16:9 in United Kingdom and all the movies are 16:9 in Japan. Japan seems to be the ONLY way to get the first movie in 16:9, unless you find a torrent, I assume. I actually would love to buy it eventually. As for movies 4-7 by Miramax, you can get them all in 16:9 on blu-ray (and only movies 4 and 7 are 16:9 on dvd). Movie 8, I got from Australia because they have it in 16:9. Movie 9 is fine as is (pan and scan?) and movies 10-16 are 16:9. The Pikachu shorts I believe vary, Camp Pikachu, and Gotta Dance are 16:9 but the others I don't think are.

Any thoughts?


Marill's and Snubbull's debuts had me so excited for the 2nd generation. Good times. I laughed at how Pikachu raced Raichu while touching cheeks. 6.5/10


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I got emotional when Charizard got his head stuck. I liked the songs in this short, too, and how Snubbull and Marill debuted here.

Also, what's with all of the random cutscenes with Pokemon in them? Those were pretty distracting.
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This, the first Pikachu short, was a major contributor to the negative reputation of Raichu compared to its pre-evolved form, Pikachu. Raichu had already been unpopular after the events of Electric Shock Showdown, as many Pokemon players have copied Ash's example and not evolved their Pikachu (like me). This only served to make things worse, as Raichu was shown to be a bully most of this short. Though he did reform near the end, his personality for most of the short left quite an impression on many.