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Pikafleg's Modest Trade Shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Pikafleg, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Pikafleg

    Pikafleg Twenty-Six!

    Hi all, here is all the stuff I'm offering and want! I'm especially excited about finally making this because it will free up a lot of space in my signature for other stuff!! :D While I called my shop modest, I do have a wide selection and some quite valuable things- just not 30 events and 10 of all the legendaries or IV trained pokemon, which is why I said it's modest (I have a handful of events and actually at least 2 of most of the legendaries, but if you are looking for EV trained/perfect IV pokemon, go somewhere else! ;)).

    Please feel free to ask me for the level, nature, stats, etc. of any pokemon I'm offering and I'll give the information to you (you don't need to have an offer for me when asking for the info, by the way). If I have more than one of a species that I'm offering, of course I will give you the information for all of them. Although mainly (some exceptions), I only have duplicates of starters, fossils, legendaries, dream radar pokemon, and popular pokemon like ditto, eevee, pichu, dratini etc.

    Now that my trade shop is possibly more public, though, please note that I may at times run out of starters, and though it may require some time (if I'm busy), I will fairly quickly be able to re-obtain them.

    Finally, obviously all SPPf rules, and the specific trade forum rules, apply in this thread and will be enforced (not directly by me of course).

    :D So here is the scoop on my trade shop:



    All starters

    All fossil pokemon



    Note: I am in the process of starting to pre-breed many of my DWFs, and soon may be able to right away trade you them when we made a deal. Just a heads up :).



    ;149;;322;;114;;055;;243;(also event);245;(not event)

    ;246;;145;;484;;487;(also dream world) :643:;068;

    Any legendaries, will even take multiples of ones I already have for a usually lower offering price (from me), but right now I'd particularly like the hoenn regis
    DWFs that I don't have, and btw I'm offering (above) all the ones (or should I say the offspring of the ones) I have.
    Any event legendaries (will only offer you an event for one if I don't have yours at all though)
    Shinies, and if you'd somehow trade me one for a non shiny (or event) I'd be really happy ;)
    And I'll be very flexible in negotiating for the "average" pokemon I'm offering in the first section, as well as for starters and fossils- at the moment I don't have any equivalent requests, but I'll be very open to offers for them! ;)

    Cueva27's shiny totodile and shiny bulbasaur for my shiny event raikou with a heart scale
    Jirachi's shiny swellow and shiny moltres for my shiny tangella and japanese dream radar giratina
    661522's mew and celebi for my victini and keldeo
    AshCrimson's DWF vulpix, corphish, goldeen and dratini for my DWF spiritomb, porygon, swablu and igglybuff COMPLETED :)
    Volcanic Typhlosion's DWF aerodactyl, shpeal, murkrow and phanpy for my DWF riolu, driftloon, ralts and togepi COMPLETED :)
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2013
  2. !jirachi!

    !jirachi! 3/4 dead...

    cool shop! I'm intersted in your DW giratinna and DW palkia
    also your shiny tangela.
    can I get some info on them (like nature ut)
  3. Ilane

    Ilane Legend Medal Hunter

    Can I get information on the Celebi and Jirachi please?
  4. Pikafleg

    Pikafleg Twenty-Six!

    Thanks, I'm excited about it...so then...well first of all, I do not have a dream world palkia, and in the post I only said Giratina was dream radar (you'll have to believe that the edit I just made was not about that ;)), the japanese palkia is not. I do though have an english palkia up for trade (not listed in that post yet). It's level one from that arceus-activated HG/SS in game event. The palkia isn't mine, but I got it from someone on this forum. It is adamant, caught just this past valentines day in fact, from johto and "strong willed". It of course is caught in the pokeball, has none of the ten experience points needed to level it up, and I will leave the lusturous orb on it if I trade it. It has 12 h.p. points, and the rest of its stats are all 7.

    The japanese dream world Giratina is at level five, has OT of PPorg (ID 30693), bold nature, "quick to flee" (some fierce legendary ha ha ha jk :p) and caught on 7/3/2012. It seems untouched (experience bar wise), though I can't be positive. As expected, it is caught in that pink dream ball thing. I got it off of the GTS negotiations. It's stats, respectively, are 31/13/18/15/17/15.

    The tangela I got from another member here on serebii. It is level 47, has a quirky nature, "sturdy body", and was met on route 13 at it's current level. It appears untouched, though if for some reason you are extraordinarily paranoid about whether it is really untouched, I suppose I could ask. It's moves are probably the normal moves for its level, ancient power, natural gift, slam and tickle. It's stats, respectively, are 123/65/124/103/50/62. I don't know if tangela can have two abilities, but this one has chlorophyll. It's also a bright green color (only option for shiny, just letting you know if you didn't), which I think looks pretty cool (and grassy ;)).

    By the way, I know I will sound like a noob, but I only JUST realized how to multi-quote...I still feel "proud" though XD. lol so anyway, the celebi is at level 70, OT "10 ANIV" (meaning its a 10th anniversary celebi), ID 00010, Naive nature, obtained 9/13/2007 in Hoenn ("long travel through time"), very finicky, caught in a pokeball, and it is "alert to sounds" It is untouched. It's stats are 234/154/161/163/145/182. And if you'd like, I have tons of heart scales to spare so I'll reteach it any past move for you if you'd like. :)

    The Jirachi is from gamestop (OT is GAMESTP, ID 02270), level 5, rash. It was met 2/27/2010 in sinnoh in a "fateful encounter", and caught in a cherish ball. It is untouched. It's stats are 25/15/15/17/14/15. And just between you and me, this fine pokemon can grant you wishes if you treat it nicely :D ....lol just kidding (most obviously). But yeah.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2013
  5. !jirachi!

    !jirachi! 3/4 dead...

    okay I'll take tangella :) anyting you want in return?

    btw the giratina is a hack since it is at lvl 40 when you get it from the dream radar.
  6. Pikafleg

    Pikafleg Twenty-Six!

    Actually, no that's not true. Dream Radar pokemon don't have a set level until they are sent into your game, and then their level is determined based on how far you are in the game. It goes from level 5 to 10, 20, 30, and then the highest they will be at, I think once you beat the elite four, is level 40. So the japanese person who got the giratina merely transferred it into black/white 2 around the beggining of the game. After all, otherwise it would possible to have level 40 pokemon in your game when you don't even have any badges, and since they belong to you they wouldn't even disobey you. You can check on serebii.net about that if you'd like. Anyway, for tangella I'd like another shiny, what shinies if any do you have? Or I'll take a "common" legendary pokemon (or even an event but I doubt you'd do that ;)), like perhaps a regi? Or something else, if you make some offers.
  7. Victory★Star★

    Victory★Star★ Mega Victini?

    Hey Pika! Nice shop! Mine is not ready yet and is still being constructed in my imagination ;)
    So You said you want Shiny Chikorita and Shiny Tododile.
    Would you want them for your shiny Raikou????
    Also if you dont think that is very fair (of which i think is) i can throw in shiny cyndaquil, but I think 2 for 1 is pretty good :D
    Also after the trade I am interested in Celebi event :)

    *UPDATE: I HAVE shiny entei, but I WANT shiny Raikou haha sorry for the mix-up :)
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2013
  8. Pikafleg

    Pikafleg Twenty-Six!

    Actually it was bulbasaur and totodile- close ;) though really any of the shiny starters would be alright. And I would take 3 for raikou, just wasn't sure if that was too much since, although raikou is legendary, it was distributed at an event so technically the starters are actually rarer (especially with wifi trading spreading the events around). If you'll give me three though, I'll also take the shiny cyndaquil...and I know, maybe I'll like give you a heart scale on raikou, since I have quite a bunch, unless you would like maybe an evolution or power up item (like mystic water, twisted spoon, soft sand, etc). So those three starters for shiny raikou, with or without a special item?

    Oh and for the celebi, I'll take...how about thundurus. It's not quite worth it, but it will make the raikou-shiny starters trade more fair. So it's my raikou (I'll still put one of those items on it just to be nice, it's no problem :)), and celebi, for your shiny cyndaquil, totodile, bulbasaur, and your (normal) tornadus. Sound good?
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2013
  9. Victory★Star★

    Victory★Star★ Mega Victini?

    lets see Um ok bulbasaur and toddle (would shiny feraligatr b ok? or toddodile?) and um can we do bulbasaur and toddle/feraligatrfor your shiny raikou?my shiny starters are ev trained and flawless in a stat I think.
  10. Pikafleg

    Pikafleg Twenty-Six!

    Well I'd actually rather have totodile, any reason you would rather trade feraligatr though (if you really want to keep it I guess I'll take feraligatr...)? And did you ev train the shiny starters? If so do you do so by levelling them up (opposed to using vitamins/wings)? Either way I'll still take them, but I guess you don't want celebi anymore then?
  11. Victory★Star★

    Victory★Star★ Mega Victini?

    we can talk about celebi after we do 1 trade (i have so many trades on hand), um ok tododile :) they are ev trained frequently (they were my starters :) ) and i will have to migrate
  12. Pikafleg

    Pikafleg Twenty-Six!

    alright, but it's still totodile and bulbasaur for raikou with an item, for now, right? Or did you just want to give totodile? But also, what do you mean by "ev trained frequently"...unless you mean you did other battles with them, but every so often tried to do special battles that would give them the right EVs? If so that's not really ev training (I've done that too though), but either way I don't care, I'll still trade for them.
  13. Victory★Star★

    Victory★Star★ Mega Victini?

    They were my starters and they were ev trained a lot! :D so ya and I cant trade now....sorry I can migrate maybe on monday, is that ok? sorry this weekend is gonna be very busy
  14. Pikafleg

    Pikafleg Twenty-Six!

    alright, if you need to wait that's fine. But then what do you have to trade now (since you said we could trade now)?
  15. !jirachi!

    !jirachi! 3/4 dead...

    oh thanks for explaining (o.o)
    I want giratina too now!
    I'll give you a shiny of your choice from my shop for tangela and for giratina something else?
  16. Pikafleg

    Pikafleg Twenty-Six!

    I'd like your shiny swellow for tangela, and maybe shiny moltres for giratina?
  17. Woodsbury

    Woodsbury PKMN Trainer Rob

    Nice shop Pika.
    Jirachi is wrong.
    Depending on how many BADGES you have determines the pokemons level.
    I have all 8, there for my Landorus, Tornadus, Thundurus were level 40 upon entering my game.
  18. Ilane

    Ilane Legend Medal Hunter

    Ah, thanks but no thanks :). I'm looking for flawless events.
  19. Pikafleg

    Pikafleg Twenty-Six!

    Ok, though btw I did say in my intro post that I do not have perfect IV pokemon...ok actually no I realize I said it wrong there. I said I don't have IV trained pokemon, though that isn't possible lol :p. I meant EV training, though I also don't have any perfect IV pokemon (at all, most likely, much less flawless) either.
  20. Pikafleg

    Pikafleg Twenty-Six!

    Thanks, and I did already tell Jirachi basically that, though I didn't know it exactly correlates to badges (though that makes sense). Also, I looked at your shop and if you'd like that moltres once if I get it from Jirachi, then would you give me your shiny mewtwo for it?

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