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PikaPika677's Pokémon Art Shop

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by PikaPika677, May 18, 2011.


Should the shop shut down?

Poll closed Sep 11, 2011.
  1. Yes. I always hated it.

  2. Yes. You'll get nowhere this way./It's for your own good.

  3. No. You shouldn't give up on the customers and workers.

  4. No! I love this shop! Don't do it!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
  1. PikaPika677's Pokémon Art Shop


    [Shop Status: Sigh... you all knew this was coming sooner or later.... I'm leaving SPPf. lol jk but the shop's closing. It's been a pleasure serving you all and working with my lovely workers but life is REALLY taking up time. It's not a total lost though! You may still request a piece of art every now and then from me by VM. If you're gonna do that, you should probably do it if you REALLY NEED it or your last request was like 2 weeks ago or something. There won't be any waiting lists, so if I feel I get too much requests, I can deny any requests I feel like. Anyway, if you wanna VM me, my profile is locked so you'll have to friend me to VM me. Upon sending a friend request to me for a request, you MUST agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

    1. You shall not overload me with requests

    2. I can deny and/or ignore your orders for ANY REASON I want

    3. You shall not be rude if I do so

    4. You shall follow SPPf rules and use the forms

    5. You will not steal my art

    6. If I feel you are suspicious/bad, I have the right to deny your friend request and/or put you on my Ignore List

    7. If you do anything severe, I have the right to unfriend and Ignore you

    8. You may ONLY PM me for requests if it is very secret (Upcoming clan and stuff like that)

    9. I won't be doing stuff from my workers. If you want their stuff, go VM them or something. I'm no longer responsible for them.

    If you feel that you cannot do ALL of these, you might as well say goodbye to my art. To show that you have read all this, whenever you order (And I mean WHENEVER YOU ORDER), you MUST put all your text in yellow when ordering from me.

    Anyway, this shop WILL be re-opened in the future. So see you guys next time! <3

    [Hiring?: HIRING! ONE SPOT LEFT]
    [Is it break?: It is not break.]

    Welcome! I offer many different sprites! What makes this shop different than most other shops? I don't make stuff most other shops make. From Custom Windows to PMD Scenes, from Revamps to Ditto Transformations! And one more thing. I don't use Photoshop like most professionals! Yes, I use Paint. I do also use GIMP, but only for animation, cropping, transparency, and a few other things. But the Revamps, PMD Scenes, Recolors, and everything else is by Paint. I am a master Painter and an adequate spriter. Please go over the rules before making a request!

    http://i53.*******.com/2i775s5.jpghttp://i55.*******.com/v7xcpc.png Don't get lost!
    Ctrl+F no longer works efficiently if you're trying to go to a certain section. You can still search for other things though. And on the bright side, instead of boring text for the major sections, there's now colorful images instead!
    1. Table of Contents ~You are here!~
    2. The Rules
    3. News
    4. Membership Section
    5. PikaPika677's Waiting List
    6. Geekachu's Waiting List
    7. 493pkmn's Waiting List
    8. Totodile is BEAST's Waiting List
    9. Our Work
    10. Banned Members
    11. FAQs
    12. Other Notes

    http://i52.*******.com/307lwyf.jpghttp://i54.*******.com/24xpa90.gif Better listen to 'em!
    1. Follow the SPPf Forum rules.
    2. Follow the shop rules.
    3. I have a life (maybe), so don't whine if yours gets made a little late.
    4. Only one request per person please. If it is Winter or Spring Break, I will allow 2 per person. On Summer Break, I have 2 whole months of free time and will allow 3 requests per person!
    5. You MUST fill in the forms properly.
    6. I will usually only ban in extreme cases. Also, if you get banned, it's permanent.
    7. There is a waiting list for 3 people. If it is full, all other requests will be ignored.
    8. No credit needed, but don't claim as your own. May be used on other sites however. BUT DO NOT CLAIM AS YOUR OWN. If I catch you doing it, I will report you to the mods and remove the image. You will also be perma banned from my shop.
    9. Certain products are locked when I do not have break as they take some time to make. So be sure to get them while you can during break!

    http://i55.*******.com/2ci9tua.jpghttp://i55.*******.com/jl2trb.gif Get to know what's happening!
    (List is ordered from newsest to oldest)
    [Wednesday August 3rd 2011] In N Out Mon are in stock! New task available.
    [Wednesday July 27th 2011] Renders are now available along with 3Dmon!
    [Sunday July 24th 2011] Cloud Riders have arrived! And I'm no longer grounded.
    [Friday July 22nd 2011] Status Pokés are here! New task available.
    [Wednesday July 20th 2011] New products here!

    http://i53.*******.com/2yjrczb.jpg The royal ones...
    Current Membership Task

    List of Members
    Totodile is BEAST [Expires in 9001 years]
    oshawott28 [Expires in 9001 years]
    Majexs137 [Expires Monday September 3rd 2011]
    riolu424 Expires Thursday September 8th 2011
    Proby3 [Expires Thursday September 15th 2011]
    Claiming Note
    I am the proud starter of Membership related content in the Fan Art Shop section. If you set up Membership in your shop, you won't need to credit me, but don't take complete credit for it. Have a nice day.

    http://i56.*******.com/11htnkg.jpghttp://i51.*******.com/esrxp3.gif [STATUS: CLOSED]

    http://i55.*******.com/11l3213.jpghttp://i55.*******.com/302xk44.gif [STATUS: CLOSED]
    1. Rayquaza is green [Licking Icon]
    2. Bekidding [Licking Icon]
    3. Nebbio [Licking Icon]

    If you request when the list is full- I'll hit you with a broom. Thanks :)

    http://i55.*******.com/mj0n6g.jpghttp://i51.*******.com/2wmnbs8.gif [STATUS: OPEN AND LOOKING FOR REQUESTS]

    http://i51.*******.com/ets8zn.pnghttp://i55.*******.com/15rjcs5.gif [STATUS: CLOSED]
    1. absol6028 [Team Shot]
    2. RIZEtheRiolu [Trophy; Userbar]
    3. umbreon377 [Trainer Card]

    http://i52.*******.com/2pyw7cg.jpghttp://i51.*******.com/119nedz.gif What can we do?
    PikaPika677's Works
    Apparently, I had too many images in this post and exceeded the image limit. They have been moved to these links.

    The Effects
    These are special effects that you can add with your order. Only applies to certain items.

    A special glow around your sprite. Works on Trainers AND Pokémon.

    A special outline around your sprite. Works with Trainers AND Pokémon.

    A silhouette of the sprite. Works with Trainers AND Pokémon. Any color you want.

    The Forms Better stay in format!
    These are the forms you must use for the requests.

    Recolors -
    [B]Pokémon: [/B](Obvious)
    [B]Game: [/B](Which game the Pokémon sprite comes from. Ex: Red/Blue, Black/White, etc.)
    [B]Color: [/B](Please be specific. Ex: I want the Pikachu's cheeks green and the yellow parts purple.)
    Revamps -
    [B]Pokémon: [/B](Obvious)
    [B]Games: [/B](Ex: Yellow's style to FireRed/LeafGreen's style)
    [B]Special Effects: [/B]
    Trainers and Pokémon Poses Overworld -
    [B]Team Pose Overworld[/B]
    [B]Trainers: [/B](The Trainers you want in the picture)
    [B]Pokémon: [/B](The Pokémon you want in the picture. Unova sprites not available.)
    [B]Details: [/B](Ex: I want Pikachu on the left of the Trainer and Ditto on the right. But I want Rattata behind the Trainer)
    Team Pose -
    [B]Team Pose[/B]
    [B]Trainers: [/B](See above)
    [B]Pokémon: [/B](See above)
    [B]Details:[/B] (See above)
    [B]Background: [/B](The background of the battle can be found at The Spriter's Resource. Or you can simply choose a solid color like black, white, yellow, etc. Only available for DPPt.)
    [B]Floor: [/B](The battle floor you want the characters to be standing on. Can also be found on The Spriter's Resource.)
    [B]Special Effects: [/B]
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Scene -
    [B]Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Scene[/B]
    [B]Pokémon: [/B](Pokémon you want in the scene. Sorry, no shinies or recolors available. But I can give a Decoy! Decoy is like a substitute. Here is its page: http://www.spriters-resource.com/gameboy_advance/pmd/sheet/5315)
    [B]Items: [/B](Items you want in the scene)
    [B]Background: [/B](Background you want. If you want simple black/white, just say so here. Backgrounds can be found in the Other Notes section.)
    [B]Details: [/B](Be VERY specific.  State where you want the items and Pokémon. Also tell what postitions you want the Pokémon to be. Ex: Facing top-left, asleep, attacked, attacking, etc.)
    [B]Text: [/B](You can have a text box with what you want a Pokémon to say here!
    Custom Made Windows -
    [B]Custom Made Windows[/B]
    [B]Window Title: [/B](The white words on the blue bar at the top of the window.)
    [B]Details: [/B](You must be VERY specific when you fill in this section. Tell me what you want me to put, images you want and where, amount of buttons and what they say, etc.)
    Ditto Transformations -
    [B]Ditto Transformations[/B]
    [B]Base Pokémon: [/B](Only options are Ditto, Mew, Zorua, and Zoroark)
    [B]Target Pokémon: [/B](The Pokémon you want it to turn into. Can also be a Trainer of your choice.)
    [B]Target Shiny?: [/B](Would you like the target to be shiny? Does not apply to Trainers.)
    [B]Base Shiny?: [/B](Would you like the base Pokémon to be shiny?)
    [B]Mode: [/B](Options are: "Transform and Stop"; "Transform and Back and Stop"; or "Loop". The third one can be seen in my example.)
    [B]Silhouette?: [/B](Would you like both Pokémon to be silhouettes?)
    Userbars -
    [B]Pokémon: [/B](2 maximum for normal size, 1 for half-sized)
    [B]Pokémon Position: [/B](Where do you want the Pokémon?)
    [B]Background Colors: [/B](What colors do you want? 2 max. Ex: Red to blue)
    [B]Gradient Style: [/B](Choices are: Left to right; right to left; up to down; and down to up. If you have only one color, just say solid)
    [B]Text: [/B](What do you want the text to say? Don't make it too big or it won't fit)
    [B]Scanline?: [/B](Those diagonal lines that go across the userbar)
    [B]Userbar Size: [/B](Normal size or half sized?)
    [B]Pop In or Out?: [/B](Would you like the Pokémon (if any) pop out or stay in the userbar?
    Double Teams -
    [B]Double Teams[/B]
    [B]Pokémon: [/B](Self explanatory)
    [B]Shiny?: [/B](Want it to be in shiny form?)
    [B]Special Effects: [/B](Outline, Glow, or Silhoutte? Be sure to state the color)
    Xat Avatars -
    [B]Xat Avatar[/B]
    [B]Pokémon: [/B](One only. Can be shiny.)
    [B]Trainer: [/B](One only)
    [B]Positions: [/B](Where do you want them placed?)
    [B]Text: [/B](5 characters max.)
    [B]Text Color: [/B](What color do you want it? The one in the Pikachu example is yellow.)
    [B]Text Outline Color: [/B](What color outline of the text do you want? The one in the Pikachu example is black.)
    [B]Background Color: [/B](The color of the background. I can also do transparent. I can also do gradients. 2 colors max.)
    PMD Sprite Recolors -
    [B]PMD Sprite Recolor[/B]
    [B]Sprite: [/B](The sprite you want recolored. One only.)
    [B]Sprite Position: [/B](Ex: Facing south-east, facing north, hurt, asleep, etc.)
    [B]Details: [/B](Try to be specific.)
    PMD Animations -
    [B]PMD Animation[/B]
    [B]Pokémon: [/B](Pokémon to be animated. One only. Can be shiny if you wish.)
    [B]Sprite Position: [/B](Ex: Facing south-east, facing north, hurt, asleep, etc.)
    Evaders -
    [B]Sprite: [/B](Can also be a Trainer. Shiny Pokémon available.)
    [B]Pose: [/B](Front or back pose?)
    [B]Special Effects: [/B](Any special effects? Glows? Silhouettes?)
    Cloud Riders -
    [B]Cloud Rider[/B]
    [B]Sprite: [/B](Only one.)
    [B]Cloud Color: [/B](You can choose from the example.)
    [B]Giant Cloud?: [/B](Giant Clouds are double the size of regular clouds.)
    [B]Animated?: [/B](Would you like it animated? Pokémon only.)
    Renders -
    [B]Image: [/B](Please provide an image to render with)
    [B]Details: [/B](What part of the image do you want?)
    3Dmon -
    [B]Pokémon: [/B]
    In N Out Mon -
    [B]In N Out Mon[/B]
    [B]Pokémon: [/B](The one you want to pop in and out. Shinies available)
    [B]Pokéball: [/B](The Pokéball you want to use)
    VS Mugshot Scenes -
    [B]VS Mugshot Scene[/B]
    [B]First Trainer: [/B](If you are using style 2 or 3, the Trainer on the top left.)
    [B]Second Trainer: [/B](The other person)
    [B]Names: [/B](The names of the Trainer(s) you want. Try not to make it too long or it won't fit.)
    [B]Background Color: [/B](The color of that colorful thing behind the Trainer(s). Black, white, and rainbow not available as colors for the background.)
    [B]Style: [/B]
    User Barcodes -
    [B]User Barcode[/B]
    [B]Text: [/B](The text you want under the barcode. The longer it is, the longer the barcode)
    Personal PKMN Cards -
    [B]Personal PKMN Card[/B]
    [B]Color: [/B](Red, Blue, Pink, or Black)
    [B]Pokémon: [/B](The one you want displayed. Also mention if it's shiny or not.)
    [B]Name of Pokémon: [/B](Its name)
    [B]Gender: [/B](Gender of Pokémon)
    [B]Pokéball Captured In: [/B](Obvious)
    [B]ID of Trainer and OT of Trainer: [/B](Trainer's Normal ID and Name)
    [B]Nature: [/B](Nature of the Pokémon)
    [B]Ability: [/B](Ability of the Pokémon)
    [B]Moveset: [/B](Moveset of Pokémon)
    [B]IVs: [/B](The order of the numbers go HP/Atk/Def/Sp Atk/Sp Def/Spd. If you don't know their IVs or don't want them displayed, say N/A)
    [B]Level: [/B](Level of the Pokémon. 3 digits max.)
    [B]PKRS Status: [/B](Does it have Pokérus? Is it cured?)
    [B]Held Item: [/B](What item is it holding?)
    [B]Animated?: [/B](Would you like the Pokémon to be animated? Bear in mind this will take longer.)

    Geekachu's Works -->Dodgy work with a free Donut! [​IMG]

    [B]Selected Pokemon:[/B] [I]Up to three Pokemon here[/I]
    [B]Colours:[/B] [I]Which Pokemon's colours[/I]
    [B]Shiny Colours:[/B] [I]Shiny or not?[/I]
    [B]Details:[/B] [I]Important bit here, try to include as much detail as possible- thanks :D[/I]


    [B]Pokemon:[/B] [I]Which Pokemon you want to lick... yay![/I]
    [B]Shiny Colours:[/B] [I]Want it to be shiny?[/I]
    [B]Background:[/B] [I]Colours.. Details?[/I]
    Try not to make the Pokemon too silly, but I can try anything.

    Thanks for any requests, and remember the free donutty goodness :D [​IMG]

    493pkmn's Work

    Notes: Have Gengar as base with a bright yellow pallet. Starmies jewel on his head and Golbat wings

    Pokemon to be coloured (base):
    colour pallet (can be pokemon or just a colour):

    A cristal blue pallet

    Base Pokemon: (The pokemon you want to disguise as something else)
    Disguise:The pokemon you want to disguise the base as)

    Base: Clefable
    Disguise as:pikachu
    Notes: Remove the little spikes in the background and please don't forget pikachu's cute little red cheeks!

    Who's That Pokemon
    Pokemon: (This is the pokemon you want silhoutted)
    Alternate Details: (This is if you want something deviating from the base such as the blue highlight being yellow)

    I would like a Whos that pokemon
    Details: Could you use this image please:

    Custom Error Window
    Title: (The text at the top)
    Buttons: (options currently include: Basic button, Close button and error X)
    Details: (IMPORTANT. This is the part where you tell me what I put in it.)

    I would like a Custom Error Window (493pkmns)
    Title: There is a stain on your shirt.
    Buttons: Two Basic buttons
    Details: I would like a picture of a clean, white shirt in the center. The two buttons are at the bottom. The first button says:Run away in fear. And the second says: Change you shirt.
    Credit for this goes to PikaPika677

    Embossed Text
    Text: (the text you want embossed)
    Background: (the URL of the image you want the text embossed on OR a background that I have. Current options are: Golden and tye-dye)

    Could you give me embossed text please
    Text: Golden text rules
    Background: Golden
    Thank you!

    Evolution Mons
    Pokemon 1: (evolve from)
    pokemon 2: (evolve to)
    Details: (It's pretty hard doing this but putting details can help me get a personalized evolution for you)

    Evolution Mon from 493pkmnns please
    Pokemon 1: Pikachu
    Pokemon 2: Raichu
    Details: Could it pause a bit at the Pikachu and then the Raichu stage please?
    Thank you!

    Pokémon 1:
    Pokémon 2:
    Flower: (Chose between a lily, a rose or a bouquet.)

    Lovers from 493pkmns please!
    Pokemon 1: Gallade
    Pokemon 2: Sawk
    Flower: Rose
    Credit for this goes to Wolftamer for the idea

    Fusion: [​IMG]
    PokeDisguise: [​IMG]
    Who's That Pokemon: Base: http://i51.*******.com/5n6ddx.png
    With Machop: http://i51.*******.com/161c95x.png
    Custom Error Window: [​IMG]
    Embossed text: [​IMG]
    Evolution Mons: http://i51.*******.com/1zvx66a.gif

    Totodile is BEAST's Works
    Can I have a recolor, pretty please?
    Pokemon to be Recolored: (like Victini)
    Other Pokemon Colors to Replace It: (like Oshawott)
    Add a glow: (look at the sihoulette example)
    My specialty.
    Fusion (getting better)
    Can I have a Fusion, pretty please?
    Pokemon: (Up to 4)
    Base Pokemon: (The pokemon who's going to be the flat base, such as Esclaiver in the example)
    Pokemon who's colors to use: (Who's colors to use)
    Pretty simple.
    Can I have a Sihoulette, pretty please?
    Pokemon: (Like Feraligatr)
    Color: (like lime green)
    Glow: (look at the derpfisk example)
    Most people know how to do these.
    NEW! Trainer Cards
    Can I have a trainer card, pretty please?
    Trainer: (make it easy for me, so like maybe B/W Main or Platinum Youngster)
    Name: (like BOB!)
    Bad example. Conkeldurr looks bad, the transparency on Iaza did that. Look on some other examples to find it.
    Can I have a licking icon, pretty please?
    Pokemon Licking: (Like Totodile)
    Background: (This can be scenery like trees or a simple color like blue)
    These are no longer made in this shop.
    Can I have a team shot, pretty please!
    Trainer: (Provide Sprite or if not make sure it is on Pokestadium)
    Pokemon: (Up to 6 or a big base is 12)
    Gen. of Pokemon Sprites: (put N/A if you want me to use Gen 5 sprites.
    Big or Small Base: (This means do you want one that fits 12 or fits 6)
    Others: (Any other details)
    Can I have a trainer cosplay, pretty please?
    Trainer: (be specific like b/w male or hg/ss female but I will take exceptions of Ethan, Lyra, Dawn, and Lucas. Be specific with all others)
    Pokemon: (like Pikachu)
    Can I have a trophy, pretty please?
    First, Second or Third Place: (The above is 1st)
    Pokemon: (The above is Croconaw)
    I am pretty new at these so please no bulk orders. This is a new rule so you will be punished with a spank.
    Can I have a userbar, pretty please?
    Text: (simple)
    Placement of Text: (where you want it, obviously)
    Pokemon: (like starly)
    Placement of Pokemon: (Be specific)
    Background Colors: (I can do alot.)
    Half Size or Full Size: (the croconaw one is half size. The archeops one is full size)
    Tall or Regular Size: (The croconaw one is tall and the archeops one is regular. I can do regular sized small and big sized full sized ones too.)
    Font: (state visitor if normal wanted)

    Not working anymore.

    http://i52.*******.com/10r5ybn.jpghttp://i53.*******.com/35lthyg.png I warned you!
    Yay! No banned people here! Let's keep it like this! :D

    http://i54.*******.com/hvck11.jpghttp://i51.*******.com/fkcx1w.png Got a question? Look here!
    Q: Why are bans permanent?
    A: So I don't have to spend time to keep track of banned members.

    Q: Why aren't there Trainer Cards or GIFs?
    A: Trainer Cards take some time to make and I usually don't have time on my hands to do lots of work. As for GIFs, I use GIMP to make them. Also takes a long time for me. I took a day to make my first GIF.

    Q: How do I use your images in my signature?
    A: For Google Chrome users: Right-click the image, select "Copy Image URL", and then go to your sig. Use this BB Code and then paste the link between the BB Code Mark.
    For Internet Explorer users: You are going to have to save the image and go to an iamge hosting site and upload it yourself. Make sure if the image is animated, you save it as a GIF. YOU CANNOT USE IMAGESHACK. It can't handle animated images. Use ******* instead.
    The Other Way if you do not have the above browsers or if you do not want to use the above: Quote the post with the images and Copy the image URL. Then put it between in your signature.

    Q: Can I request while you're updating?
    A: Yes! Just as long as the Waiting List has spots open.

    Q: About how much time does it take for you to process my order?
    A: It depends on the product. It can vary between 5 minutes to 2 days.

    Q: I requested a long time ago but my order was never made!
    A: I either
    1. Missed your order
    2. Cancelled your order. If I ever do this, I would VM/PM you about it.
    3. Your order was rejected. I will inform you if this happens.

    Q: What is Membership? Does it cost me anything?
    A: Membership is a special status that certain people can attain. Normal customers need to pick up their order(s) at the shop. Members get their order(s) hand-delivered to them by me! They also get the image code unlike normal customers! And best of all, Membership is completely free! To get the Membership status, you must complete a certain task on the front post. The task varies. It can be anything from answering a riddle to making a simple sprite for me. If you are going to take the task, DO NOT POST HERE. Your answer to the task will be rejected, whether its correct or not. If the mods catch you, they will mark it as SPAM and warn/infract you.

    Q: I want to be a Member but there's no task on the front post!
    A: The task isn't always there. It comes randomly from time to time.

    Q: Is Membership permanent? Can I renew mine?
    A: Membership lasts a month. You cannot renew your Membership. If you are a Member, completing the next task does not do anything for you. If your Membership expires, you can then take on the next task.

    Q: You said you finished my request but I can't find it!
    A: Whenever I accept your order, I will put your order in that post after I make it. If that post falls behind a page or two, then I will inform you what page to find it at.

    http://i56.*******.com/2u4jwu8.png Not much to describe here...
    Because the Other Notes section was taking up waaaaaaaayyy too much space and I passed the character limit, it is now located here.


    [Contact Me] [Contact Geekachu] [Contact 493pkmn] [Contact TiB]

    We are affiliated with arceusvictini's Animation Studio
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2011
  2. Khybon

    Khybon Rub My Belly?

    Trainers: Lance
    Pokémon: Celebi,Typhlosion,Blaziken,Togekiss,Scizor,Wailord
    Details: Celebi,Typhlosion and Blaziken on the left. And the ohter 3 on the right. I would like it shaped like a V if possible

    First =p
  3. Le_Juston

    Le_Juston One day at a time.

    What is a siggie and a window?
  4. http://i56.*******.com/2u4jwu8.png Not much to describe here...
    1. If you want revamps, here are some lots of pages for older sprites:
    Pokémon Crystal - Pokémon Gold/Silver - Pokémon Green -
    Pokémon Red/Blue -
    Pokémon Yellow -

    These are for Pokémon only, nothing else!

    2. If you are looking for Trainers/Overworld Pokémon to use for the poses/overworlds/battle backgrounds, here are links to their sprites so you can tell me which you want:
    Diamond and Pearl - Platinum - Heart Gold and Soul Silver - Black and White -
    3. Here is a list of available backgrounds and items for PMD Scenes:
    PMD 2:
    PMD 2.5:
    Available Backgrounds -

    4. Wanna help me out by advertising my shop? Slap this onto your sig!
    [​IMG] < Made by me
    5. Pikachu Cosplay's credit goes to Nakashima. Pikachu Pokéball goes to Grovyl. Animated Pikachu Pokéball Thingy goes to me.

    6. Banner Archive:

    7. If you think I made any mistakes, have any suggestions, or have a question, tell me by VM or by PM.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2011
  5. Here is your order:

    I hope you like it!
    Last edited: May 19, 2011
  6. Khybon

    Khybon Rub My Belly?

    Could i get the white background removed??? If not its fine with it
  7. unfortunately, i cannot remove it because:
    1. I don't know how
    2. I don't have the tools to do it

    my advice is to give it to someone, have them remove it, have them give it back to you
  8. Great news everyone! I now know how to remove the white background in images without Photoshop!
    So here is Khybon's edited order!
  9. Finch.

    Finch. Sunlight, sunlight~

    Pokémon: Lickitung
    Games: Green and Red to Diamond and Pearl!

    Thank you!
  10. I'll get to it!
  11. Toobworm:
    I did my best. I hope you like it!
  12. Finch.

    Finch. Sunlight, sunlight~

    Thanks, I like it! (But I just remembered my sig is on the large side, I'll put it in there eventually)
  13. I am currently training "Totodile is BEAST"!
    Let's hope he will advance in spriting and be a worker in the shop!
  14. Totodile is no longer my apprentice... so he won't be working in the shop. I'm still looking for someone that can do Pokéfusions!
  15. Typhlosionvsworld

    Typhlosionvsworld Y u mad bro?

    As you can see, My sig is pretty bland. I would like a walking Ethan sprite with the following: Typhlosion, Dragonite, Charizard, Sceptile, Lugia, and Giritina
  16. gotta use the form. :rolleyes:
    and by walking, does it have to be GIF?
  17. Typhlosionvsworld

    Typhlosionvsworld Y u mad bro?

    What does GIF stand for?
  18. animated images
  19. Typhlosionvsworld

    Typhlosionvsworld Y u mad bro?

    Oh, well yes please, if you can.
  20. USE THE FORM please
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