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Pika's battle 'mons and banners!

Who Said Pikachu?

Pikachu Spotter
Pika's Morphs, Battles and Banners!


I've been attempting banners!
So I'll take a try at those!
No sprites, no pictures from elsewhere, all completely original!
Which means only pokemon as I'm stickin' to what I know for now.

Examples of ones already done!:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v227/Dawn_Allies/requ/azumarill.jpg Heh, I messed up a request n did this by accident, so now it's an example w/o text ^^;

Limit 3 Pokemon - No shinys
- If there's something special about the pokemon please state.
- Animal orientated Pokemon preferably over the weird ones, I'm better at those so will most likely turn out better.
- State what each Pokemon is doing.
Words - whatever you like
No people - For now I'm not confident enough in them maybe later.

Next, I'm taking morphs, as in Pokemorphs!
Because I want to try something else for a little while..

Limited one per person.
And uh.. I dunno, I'll see how this goes as I do it.

Sorry no examples ^^; Just to take it that I can do them at least, somewhat.

No more Pokebattles!
I've got enough for the moment and only a couple of hours a week to even use the computer, so until stated otherwise no more!

Takes about a week between when I can get online and have time to do them so slight delays.

Happy Hunting!
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Those are amazing. Can you just draw the Pokémon without the banner?

Who Said Pikachu?

Pikachu Spotter
Ah, yes! If you want I guess I can do that.. No one seems interested anyways, so whateva you like ^^;

Happy Hunting!
can I have one?
Pokemon 1:shiny salamence
Pokemon 2:latias
Attack:dragon claw
Winning (optional):Latias!


I'd like to have a pokebattle picture!!!!

Pokemon 1: Machamp
Attack: Submission (Full nelson)
Pokemon 2: Machoke
Attack: Struggle
Winning: Yes, Machamp winning

Idk if I should do this but I'll explain how I would like the picture to be done. Ok the Machamp is basically using his upper two arms to do a Submission aka a Full Nelson (http://algraham.worldispnetwork.com/BOOK/FullNelson.jpg). The Machamp's lower two arms are punching the Machoke's side. The Machoke is struggling to get out of the hold. Idk if you'll actually do this, but I don't mind if you do or don't. Thanks

Silver Wind

..blissfully unaware
Pic: Politoed
Thinger: Nothing Special
Text: Politoed

Tell Me If I Need To Be More Specific :)


Well-Known Member
i want pokemon battle !! meganium vs thyplosion thyplosion use flamethrower and meganium ues razorleaf ok ?? grass area ok ??Meganium is winning

and i please a banner

pokemon :meganium
specials :it is in a flower bed
text : Flower Power !!!
2 nd specials :make this pokemon beatifuly ok ??
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I want a banner.

can you make me one with espeon and jirachi(do what you did with the pidgeot but with the colors in it) on it and i want it to say-let your mind rule all with sparkles around the words

thanks in advance!!!


Could I please have a pokebattle, Lugia vs Charizard? I would like it to be an airborne battle, with Charizard using flamethrower, and Lugia using Hyper Beam. Try to make them look fairly even in terms of winning/losing.
In advance, thank you so much!

Bleeding Faith

May I please have a vileplume with its body black and its patels white.gray and the little center bit in the flower a dark gray and have it sitting in a empty feild, at night. and a small glowing tear falling from it's eye and in small faded text saying Autumn Leaf..

Who Said Pikachu?

Pikachu Spotter
Some banners done!

And I return! Mwahaha! *cough*

I have banners and one pokebattle done!

First we have... Ishino 's Charizard vs Lugia!
or with a slightly darker background (I prefer the lighter but eh)
Yes his feet look odd and the back wing is demented, but overall I think it's pretty good.. also sorry if it's a bit big, I can shrink it if you want.

Then banners!

Politoed's Politoed banner!
I've never drawn Politoed before so 'e looks a little odd, but I think I did a good job for a firt try ^^;

Inalina's Meganium banner!
I think it's pretty, so like yay! >>;

Master_of_Espeon's Espeon/Jirachi banner!
Never drawn Jirachi before and only had a front on view single reference ^^; But I think it's ok. Espeon was annoying but looks cool.. I didn't quite get what you meant by like the Pidgeot one, so I just made it colourful, I hope that's ok ^^;

and last!
Autumn Leaf's Vileplume banner!
Hope the colouring's right ^^; The text isn't exactly faded, but I thought it looked nice >>; I like the grass.. it'd all wavey like o.o

Anyways, that's it for now that are done!

Emerald Latias : I said no shinys! So you're gonna have to wait >>! I may or may not do it. Probably will but it'll take a while as others'll have preference over.
meandude33 : Sorry! I tried n I tried, but I can't draw either Machamp or Machoke without them looking utterly demented! x.x; It's depressing. -Also, your link didn't work.
Inalina : I did the banner! The fight'll just be a while, trying to think how can make Razorleaf win against a Flamethrower, plausibility being the issue and all >>;
The Pokemon Master : It's half done, got the outline and basic colouring done so far, needs shading and a background, should be ready next week!
Torkoal Stu : I've never drawn Torkoal before. I tried yesterday and failed miserably, I need to find a better reference picture.. so you'll have to wait 'till later as well as I attempt to learn how to draw Torkoal.

I'm going to make a preference of banners over battles, so more banner requests PLEASE!

Happy Hunting!

Golden Tropius

Could I have a battle please?
Poke1: Tropius; doing solarbeam
Poke 2: Skarmory; doing steelwing
Thanks in advance.


Bleeding Faith

Whoa!!!! Its Awsome!!! Thankyou!

EDIT: I was wondering if you could do me a smallish picture of a Combusken sitting on a bunch of wilted, dark pink flowers and a small but shining tear falling from its eye?? It would be awsome if you could!
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Silver Wind

..blissfully unaware
Wow. Thats Perfect, The Fat Little Politoed In The Corner Rocks ;O~ This Is Like The Best Banner EVER <3. Thank You So Much. You Rock.. *pancake*


Well-Known Member
Hi,can I have a banner with 2 azurills swimming underwater?Text:azurill(with blue letters)
oops, then ignore that
can I have a banner this time?
Pokemon 1:latias
Pokemon 2:quilava
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