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Pillars of Friendship (597)


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Regigigas Resurrection! J Again!

After being alerted to a disturbance at the Snowpoint Temple, Ash & Co., joined by Pyramid King Brandon, soon discover that Regigigas has been awakened by the evil Pokémon Hunter; J. With Regigigas being attacked, it started going on a rampage. Will Brandon be able to protect Regigigas and will J finally be defeated once and for all?

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He has just made the battle frontier easier, maybe reggie would be able to get the brave symbol now


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I heard "mirai" from Brandon as he was setting the Gigas-Orb back on the pedestal... what was that in relation to?

May be it's just a temporary thing. Maybe he will return in future for his Regis - yeah, I don't want to believe otherwise. Brandon without regis sounds totally stupid.


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Damn... And this episode had so much potential.

Maybe this paves the way for him to catch the Birds. You know, since they're his rematch team in Emerald? Whatever, it's not like we're gonna see him again.


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Surely he have his reasons to leave the three regis behind! 0_0


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Surely he have his reasons to leave the three regis behind! 0_0

One reason I could see why is because of his knowing those three would be strong enough to protect Regigigas. It also is kind of an ode to DPPt, with you needing Regice, Regirock, and Registeel to face against and attempt to capture Regigigas.



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This episode was looking unbelievably good until about the last ten minutes, where it all went a bit Pokemon: first Movie on us. Gigas vs the 3 Regis was awesome (got to love the double Hammer Arm), and the Battle Pyramid facing J's underlings was pretty cool too. Pity about the ending (you can just imagine J thinking "OK, 5th time lucky...this time for sure...oh, no, here comes the Plot hammer!")


Thank you, SPPf! :)
That's...umm...incredibly interesting. Not sure of any other word to describe it, but I'm suddenly not keen on ever seeing Jindai again. I suppose it both enhances and takes away from his character, as while it gives him some form of character growth (that can't be easy, ditching your three unbelievably powerful partners), having those Pokemon in his possession are what made him such a remarkable and elite trainer in the first place. He's still pretty tough without them, but he's not the Jindai that the anime made us love.

So...other than that, was this episode still awesome? You know, since it had content outside the final minute. I'll confirm or deny the awesomeness later in the day, but I don't want to come back to continued whining over the Regi releases (thank you squirtleking, however).


Ok now what can I say...
The episode started off really well.
We got the main heroes flying in the Battle Pyramid, which is actually kind of cool. Then we got some awesome Snowpoint City Temple scenes, with Hunter J appearing but Regigigas proving quite the match for her (for the first time she actually appeared in an inferior position).
I also liked how the Regis were being controlled by Regigigas, and how when J was about to attack them they would jump in front of it to save it, even if it was after they had regained their senses.
I also loved how Regigigas itself got hold of Brandon, showing to us that it does have emotions, and its nature is not destructive.
I just wish Brandon would catch Regigigas at the point he actually weakened it (before stupid J interefered with Ariados).

Now, the thing that ruined the episode for me was how Brandon left the Regis at the Temple. I mean come on, they released a pokemon that belonged to a main character just 5 episodes ago (Ambipom in DP124), why do they have to kill us by having Brandon leaving his Regis behind? I honestly would have rather not watch the episode and gone directly from DP128 to DP130.
I just hope Brandon gets the Regis back someday, and the writers realising their mistake and actually bringing him back in order to show us he did get them back.
2/10 for this episode from me


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One reason I could see why is because of his knowing those three would be strong enough to protect Regigigas. It also is kind of an ode to DPPt, with you needing Regice, Regirock, and Registeel to face against and attempt to capture Regigigas.


But if that is what the writers are getting at howcome Regigigas came on itself in Giratina and the Sky Warrior? Anyway I think the writers just hit a new low STOP RELEASING ALL THE DECENT POKEMON!
Why does Brandon letting the Regi's go bother you people?

Brandon may not appear in the anime ever again after this, and he's not a main character.

Being angry when Ambipom left is one thing, but this doesn't matter.


i've seen ep pics on filb and i don't see any evidence that he lets them go


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just saw the episode in youtube.

it was a good episode really but the sad thing is that brandom leave the 3 regi in snowpoint hmpf! how can he maintain his title now without his 3 powerful pokemon..

as usual piplup joining pikachu in a scene hmpf!

regigigas loves hyper beam don't you think? lol

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He has returned.
^ok, i don't understand japanese at all, but i'm not so sure that it's fully confirmed Brandon's ditched the regi's for good, he may come back for them once Regigigas and the temple are restored, but who knows cause as Cyber said we probably won't see Brandon ever again after this.

Of course on a side note, i bet Paul and Scott aren't going to be too happy to know he's let them go "temporarly" after all without the Regi's Brandon's not much of a threat as a trainer.


A guy who can handle the 3 Regis is sure to have more pokemons and as strong as the Regis, the trios are not portayed has strong as the others legendaries neither in the anime neither ingame so np, stop sulking because of a guy that prolly wont even appear(like Cyber said) anymore in the anime releasing his three pokemons.