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Pillars of Friendship (597)


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the episode was great.

but hopefully brandon get the sinnoh regi trio and trade them for his main ones.

this also remind me that i need to awaken my Regigigas and been months since i had platinum.


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Good episode.It was good seeing all the 4 ledgenaries again and also to see Hunter J as well because we havent really seen her for a while. It was also quite sad to see Brandon leave his pokemon there to protect the temple and I agree with whoever said Dawn was quite quiet but I supose she makes up for it in contest episodes and whatnot. Brock also made me laugh as well when he was tied up with Maria


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Why did J's men call her Sir, instead of Ma'am?
I want to know the same thing. It doesn't make any sense to me. I guess b/c she's the boss and I THINK bosses are supposed to be called sir.


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Why did J's men call her Sir, instead of Ma'am?

If quite common for high leaders to be called sir regardless if they are male or female. It happens regularly in the armed forces but for females its basically their preference, if they want to be called sir they can be, if ma'am is their cup of tea they will be called that.

Hope that clears that up for ya.

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My God... Intense action, like you would expect from an episode featuring Hunter J. Regigigas' rampage is like good old monster movies. Shame Hunter J had to be foiled, but I know she'll be there to pester the twerps again. Nice touch on the Metang using Sludge Bomb, that attack deserves some screen time.


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At least unlike Team Galactic, Hunter J has been a really good recurring villain for the series. She is really cool if evil, and her episodes have been really interesting. This episode is no exception, and at least she's a nice break from the Galactic goons. It's funny how Brandon gets captured in her device, and how quickly she backs out after her buyer reneges on his purchase. I thought for sure too that Brandon would try and capture the Regigigas, and was surprised when he didn't.

Overall, a pretty good episode.


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Lol, this episode had me on the edge of my seat, until Brandon jumped in front of J's beam..

That swarm of Skarmory and Metang, that's what I didn't see coming and that alone made this episode so much more epic then I'd have expected. I didn't like they way the Regi's walked in that ravine or what it was.. they were just spamming hyper beams at random.. it was such a fail moment that I couldn't bare to watch. Then everybody including Brandon got caught and then it was just waiting for the episode to end...

Then Brandon releases his powerhouses.. Why??? Such a shame.. though the rest of his team was strong as well..

As a minor note.. I remember all the excitement for the episode prior to this one.. about the Paul/Brandon connection.. That was so much fun, just because of the eyebrows!


Great episode. Regigigas was so strong.

I like how Brandon treid to save it from J. too bad he left there his 3 pokemon.



Can we please get the older, old forum back?
He didn't leave them behind, I think he's staying there too.

I don't know if he even could. He has his Frontier Brain duties and stuff to do in Kanto. Thing about it, he'd have left his best in a different region.. it's kinda sad when you think about it.. Reggie must be able to beat him now..

Which may lead to Paul doing the Kanto battle frontier after the Sinnoh League.. Since he may argue that he lost due to an uneven attempt if you think about Ash's shot against the Pyramid King


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I was shocked to see Brandon to see him release the Regis.But,It was for a good cost.It was nice to see J appear in this episode.Itw as also nice to see Regigagass in the Snowpoint Temple in the anime.



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He didn't release the Regi's, did he? They were with him when he put the stone back.

Anyway, good episode. I like Regigigas' voice, and his dance moves when he used Hyper Beam. Oh, and J is amazing. I don't want to see her /die/ in the future.



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Cool episode. It was cool to see all the Regi's fighting and Hunter J was her usual awesome self.


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Forgot to post here. The episode was good, and although J was at it again, she failed. Sad to see Brandon leave his Regis behind.
It sure was awesome to see all four Regis in the same episode. You don't see that every day now, do ya?

Also, when Ash was tied up, the way he was angrily struggling, he really wanted to get his hands on J now, didn't he? I wonder what he was thinking when he was acting like that?

That was this episode, right?

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Was amazing to see the true power of Regigigas