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Piloswine Ancient Power?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Kenta master, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. Kenta master

    Kenta master Marsh Trainer

    Hey there trainers ;) Do U know how ;221; learn the Ancient Power attack to evolve to it's new form ;473;? Will it learn the attack when ;220; evolve to ;221;? I really don't know :/...
  2. Jibacoil-san

    Jibacoil-san Too many ppl here

    Piloswine learns Ancientpower by leveling up =)
  3. ~Sirnight~

    ~Sirnight~ Come along, dear

    Yes, at level 33, Piloswine wil learn naturally Anceint Power and will be able to evolve into Manmuu.
  4. Kenta master

    Kenta master Marsh Trainer


    Uh ... at wich level?
  5. Eerie Fuwante

    Eerie Fuwante Wasting my time

    At lv. 33.

    Like all of them actually.@_@
  6. PrepXCore21

    PrepXCore21 Steel and Dark

    i love that, in D/P they have a couple pokemon, wen they learn an attack they can evolve, thats pretty cool
  7. diablocon

    diablocon Final Fantasy Fan

    Actually, Piloswine doesn't learn Ancient Power at Level 33. You have to Move Tutor him it.
  8. dnglover25

    dnglover25 Hikari Trainer

    Swinub evolves at 33 and learns ancient power so it can evolve again at level 34.
  9. Zig

    Zig Growl

    Serebii Pokédex sais that Piloswine knows AP from birth, but Swinub can't learn AP by Level Up. I don't kwno if there's in D/P something like a moverelearner, but if there is I think that's the best option. Else you can breed Swinub w/ AP as egg move.
  10. diablocon

    diablocon Final Fantasy Fan

    That's what I said, take him to the Move Tutor (Relearner).
  11. ~Austin~

    ~Austin~ Blah

    You guys are confusing me. I thought it was just Swinub + Evolve lv 33= Piloswine + Ancient Power= Manmuu.
  12. diablocon

    diablocon Final Fantasy Fan

    It is, but Swinub/Piloswine can only learn Ancient Power by the Move Relearner or Breeding.
  13. wichu

    wichu Project Amethyst

    How do they get it by egg move? I thought level-up attacks needed both parents, therefore a Swinub/Piloswine, to know it. You could always use the move tutor, then breed though...
  14. starterlover1

    starterlover1 Emperor Coordinator

    This is what they are saying. In order for piloswine to have ancientpower, it has to learn it by the move relearner. Like charizard's heat wave, or blaziken's fire punch.
  15. dnglover25

    dnglover25 Hikari Trainer

    I was just talking about that yesterday when i remembered i did that to my blaziken.
  16. Eerie Fuwante

    Eerie Fuwante Wasting my time

    Ok, does anyone find it weird that EVERY move based evolution except for the babies(Mime Jr. and Bonsly) happens after lv. 33?
  17. Maestro Kinético

    Maestro Kinético Well-Known Member

    I'm not going to evolve my ploswine, Mamuus eyes scare me.
  18. Jibacoil-san

    Jibacoil-san Too many ppl here

    Kinda. Maybe 33 is the lucky number. :O
  19. n00b_pwn3r

    n00b_pwn3r Snorlax eats n00bs!!

    Today in Emerald, I teamed up with a Piloswine and it knew Ancientpower, and that was kinda wierd. Glitched up, or did they put that in to taunt us?

    On topic, you need to go to the move relearner to get ancientpower on a Swinub/Piloswine to evolve into Manmuu.
  20. O Fortuna

    O Fortuna Velut luna.

    No, they kinda stuffed up this gen. When old Pokemon evolve they've always had it evolve via a method previously unobtainable which is why you can't get Bellossom/Crobat/Steelix/Blissey/whatever in RGBY. The same goes for breeding which is why you can't breed to get Azurill or Wynaut in GSC. The problem they have now is there is no logical way to explain why Piloswine, which learns Ancientpower as an egg move in Emerald, doesn't evolve into Manmoo in ADV. Same goes for Lickitung who can learn Rollout in Emerald via Move Tutor. At least Tangela and Yanma's evolutions work. They never could learn Ancientpower before DP so that's why they couldn't evolve.

    Also, you can take Piloswine to a move relearner to get Ancientpower but seeing as though Heart Scales are had to come across in DP, you're probably better off breeding with something to get it as it's an egg move for Swinub.
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