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Pinch Healing! (464)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Battle Frontier' started by Serebii, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    The Pokémon Center is Very Busy!

    While training outside the Pokémon Center, Ash prepares his Pok?mon for a rematch against Brandon in the Battle Pyramid. However while at the Center, the Nurse Joy ends up falling ill. To make things worse, there is an accident and many Pokemon need help. It's up to Ash & Co. to help out. However Team Rocket has their eyes on the Pokemon...

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  2. S.Suikun

    S.Suikun Thank you, SPPf! :)

    Holy crap, that was one gigantic Whismur. Not as much Brock action as I would have liked, as a lot of the attention was focused on Ash, filler boy, and the stray Bagon. We got an appearance by Brandon's referee, though.
  3. Dark Cacturne

    Dark Cacturne The Road To Victory!

    Really..two thumbs up for this episode! I love the stray bagon, so cute!
  4. AmeldaS

    AmeldaS Soul Trainer


    Can someone please explain me why at the end of the episode, in this scene, Ash so surprise? What were they talking about?

  5. Flamez

    Flamez Elite 4 Champion

    Seen the episode.
    AmeldaS I think the referee says that brandon is back and thats what gets Ash excited cuz now he can have his rematch. Im sure thats what they were talking about.

    Good to see Ash training Aipom.
    Max bonding with the whismur sweet when its crying Max just gives it alittle pat/rub and it feels better.
    When May touches Larvitar on the back it just uses sandstorm to blow her back. It does the same to Prof. Oak. At the end its cool with May.

    Overall a pretty good episode. Brock doesnt show ANY SIGN of staying or wanting to stay. So all the people who said its pretty much a guarantee that brock will stay with Nurse Joy seem to be wrong.
  6. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    In an almost Warner Brothers style accident, Team Rocket caused the chaos that occupied our heroes for this episode.

    We still don't know about Brock, but we have a few episodes left before the finally leave the area.

    Looks to be a busy episode (no pun intended) and I'll have to see it in motion.
  7. Blazken

    Blazken Boulder Trainer

    I like this ep becase it gave everyone somthing to do Ash getting bragon, May with Larvtar Max feeding the Pokemon and Prof. OAK and Brock doing Nurse Joy Job. Oh And Scout fixes the Bus. The one thing is I'm a litter disponit in that it was olny six pokemon the way I thout is that there was going to be like 50 pokemon there but i guss this is more real
  8. Umi Mizuno

    Umi Mizuno ☠ one girl army

    Aww, I actually thought this would be an episode where a Nurse Joy would end up liking Brock. Sadly, that didn't happend. :< Not much going on but the Wooper was adorable. ^.^ Larvitar, acted as expected, not suprising after seeing Ash's Larvitar back then.
  9. Akaba

    Akaba L Kickin' the Noise

    I thought this episode was boring.

    Really, I found no real 'fun' or 'excitement' in this episode. Joi gets sick and such, and we have some side mission and such with some crazy Rocket scheme like always. And Takeshi and Joi have no real 'love' interaction, so I totally don't see Takeshi getting bumped off that way, anymore anyways.

    So yeah - this episode does nothing for me.
  10. Bulba the Great!

    Bulba the Great! We Do Not Sow

    Anyone find it odd that Satoshi is training Pikachu, Aipom, Jukain, and Heigani at the beginning of the episode, but not Donfan or Ohsubame? Could it be he was going to use these guys against Jindai but will have a brain fart in the next one and call in the Kanto trio instead? Or could THIS be the team he starts with in Shinou? Or could the animators have forgotten Donfan exists? Did I just forget Ohsubame exists? Or was Donfan underground and the bird in the air? ...


    So many possibilities.

    Yay Takeshi.

    ~Bulbs ;001;
  11. Flamez

    Flamez Elite 4 Champion

    ^^ Or donphan and swellow could be at oak's. *gasps*
  12. Geodude

    Geodude Well-Known Member

    He was clearly working on long-distance attacks. Donphan and Swellow don't really have any (Donphan's Hidden Power and Hyper Beam are kind of more like backups, those two Pokemon are both mainly physical attackers), so Ash was working with the Pokemon that use those attacks more often.
  13. Ashy Boy

    Ashy Boy Paul's #1 Rival

    The episode wasn't that bad, but it was predictable to see TR trying to steal Pokemon only to be easily thwarted by Ash & co.
  14. Yamato-san

    Yamato-san I own the 5th gen

    what the hell is a Marumine doing sleeping in a tree? I mean, leaving aside the questions of just what that Pokemon's natural habitat is supposed to be, I don't think that a ball could get up a tree. If they needed an exploder, wouldn't a Kunugidama make more sense? God knows we haven't seen one of those since Takeshi's evolved.

    Speaking of Takeshi, I noticed something interesting about this episode: it seems they showed off Upa's Water Absorb characteristic. It wasn't actually stated, but it looked that way when Takeshi's Numacraw healed the wound on its tail by squirting water. And god damn... that Lucky better evolve into a Hapinasu before they leave that Pokemon Center. On the "needs showcasing" scale, that Pokemon seems to be around the same level as Nokotchi, and this is the friggin' perfect opportunity to show it.

    Um... yeah, three things to say about this episode (two if you disclude my comment about Lucky's evolution, having already said it once or twice before). And I come on here to see only 12 posts (I'm usually late since I wait to actually watch the episode, plus I browse other sections of the forum first).... not a whole lot went on here, did it? Well, I guess I could comment how f***ing pointless that Tatsubay subplot seemed to be (BTW, did anyone notice that the first filler character associated with Tatsubay was named "Michelle", and now this guy is named "Mike"?). Crap like this popping up near the supposed end of the saga makes you wish they could just devote more time to the important stuff (though, that probably doesn't matter to me now that the writers screwed everything with their 1st gen fanservice -_-... and the pacing with Jindai was going so well). Wait, Takeshi seemed to have a conversation with Ookido, and tried treating Tatsubay.... though the scenes in question were freakishly short for the length of this episode, they could be worthwhile.... oh, for god's sake, let this be an indication that he's gonna leave already.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2006
  15. The Benmeister

    The Benmeister Master of Magnet

    Well, this wasn't a terrible episode. I liked the bondage between May and Larvitar, but of course my favourite two of those Pokemon (Seedot and Swinub) were the ones least shown. I suppose the others deserved slightly more screentime, though.

    This is proving to be an interesting arc around the whole 'staying at the Pokemon centre' thing, so I suppose this episode was coming all along. Hope it ends soon, though.
  16. All I can say is that was one huge Whismur Max was with.
  17. Darkstorm16

    Darkstorm16 Well-Known Member

    Yeah it would be the best to work mainly on long range attacks. WHo knows if this Nurse Joy will like Brock after this though. We still have a couple episodes after the final Battle.
  18. Chris 2.0

    Chris 2.0 Beginning Trainer

    I quite like the amount of time the group have spent in this particular area. I wish in the future they would spend maybe 3/4 eps in a city or town (having a Gym/Contest in the same town/city would be cool, Ash goes and beats the Gym Leader, then May trains up and gets her ribbon) and maybe even partake in things like the Orienteering or Pokeringer contests (let's have less filler towns...go on :p)

    I just find it quite nice how they've been here for a while. It just makes a bit more sense.
  19. Juputoru

    Juputoru M-m-m-m-onobear?!

    Weekly rambling, start!

    -Same old valley we've been in for the past few eps. Ash is seen out in the Pokemon Center's battle field, with Aipom, Sceptile, Corphish, and Pikachu out of their Pokeballs. The animators seem to have settled on Aipom's size as "huge", since it's half the height of Sceptile.
    -Ash has them use their typical long range moves(Swift, Bullet Seed, Bubblebeam, and Thunderbolt) to knock over bowling pins.
    -Scene change to Brock. He's in a pink apron and saying something about Joy, when...he hears Chansey let out a surprised noise from the kitchen. Brock goes to investigate, and...Joy has collapsed!
    -As Brock takes a look at the ill Joy, he lets out his last words(before the intro, that is):"joy-san... JOOOOOOOOooooooooOOOOOOOOYYYYYyyyyy SAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaNNNNNNNNN!!!"
    -Back in Joy's bedroom, Ash & tag-alongs, along with Oak and Chansey, are gathered around Joy's bed. Max mentions something about all the battles that have taken place in the past few eps, Oak says something, and right after that Joy sits up and mentions something about her Pokemon Center, but some coughing from her prompts Oak to ease her back into laying down.
    -Ash and May apparently volenteer to help out, and of course Brock does too(with Max having a PRICELESS facial expression throughout Brock's mini-speech).
    -Cut to TR, and...they're talking about Harley and his Cacturne? They come to a fork in the road after a bit and Jessie throws a stick to decide which way to go, but...it hits a Diglett! And a Gloom...who then lets out a foul smell which reaches an Electrode in a tree(?!?), who falls down(HOW DID IT GET UP THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?!) and rolls down a slope and onto a road, and then into the path of a bus, but Electrode safely lands on the bus's hood, only causing a small explosion in the process.
    -We cut back to Oak and May in Joy's room, when Max runs in with news of the mountain accident! They run out to the lobby and discuss some things with Ash and Brock.
    -Ash and Brock arrive on the scene and start herding the Pokemon(a Wooper, Seedot, Swinub, Whismur, Larvitar, and Makuhita) into the car(are we to assume Oak drove?), Scott hooks the bus to the car(the driving seemed to be by a sane driver so he DEFINITLY wasn't the one who drove!), and two Fearow fly by. A Bagon that just so happens to be standing on the...fence?...next to the edge of the cliff, May 'dexes it, and TR's still on the ledge they were at earlier. Meowth gives a breech speech about the injured Pokemon's evolution lines, and you can pretty much guess what they decide after that.
    -COTD calls Bagon to him, and it starts to come, but it gets distracted by a Butterfree(you know, what with those eyes and those wings and such). COTD runs after it, but the rest of the injured Pokemon won't let there be any peace if he goes too far away. He runs after Bagon anyway, with Ash following.
    -Bagon tries out the old "maybe if I jump high enough and flap my arms, I'll FLY 8D" trick from a random small slope, but the laws of physics don't agree and it ends up obeying gravity after all. Ash approaches it and asks if it's okay, but right as COTD tells him not to do that...BAM! Ash gets a headbutt for his troubles and Bagon runs off.
    -Ash and COTD talk about something, and COTD mentions Bagon's evolutions(don't tell me Ash forgot about why Bagon jumps off cliffs...wait, nevermind. This IS Pokemon we're talking about).
    -Back in the Pokemon center, Max is feeding Makuhita and Whismur, and...wait. Wait a damn minute. WHISMUR'S BIGGER THAN MAX. Is Kanto the land of Steroid Enhanced Pokemon or something?! Whismur cries(possibly due to being unnaturally big) and Max tries to calm it down with Pokeblocks, but Whismur ain't buying that shizz! Max then pets Whismur(revealing its earholes, which look out of place since A)They're not really ON its ears and B)Most pokemon's ears are assumed to have invisible holes) and manages to feed it some Pokeblocks.
    -Slightly far away from Max is May, who's playing catch with Swinub and Seedot. May notices Larvitar watching them from behind a generic cylinder and goes over to invite it to play, but she makes the fatal mistake of making contact with it, resulting in her getting a faceful of Sandstorm.
    -Elsewhere, Brock heals a wound on Wooper's tail with Marshtomp's Water Gun(Water Absorb! Yay?), and after that Oak launches into a speech about something, ending with Brock agreeing to something.
    -In another Elsewhere, Scott's fixing the engine of the bus, and Jindai's!referee walks into the garage, and they talk about Jindai for a bit.
    -In a third Elsewhere, Ash and COTD are still looking for Bagon, and are lead to it by its (rather loud) cries. That there dragon's on a cliff above a river! It tries the "maybe if I jump high enough and flap my arms, I'll FLY 8D" trick again(perhaps thinking it simply wasn't high enough last time), and it fails again, thus causing it to fall into the river. And not only can it not fly, but it can't swim either!
    -Ash shouts to it from the riverside(since apparently he can't swim either), and Bagon hits a rock and manages to hold on long enough to climb onto it. But it's attacked by the Bedrill of the Water(sometimes referred to as Carvanha), which are obviously planning to rip away its flesh strip by strip, but Ash prevents that with a Thunderbolt from Pikachu. Another wave of The Fishies comes, but Ash throws a HUGE log with his skinny arms and it manages to land in the right spot for Bagon to escape. But wait! The Fishies start gnawing at the log(what are they, The Angry Beavers?), and since Bagon would prefer for its feet to remain intact it steps back. Ash sends out Sceptile, which lands on the side of the log furthest from land, deflecting The Fishies and launching Bagon into the air. But of course COTD catches it before it becomes a Pancakegon.
    -Right then, Bagon goes through what should be hours of biological activity in five seconds and becomes sick.
    -Back at the Pokemon Center, Joy apologizes for not having a magical immune system that makes sure she never becomes sick ever, May and Oak say some words of encouragement, and...Larvitar's peeking in from behind the (open) door. Oak approaches it, and Larivtar acts like any good child would when approached by a strange old man - it yells and Sandstorms him. Then Max comes back acting as messanger again, this time with news of Bagon's sudden illness.
    -Bagon goes to the emergency room, COTD is worried about it, and night falls.
    -It's feeding time again, and as Max pets Whismur to get it to eat its food, COTD comments on that, making Max embarassed. It seems that the Pokemon trust Max and May now - even Larvitar's willing to eat with May nearby. (in one shot following this, the triangles/lines going from the bottom of Larvitar's eyes are noticably uneven. The more useless info you know~)
    -Just then...TR appears, claiming to be Pokemon Suke...suketto...huh? ...Pokemon Somethings. They load the Pokemon into a cart despite COTD's protests. Then smoke shoots out of a hole in the was-a-cart-now-a-box, which...bah, you know what they'll do now. I HOPE.
    -Brock informs Oak of what just happened, but Bagon becomes unstable right then. Brock tries to do something, but then...
    -Joy's back! And it seems she's better now.
    -Ash & co. chase after TR, who have already gotten into their balloon. Ash starts to order a Thunderbolt, but...the Pokemon are still in the box! Ash can't very well electricute the Pokemon he's out to save(although Larvitar and Swinub should be fine if we ignore the fact that the anime likes to ignore type immunities at times), so all he can do is be angry at TR.
    -Max gets an idea which is telepathically transmitted to May, who orders Larvitar to use Sandstorm! TR's naturally ****** off at the resulting balloon landing and Pokemon's release from the box(angry Manene's face is priceless!), but this doesn't last long as Pikachu Explosion...er, Volt Tackles them into the stratosphere. EVERYTHING explodes, ya know. It's a fact of physics.
    -Bagon's not at risk of death anymore, a night passes, the bus is fixed, Larvitar's grown attached to May and Whismur to Max, yadda yadda.
    -Ash (assumedly)congratulates Bagon on getting better(since it had a choice in the matter!), and the little dragon runs in for a headbutt! Ash prepares for impact, but...Bagon's simply glomping him!
    -The bus leaves as the Pokemon shout what probably translates to "Don't forget us! Be sure to mail us presents!", and Jindai's!referee comes running. Apparently Jindai's back, and mentions something about a Pokemon capture(!). And thus the ep ends.
  20. Irene

    Irene Rather bizarre

    Episode watched, and as I expected, nothing exciting happened in it.
    Well, we now know Enishida is able to repair cars *shrugs*. But did we SERIOUSLY need another Tatsubay based episode? I mean, I like the critter and all, but it's not like we want to see the same story of wanting to grow wings every time we see one >>

    And what was Soutarou talking about, in the end of the episode? I just understood the words "Pokemon" and "get", and the fact they were talking about Jindai. Only claiming that his boss is back, or hinting at something else?

    edit: fixed typos D:
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2006

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