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Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times! (747)


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Piplup VS Pansage, the Magnificent Battle!!

Finally arriving in Undella Town to start training for the World Tournament, Ash & co. meet up with a very old friend, Dawn, who has arrived to train to become a better co-ordinator. Cilan is eager to see how a Pokémon Co-ordinator battles and so challenges Dawn to a battle. In addition to that, Meloetta has decided to tag along with Ash & Co, but Team Rocket still have their eye on it...

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Sick of dealing with idiots.
The episode starts and they're on the plane watching the non-Unova Pokemon.


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
Starts off with the gang flying over Wailord


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
Everybody is in awe of the Wailord... Except Cynthia..

Oooww... Wailord are pretty big...
Opening... Still just a Krookodile...
- They've arrived in Eastern Unova...
- Meloetta has arrived as well..
- Oooooow Staryu and Frillish!! :D
- Cynthia's Butler! Named Jeremy! :p
- TR in the van scheming... They see Meloetta next to Ash and co.
- Limousine time... Meloetta enters first, divastyle...
- TR chase the limo: Old music with a new vibe! :p
- Meloetta appears in the limo as in the preview.
- It appears to like Ash.
- AND Iris :p
- They've arrived at Cynthia's place..
- The door opens, but Meloetta disappears...
- Ash enters the house
- Dawn toys with Ash...
- Freeze screen and back again.
- They're talking. Dawn is talking about pokecoordinators and musicals, and Elesa.
- OMG fanservice Elesa shots, but not her new B2W2 clothing!!!
- Piplup.. God.. No...
- Dare Da: Piplup...
- Commercial break...
- They go outside and Ash throws out his team, Iris and Cilan follow suit.
- Jeez, Crustle is actually pretty large...
- Here comes Dawn's team.
- Group shots, Buneary and Pikachu fanservice...
- Oshawott falls flat on its face... Piplup takes its shell, but it falls off its head :p
- Pachirisu kicks the shell away, to Oshawott's dismay...
- Meloetta tickles Mamoswine's nose while invisible...
- Mamoswine is really twitching in the background due to Meloetta :p
- Meloetta just showed herself to Dawn.
- Dawn is trying to put it at ease as she was originally shocked by her.
- Piplup falls in love, Oshawott isn't pleased.
- Cynthia glares over the group.
- And so does Team Rocket.
- Piplup and Oshawott is really likeable...
- Oshawott Aqua Jets Piplup out of sheer rage! :D GO OSHY!!!!
- Ash makes Oshawott say that its sorry, to which it reluctantly does so.
- Ash proposes a battle, but Cilan wants to fight instead...
- Dawn says that's okay...
- Jeremy judges, like the good Brock he is, oh wait, I mean butler...
- Pansage vs. Piplup. It's happening.
- Bullet Seed vs. (Drill)Peck? Goes in Piplup's favor.
- Rock Tomb vs. Bubblebeam, goes in Piplup's favor...
- Definitely showing off the coordinator stuff...
- It's tasting time, Dawn's dumbstruck...
- Dawn's still dumbstruck...
- Oh god no.. Solarbeam vs. Icebeam... Goes in nobody's favor... as Meloetta's dancing around Piplup now... -.-
- I guess this battle goes unresolved then.. Piplup is tormenting and Oshawott turns to sheer rage!!! :p
- Team Rocket schemes some more...
- Piplup drinks tea now...
- Weird silence... Oh wait, the gang notices Meloetta singing...
- They all like its song. Cynthia looks mysterious as ever...
- OMG is this the end of the episode?
- NO it's not! TR recorded Meloetta's song and Zager is happy with it! :p
- Team Rocket succesfully did something to build up their case.
- Ooooowww! Were that the Undella Bay Ruins that were shaded in that last shot??? :D
- End of episode.

I give this episode a solid 4/10. As nothing happened. yet again. The 3 is for Team Rocket actually doing something relativily well, and an extra point for Oshawott showing off its personality to the best it can. Epic. Now something just needs to actually happen and Best Wishes Season 2 can finally get a score that's near a passing grade.

So far I'm very disappointed with this series. A 3.5 and a 4 isn't something to write home about...
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Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
Ahhh old music, remixed! This brings back memories!

Here comes Dawn!!!!! YIPPPE!


Wicked Witch

I just showed Dawn how much I care. I missed the first five minutes. xD

So, I pick up from where I come in.

Yeah bonding time.
Dawn scans Axew.
Ash dexed Piplup for Iris' benefit. Yep. Not because he's a troll.
Seems that Dawn is interested in Elesa.
I just noticed that Cynthia's sitting like 20 feet away from them. xD
Dara da? Piplup.
Time to show the Pokemon.
Now Dawn shows hers. Same team as her special ended with.
Oshawott thinks Buneary's cute. Buneary completely ignores him.
Well, Piplup's just a bully. Messing with the scallop and all.
The Pokemon notice Meloetta floating around, invisible.
Ash calls for her to come out. She does and hides behind him.
Insta-love for Piplup. The rivalry with Oshawott begins.
Team Rocket's lurking in the bushes.
Yeah. Piplup's just a jerk.
Oshawott smacks him one.
Ash tells it to apologize, but Piplups too Piplup to accept.
With that over Ash wants to do more exciting things.
Cilian decides that he wants to 'taste' Dawn's Pokemon. With his talent, I mean.
Cilian goes with Pansage. Dawn right to the chase with Piplup.
Wow. When's the last time we've seen Fling?
Dawn seems to be completely caught off guard by ... Cilian's ... thing.
Ice Beam for Piplup.
Meloetta was pleased with the effects of the attack. She seems impressed with Piplup.
So out comes Oshawott. Seems that's it for the battle by interference.
It ends with Meloetta singing for the group at sunset.
... or does it? Team Rocket is recording her song for Zager.
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Sick of dealing with idiots.
Piplup does a little dance out of happiness.

Cilan tells Dawn that he's a Connoisseur.

Iris plays with Piplup and Dawn Pokedex's Axew.


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
Piplup looks smaller than usual.
Dawn's got a new pokedex!


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Did Dawn go to the Pokemon Musical?


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Dare Da? Piplup.

Dawn fill Fangasm over the groups Pokemon.