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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Creature of Storms

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by ESPNfanatic35, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. ESPNfanatic35

    ESPNfanatic35 Catcher of Ubers

    Hello everyone, ESPNfanatic35 here with another fic. This one is a crossover between Pirates of the Caribbean and Pokemon. The Prologue begins after the events of the Manaphy movie. Chapter 1 begins after the events of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 so if you haven't seen it yet, there may be some minor SPOILERS. This will be rated PG-13 for some violence. Please leave feedback! Enjoy!


    Present Day

    The pirate sat in his cell that seemed far too small for someone of his tremendous stature. He was well over six feet tall and had bulky muscles to go with his large gut. He was wearing a pirate hat and had an extraordinarily long beard that went down to his navel. His entire body was still unbelievably sore and he could barely move. It was only the previous week when his submarine exploded and a large pillar landed on him. The mechanized super-suit that he invented was destroyed during the incident, which was what gave him the physical strength he used to have. He never felt so weak. He stared through the tiny window in his dark prison cell but couldn't see much because it was soaked with rain. The sound of raindrops was all the noise that was heard until another prisoner entered the cell next to him.

    Wonderful, the pirate thought. Company ain't what I need at the moment.

    The man waited for the guards to leave and turned to look at the pirate through the bars. "Captain Phantom? The great and famous pirate of the Kanto seas!" he exclaimed loudly, prompting Phantom to sigh loudly. "Never thought I'd see the day when the Phantom of the Sea gets imprisoned!" he asked. He had a slight accent that was mixture between British and Spanish. He was a man of thirty years and was much smaller than Phantom but wore a similar hat and coat. Tattoos completely covered his arms and his teeth were yellow. It was clear from his appearence that he was also a pirate.

    "I'll find me way out," Phantom said annoyed.

    "Aye, comin' from the same man whose plan to rule the Kanto seas with the Sea Crown was foiled by a group of little kids," the man said as he laughed. The look on Phantom's face indicated that he was confused as to how the man knew this. "News about you travels quickly around here," the man said, answering Phantom's question before he could ask it.

    "Least my name is known. Yours ain't. What about you, then?" Phantom asked. "What brings you here?"

    "Name's Rico and many happen to be familiar with it. Was robbin' a candy store until a group of seven-year-olds had me arrested!" he said. He began howling with laughter yet again as Phantom gritted his teeth in anger. "Honestly though," Rico continued, "I was arrested for pillagin' and stealin' from other vessels around the Kanto region. Me first mate turned me in and took off with me ship. Sort of like what Hector Barbossa did to the infamous Jack Sparrow way back when."

    "Can't say I'm familiar with those two names," Phantom said.

    "Not much of a historian, eh? Me neither. I have heard many a tale of those two from me father, though. Me personal favorite is the one where they went after Kyogre. Along with one of your forefathers, I might add."

    Phantom's eyes got wider and he turned closer towards Rico. "What tale?" he asked with great interest. "Me forefather did hunt Kyogre, I knew that. I've never heard the actual tale, however."

    "Aye, you would want to know. Goin' after Kyogre would have been your first task had you gotten the Sea Crown, eh? Strongest Pokemon in the sea. Imagine what kind of power and booty one could get with Kyogre. Imagine the amount of ships one could conquer! Over 400 years old and still no one could catch it. Since yer so curious, I'll tell you the tale of Captain Sparrow and Captain Phantom, whom you are a descendant of. Let me tell you, this Captain Phantom didn't need no mechanical suit to have super strength. It all began in the year 1773..."

    Chapter 1

    A ship with a crew of ten sailed across the Pacific Ocean near the eastern side of Japan where the Kanto region was. The ship was led by Captain Takeru. Takeru was not attempting to pirate gold or food and drink, but he was attempting to pirate a creature of the deep. He and his crew were scanning the water the entire two weeks the ship was at sea. Takeru was proud of his ship, which he called the Red Jewel. The Jewel wasn't the largest vessel in the sea, but it was resiliant and reliable.

    Takeru stared into the night where millions of stars covered and brightened the sky. He called his first mate Daisuke to him at the helm. The two spoke in Japanese. "The research I've done leads me to believe that traveling five more miles north will bring us to the approximate coordinates where we will encounter Kyogre," Takeru said.

    "Captain," Daisuke responded. "Kyogre is a powerful creature that can see far better in the dark than we can. Shouldn't we wait until morning when the crew is refreshed and we can all see better? The Jewel is already at a disadvantage because of her size."

    "No," Takeru said. "Ever since I was a young child and I first learned about this creature, I have wanted it. I will not postpone this any longer. We have the stars on our side tonight. They give us light. I am small in stature but have never backed down from an opponent. Same with the Jewel. She is small but I am unafraid to send her against Kyogre. Full speed ahead! Give everyone their orders, Daisuke!"

    Daisuke approached each crew members and spouted orders. "Load the cannons and pistols! Prepare to go full speed ahead! No time for resting, men! The battle we have awaited soon approches!" The crew quickly loaded their weapons and ran to their stations, covering each corner of the Jewel.

    It was no longer than ten minutes when Takeru spotted a large silhouette leap out of the water and create a gigantic splash as it landed. Takeru pulled a ball out of his pocket that was red on the top and white on the bottom. It had a button in the middle of it. "You're mine," he grunted to himself as the ship came closer to the creature that leaped from the water. Once it was in firing distance, Takeru pointed his finger. "Fire!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. The crew members of the Jewel fired the cannons at the water where the creature was believed to be. Smoke poured out of the cannons as they made a deafening sound.

    The cannon balls splashed into the water. The crew waited as the noise from the cannons and the water subsided. A chill ran down Takeru's spine as he heard a loud roar from beneath the water. "Prepare to fire once more!" Takeru commanded, trying not to sound nervous.

    The creature leaped out of the water straight at the Jewel. Its scaly skin was the color of sapphire and it had fins that resembled large wings. These fins were covered by red markings. It opened its mouth to reveal frighteningly jagged teeth as it rammed into the ship, knocking it backwards and sending two of the crew members into the water while nearly everyone else on the Jewel fell on their backs. "Kyogre! That's it!" Takeru exclaimed, still on his feet. "Fire your cannons and pistols and don't hold back!"

    Numerous shots from the cannons and pistols rang out and splashed into the water. Kyogre disappeared back into the water and swam rapidly under the ship towards the two crew members who fell into the water. They both screamed as they were pulled into the water, which quickly began turning red. Kyogre's head emerged and fired a beam of light from its mouth at the ship, causing it to explode into pieces, but not before one of the cannon shots connected with it. Kyogre screamed in pain.

    Takeru felt himself go airborne and land into the water. He swam to a large piece of floating wood and hung on to it. He ducked his head as debris fell from the sky and into the water. Once the debris stopped falling he was able to get himself onto one knee on the piece of wood that was keeping him afloat. He looked around and didn't spot any of his crew, but that didn't concern him at the moment. Kyogre was not more than ten yards from Takeru, glaring at him with its yellow eyes. Takeru noticed a sizable wound above Kyogre's left fin where it was hit. He realized he still had the ball in hand. "I'll catch you if it's the last thing I do!" he proclaimed. "Pokeball, go!" he shouted as he hurled the ball at Kyogre's head.

    A red beam of light came out of the ball as soon as it made contact with Kyogre. The red light engulfed Kyogre as it disappeared into the ball. Takeru watched with satisfaction as the ball landed into the water and began floating. He started to drift towards the ball when it suddenly exploded open and Kyogre emerged right in front of his face. Takeru felt himself breathing heavy and he felt the beating of his heart against the inside of his chest. There was a huge lump in his throat. Kyogre opened its gaping mouth all the way released a resounding roar as it lunged itself towards Takeru. The last thing Takeru saw was the top layer of Kyogre's teeth descending upon him.


    An older, plump man with a thick, gray beard sat in a dingy with a sword in one hand and a bottle of rum in the other. At least six more unopened bottles lay on the ground of the small, wooden boat. He sat quietly as he took a sip every minute or so. The first mate had been waiting for his captain for over three hours now. Drinking rum and stabbing at fish in the sea with his sword were the best ways to pass the time. He was able to catch two fish, but had no intention of eating them anymore since they were beginning to rot and he already had the day's supply of food in a large sack. The man looked up at the sky and saw the clouds slowly begin to move away from and reveal the sun. "Tis gettin' heated now," he said to himself as he poked at one of the fish carcasses and wiped his forehead with his sleeve. "Captain best be arrivin' soon."

    The man's name was Joshamee Gibbs and he was waiting far out in the sea from a town on the eastern end of Cuba. His sole job at the moment was to watch the portions of bread, fruit, and rum that was left in the dingy. His captain at the moment was on land attempting to recover their ship. Gibbs was growing weary and his neck and face began to burn and turn red. He decided to remove his shirt and dip himself into the sea to help him cool down a bit. "Shame there be no women present to admire me chest hair," he told himself. Gibbs was following the orders of his captain to drift off a bit and be far from the land so no one would eye him suspiciously or steal their portions of food and rum. Gibbs could handle losing the food but losing the rum was simply out of the question.

    "If I can't recover me ship, I shall return to you in another dingy. That way we each have more room. Drift away towards the east so no one spots you," he recalled his captain's orders.

    Gibbs was far enough away from land that he wouldn't be noticed but close enough that it was still visible. The sun was burning hotter than ever now and it reflected off the clear water. It hurt Gibbs's eyes if he looked directly at the water because of the reflection. He felt a couple of fish brush past his bare foot as he held onto the dingy to keep his head above the water. Although the sun was hot, the water was refreshingly cool and felt great on Gibbs's skin.

    Gibbs stayed in this position for at least fifteen minutes until he heard splashes of water not far from him. He looked over in the opposite direction of land when he saw a rowboat that was smaller than the dingy approaching him. There were two men who looked to be just past their teen years in the boat and they looked very crowded. They were completely filthy and covered with dirt and they had uninviting looks on their faces as they stared down Gibbs. Gibbs hopped back into the boat and put his shirt back on. "How goes it?" he asked.

    "See you got somethin' to eat and drink in there," the taller man said. "Me friend and meself been rowing for an eternity and are crowded, starving, and parched." His voice sounded very dry. He pulled a pistol out of his pocket and pointed it towards Gibbs. "Leap on out and give us the dingy with everything in it."

    Gibbs held his hands up. "Lads, I can assure you there is land not far beyond me. Your journey is almost over. No need to be stealing my loot, now."

    "I don't believe this scallywag!" the shorter man said.

    "Neither do I," said his taller friend. "Hope you're a good swimmer you grog-snarfing, yellow-bellied, scurvy-infested..."

    Suddenly, a shot rang out from behind Gibbs and connected with the taller man, sending the pistol into the water. The man screamed with terror and held his hand, which he then realized was unharmed. Gibbs turned around and saw a great sight for sore eyes. It was a humongous ship that had black sails with holes scattered throughout. It was the Black Pearl. On the ship stood a man wearing long, dark dreadlocks that stuck out of his pirate hat. A couple of his locks had beads and jewels in them. He was also wearing a mustache and a goatee. His pistol was raised and he blew the smoke away.

    "No one likes a name-caller, mate," he said in a deep, slurred voice. The man with dreadlocks spoke in a British accent. He scrunched his nose and made a shooing motion with his free hand. "Leave me first mate be and run along." He made a grin that was devious and charming at the same time as a couple of his silver teeth shined. "You don't want to see the cannons on this ship. Savvy?"

    The young men nodded."Aye aye, Sir!" they said in unison as they quickly began rowing away as quickly as possible.

    "Jack Sparrow!" Gibbs said as he smiled. "Perfect timing as usual!"

    "You know how I love making the perfect entrance, Mr. Gibbs," Jack said as he walked towards the helm with somewhat of a druken swagger and headed towards Gibbs's rowboat. Gibbs began climbing on a net that was hanging down the side of the ship to meet Jack. "I trust you have the sack?" Jack inquired.

    "Aye, Captain," Gibbs responded.

    "And the rum?"

    Gibbs smiled. "Aye, Captain. Everything is safe."

    Jack made a shooing motion with his hand again. "Well, dump that old bread and rotting fruit out of the sack and put the rum in it. Makes it easier to carry, savvy?"

    Gibbs brought the rum up onto the Pearl and greeted his captain as they each banged their rum bottles together. "To the Pearl!" Gibbs exclaimed as he and Jack took a celebratory gulp. "So the magician you were looking for was able to get the Pearl out of that bottle that ol' Blackbeard put it in?" he asked.

    "No, that crazy git did absolutely nothing for me," Jack explained, making some very animated hand gestures as he spoke. "He told me I was looney for believing I could get the Pearl out of there. I stormed out of his hut, went to the dock, and hurled the bottle onto the ground in anger."

    "Then what happened?"

    "Well, the bottle broke and the miniature Pearl was sent in to the ocean. To my great surprise and pleasure, the Pearl just..." Jack spread his hand far apart and threw them in the air. "It just grew back to size and rose out of the sea like it was the Flying Dutchman herself. Indestructable ship, the Pearl. Taken down by the Kracken, shrunken by Blackbeard, and yet here we are still on her. Never thought it would be that simple to get her out."

    Gibbs took a long sip from his bottle. "I'd wager the same trick will work with the other bottled ships I swiped from Blackbeard's ship."

    "Aye. I have them in a safe spot in the ship." Jack quickly finished his bottle of rum. He allowed a crew member to steer the ship as he and Gibbs walked the length of the Pearl, savoring what they missed for so long. "Today has gone from bloody awful to a great day. The Pearl's back, the crew's back, I'm rid of that wretched Blackbeard, and best of all, no sign of Jack the mon..."

    Jack was interrupted by a deafening screech in his ear. A small monkey landed on his shoulder and pulled off his hat, revealing a red bandana. The monkey began pulling at Jack's hair with his free hand. Gibbs couldn't help but chuckle. "Either the little fellow is happy to see ya or he's begging for something to eat," he remarked.

    Jack smacked the monkey off of his shoulder as if he was a fly. The monkey scurried away and dropped the hat, which Jack quickly picked up placed on his head. "Have I ever told you how much I despise that bloody beast?" Jack said as he cringed.

    "If I had a shilling for each time, I'd be wealthier than Midas," Gibbs responded. "So where do you want to go now, Captain?"

    "I'm adventured out, Mr. Gibbs," Jack responded. "I need time to settle down and have a few drinks." He brought out his compass. The compass Jack owned points to whatever the holder desires the most. The pin in the compass spun around a few times and eventually pointed southeast. Jack once again revealed his silver molers with a smile. "To Tortuga we go!"

    Gibbs gave Jack a friendly smack on the shoulder. "I like yer plan, Captain. I'll take the helm."

    Jack leaned against the edge of the ship and stared out on the open sea and watched the sun begin to disappear. "Bring me that horizon."
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2011
  2. harryheart

    harryheart Well-Known Member

    Sorry it's taken me so long to get around to doing this, but here's to your review now me matey:


    I love the use of description here. For a prologue it was perfect. Great detail where needed, I felt, and also great emphasis on emotion through characters actions and intertwining the description into their actions. Your description has certainly imrpoved by a longshot since Pokemon Battle of Battles, and even some of your earlier one shots.

    I didn't see any mistakes spelling wise, but I'm not always good at picking out these as they seem to fly me by, but I didn't notice anything out of the oridnary. Your grammar was also spotless it seems. I love the intergration of Pirate lingo in there, and empasis on certain vowels to make the words sound piratish even in my head! All the other grammar also seemed good.

    I also have to commend you on the intergration between Pirates of the Caribbean and Pokemon, you've managed to intertwine them very well and it doesn't seem out of place so well done.

    I will edit this with Chapter 1 review as well!
  3. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    You had me at "Pirates of the Caribbean/Pokemon crossover". So far it does not disappoint!
  4. Son_of_Shadows

    Son_of_Shadows Well-Known Member

    This is a lot better than I was expecting. Like... A lot better. Thankfully I remembered the events of Manaphy's movie, as I was seriously going "... What." at the beginning. But I look forward to the rest of this.
  5. ESPNfanatic35

    ESPNfanatic35 Catcher of Ubers

    I appreciate that. Thanks! I'm glad my description and emotion are better becuase in my earlier fics those were more about action scenes and not as much development.

    Can't wait!

    I've seen a lot of crossover fics on this site lately but not one mixing my favorite movie series with my favorite video game series. Thanks!

    I hope a lot of people remember that movie because Phantom is the only real pirate from the anime that I can recall so I figured I should put him in there. Thanks for your kind comments!
  6. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    There was also Captain Crook and his crew from the episode where Ash released Lapras. Other than that, though, no other pirates in the Pokemon anime.
  7. ESPNfanatic35

    ESPNfanatic35 Catcher of Ubers

    Okay, thanks. I either never saw that episode or just forgot about it. The Orange Islands saga was so long ago! I might find a way to get them (or their ancestors) into the story.
  8. ESPNfanatic35

    ESPNfanatic35 Catcher of Ubers

    Chapter 2 is here! Thanks to those who have read the prologue and Chapter 1!

    Chapter 2

    Tortuga was a paradise town for anyone who called themselves a pirate. It had a surplus of cards, guns, music, women, and rum. No matter what time of the day it was, there were always lights on, always someone in a fight, always stringed instruments playing, and always people passing out from drunkenness. It was close to the midnight hour and the town was the busiest when the Queen Anne’s Revenge pulled into the dock. She was not as distinct as the Pearl and her black sails (but then again, no one was distinct like the Pearl.) Her size and speed rivaled the Pearl’s however.

    The one-legged captain of the Revenge and his crew got out of the ship and headed to the nearest tavern. The captain walked with an obvious limp because of his wooden peg leg, but anyone who wanted to comment on it stopped when they saw the intimidating scowl on the captain’s face. A man on the dock walked up to the captain and stopped him. “Sir, that’ll be two shillings to tie up the…”

    The captain pounded the man in the face with his right fist before he could finish his sentence and knocked him on his back. “Last time I checked it costs nothin’ to come here,” the captain growled.

    “Aye, S-s-sir,” the man stammered as he stood up and ran off.

    A crew member who was a head shorter than the captain walked forward. His face was covered with warts and he had long locks of hair coming from his hat. He seemed to constantly be holding a guitar. “Captain Barbossa, with all due respect, I think we could have spared two shillings. We have plenty on the Revenge, Sir.”

    Barbossa turned his head with the scowl still on his face. The pattern of the wrinkles on his forehead and cheeks and his yellow eyes added to the fear he could strike into someone with just one glance. “The men who charge currency for somethin’ simple as leaving a boat in the dock are just as much pirates as we are. Now keep yerself quiet ‘fore you end up like the man who just scurried off. Am I understood, Scrum?”

    “Aye, Captain,” Scrum responded. “I’d give anything to be sailing with Jack,” he then muttered. Barbossa turned back around. Like it was with many of his adversaries, it only took one look to humble him. “W-w-what I said was, ‘Tying a boat to the dock shouldn’t be worth jack!’” Scrum nervously explained.

    Barbossa rolled his eyes. “I never even asked you what you said.”

    Barbossa, Scrum, and the crew walked into the bar where guitars and accordions were played loudly. Scrum had to duck from a random flying rum bottle as soon as he walked into the building. Barbossa sat down at a table and Scrum joined him with two rum bottles. He slid the second one over to his captain. Barbossa chugged the rum as if he was dying of thirst. He polished it off in no more than a minute. Scrum sat silent for a while, watching in fascination. Barbossa removed his peg leg and opened up a top that led to a hollow department. He took a long swig from his leg as if it were a bottle and quickly polished that off as well.

    “Captain…” Scrum asked, “Did you even taste any of that?” Barbossa didn’t respond. He had a dazed look on his face. Scrum shrugged his shoulders and strummed on his guitar. He picked up the beat of the music that was playing behind him and joined in with their song.

    Barbossa reached over, grabbed the guitar, and threw it under the table. “Enough of that!” he yelled. “If I want ya to play I’ll ask!”

    Scrum picked up his guitar and checked it out. To his relief, there was no damage done to it. “What’s got you under the weather, Captain?” he inquired. “You got a great vessel, you’re free from working for the king, and you’re living a carefree pirate life again. What is there to be upset about?”

    “I miss ol’ Jack. I love that little fellow so much and I haven’t seen him in so long,” Barbossa responded. “I want to pet his furry little head once more as he hangs on me shoulder.”

    Scrum’s eyebrows went up and he backed his chair away slightly. “Uhhhh…..Captain? Are you talking about Jack Sparrow?”

    Barbossa swiped at Scrum with his fist but missed because of his buzzed state. “No, you pox-faced, salty bilge-rat!” he bellowed. “I’m talkin’ bout me monkey! I’ll bet it’s Jack Sparrow that has him. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s taken something away from me. Just like the time he took the Pearl from me.”

    “But Captain,” Scrum started, “Jack told me that it was you who…” He saw Barbossa reach for his sword and he stopped in the middle of his sentence. “Never mind,” he finished.

    Just a few miles outside of Tortuga was the Pearl. Jack and his crew were sailing on the water and could see the town in the distance. “The time for leisure is nearly upon us, gents!” Jack declared. “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some cold ones, eh?” He looked over at Gibbs who was at the helm. “Slightly southeast here, mate,” he said. “That’s where me compass is pointing, so it’s leading to the place I want to be the most.”

    “Aye, Captain,” Gibbs said. He glanced back and saw two crew members approaching. They were both bruised and as filthy as Gibbs had ever seen them. The taller one had a full head of hair and a glass eye that seemed twice as big as his other eye. The shorter one was a chunky, older-looking man who had a bald head. Both of his manic eyes seemed as round and large as the taller man’s glass eye. “Ya got some company, Jack,” Gibbs announced.

    “Captain! Gibbs! Great seein’ ya again!” the shorter man said in a gruff voice. “After having Barbossa as a Captain for the second time it’s refreshing to see someone else.”

    “Aye, Pintel,” Jack responded. “I’m sure it is. I trusted you would have learned your lesson about betraying me and sailing away with the Pearl again.”

    “Not me, Captain,” Pintel said in a defensive tone. “Barbossa took off with it with me on it. I couldn’t have left unless I wanted to become a meal for the sharks.”

    “And a hearty meal it would have been,” Jack said. “I believe and forgive you, however. And what of you, Ragetti?” he asked as he looked at the taller man. “How goes it with you?”

    “Eye still itches,” he said in a quiet, meek voice as he scratched as his glass eye. “Nearly lost me real eye in battle.”

    “Aye, what a brutal battle it was,” Pintel said. “Blackbeard and his hulking zombie men stormed the Pearl and I figure you knew about Barbossa having to saw off his own leg to escape. We were getting slaughtered in battle when it seemed we went unconscious. In fact, I don’t even remember anything after that up to the point where you came along, Jack.”

    Jack gave a half smile and pointed his two pointer fingers at Pintel. “That may be because Blackbeard put the Pearl and her crew in a bottle. I was able to get you out because I’m a heroic and forgiving Captain.”

    “A bottle?” Pintel and Ragetti said aloud simultaneously as they looked at each other. “I don’t remember being in no bottle!” Pintel declared.

    Ragetti rubbed his hands together and laughed awkwardly. “Now we know how rum feels,” he said as he cracked up at his own joke.

    The Pearl eventually made it to the dock and Jack and his crew walked into the tavern of Jack’s choice. Jack took a step inside and saw Hector Barbossa sitting at one of the tables. His face scrunched up and he winced as if he had just eaten some bitter fruit. “When can I ever avoid running into that man?” he asked himself.

    Before Jack could walk to a different spot, Barbossa looked up and noticed him. Their eyes locked and they both had blank expressions on their faces. “It’s been too long since I’ve seen ya, Jack,” Barbossa finally said, breaking the long silence.

    “But we only saw him not that long ago,” Scrum said.

    “He was speaking ironically, lad,” Jack said to Scrum. He looked back at Barbossa. “So are you through being a chore-boy for the king, Hector? Choosing fish and rum over ham and wine?”

    “A chore-boy, I wasn’t,” Barbossa said with anger as he stood up and walked closer to Jack. “I come to and from piracy as I please. Now I believe you have something to give me, Jack.”

    Jack immediately knew what he was talking about. He pulled out a small cage that contained Jack the monkey. The monkey was climbing around the cage, screeching loudly. “I’m just glad to have someone take him off me hands. Leaving him in the sea to drown wouldn’t work because the little beast can’t die.”

    Barbossa reached out to grab the cage and Jack pulled the cage away. Barbossa pulled his sword out. Gibbs, Pintel, and Ragetti all reached for their weapons. Jack motioned with his hands for his three crew members to hold on. “Now, now, now!” He said to Barbossa. “Fighting doesn’t have to be the result of every disagreement, eh? There’s also a little thing called bargaining. Anything you’d like to give up for your precious Jack?”

    Barbossa rubbed his gray beard his hand and looked over at Scrum. He made a head motion towards him. “I’ll give ya this crew member. ”

    “Just him for the monkey?” Jack said as he pointed at Scrum. “One crew member helps but doesn’t quite replace the love and charm of a pet monkey that can’t die.”

    “I’m not sure I really like being part of a trade that involves a monkey,” Scrum said.

    Jack put his hand on Scrum’s shoulder and muttered into his ear. “I’ve got this under control, mate. Just keep it quiet for now.”

    Barbossa reached into a pocket in his coat and pulled out a polished sphere. The top half of it was red and the other half was white. A small button was placed in the center. Barbossa smiled, showing off his brown, repulsive teeth. “What would ya say if I show ya this, Jack?”

    Jack walked up to it and leaned over to closely inspect it. His thick, dark eyebrows went up and he looked up at Barbossa. “What kind of jewel is this?” he asked. “I’ve seen many things in me life but nothing like this.”

    “I swiped it while sailing the seas of Japan over by the Kanto region. A rare treasure this is. It contains a sea creature unlike any you’ve ever seen,” Barbossa explained. “Enrapturing scales the colors of rubies and a crown upon its head. Ya don’t want to back out on an opportunity like this, Jack.”

    Jack examined the sphere for a little longer. “So you’re saying the creature is in this ball?”

    “Me word is true,” Barbossa responded. “All you do is toss it on the ground and it appears. Press the button in the middle and hold it out to contain the creature back inside. So take yer pick: Scrum or the sphere?”

    “Oh please, Jack!” Scrum pleaded.

    “Shut up!” Barbossa spat. “Ya still belong to me!”

    Jack slowly walked towards Gibbs while keeping an eye on Barbossa. The two took a couple of steps away from Barbossa and began whispering to each other. “You think I ought to trust him?” Jack asked. “Seems a bit far-fetched that anything can come from that ball just by tossing it on the ground.”

    “As far-fetched as getting a ship out of a bottle by tossing it on the ground?” Gibbs retorted.

    Jack nodded his head. “Touché. Well, I trust we can get an even better deal from Barbossa for that bloody monkey. He wants it back badly. What say we try to squeeze a bit more from Hector, eh?”

    “I’m not sure he’ll oblige, Captain. You seem to be doing alright now, though. Give her a try, then. Take what you can.”

    Jack smiled and bumped his fist against Gibbs’s. “Give nothin’ back,” he finished.

    Jack walked up to Barbossa with the monkey cage in hand. “I want Scrum and the ball,” he announced.

    “You get back the value of what you give, Jack,” Barbossa said. “If ya want Scrum and the ball, then I will take the monkey and the bag full of bottled ships that you swiped from the Revenge. I know ya took them, Jack. They are rightfully mine since the Revenge is now me vessel.”

    “Your precious Jack goes nowhere unless I get multiple prizes. The Pearl is me vessel that you have stolen twice now and the monkey was on the Pearl. Using your logic, if the ships are yours then the monkey is mine since he was on the Pearl. What means more to you, mate? Ships or primates?”

    “The monkey is mine because the Pearl is mine!” Barbossa exclaimed. “You took her from me!”

    “I did not!” Jack defended. “I took her back from Blackbeard who took her from you after you took her from me!”

    “I took her from you because you took her from me!”

    “Because you took her from me originally!”

    Pintel and Ragetti scratched their heads. “I ain’t followin’,” Pintel said.

    Barbossa, who still had his sword out, violently swung it in Jack’s direction. While still holding the monkey, Jack whipped his blade out and blocked Barbossa’s attack. “Enough of this!” Barbossa shouted. “You know the monkey has always been mine! I will take me monkey and me ships from ya as well as the Pearl, which is rightfully mine. You will get nothin’ but a blade in yer chest!”

    Jack, who still was holding his sword out defensively, glanced over at Gibbs. “Guess I should have ceased negotiations early, eh?” he said. He then pushed Barbossa’s sword away with his and the two began thrusting their blades at each other. Gibbs flipped a table over to give Jack more room and he, Scrum, Pintel, Ragetti, and the rest of the Black Pearl crew began battling the crew of the Revenge with their swords.

    The women in the bar screamed with terror and ran out as most of the men drank to the fight and cheered the combatants on. Some of the bystanders even used their rums bottles as weapons and began fighting each other for no apparent reason. Barbossa ducked under Jack’s sword and punched him in the chest, knocking him backwards and making him short of breath for a moment.

    Barbossa then stuck his sword towards Jack’s fingers that held the cage and was able to swipe it against his middle three fingers, drawing blood. Jack dropped the cage, but he noticed one of the members of the Revenge passing by him as he was fighting Pintel. Jack aimed a vicious kick at his back and knocked him into Barbossa. Barbossa fell to the ground and dropped the ball. Jack, forgetting about the monkey, scooped the ball into his hand and grabbed Gibbs, who had just gotten done knocking out a Revenge crew member with his fist. “Back to the Pearl quick! We must check this creature out!” Jack ordered.

    The crew of the Pearl began running out of the bar and Scrum followed. “I’m comin’ too, Captain!” he exclaimed.

    “Hurry along, then!” Jack said as he and his crew raced aboard the Pearl. He noticed the Revenge tied up nearby and cut the ropes, causing the ship to slowly drift away. One of the guards that Barbossa appointed near the Revenge began firing his pistol at Jack. Jack sprinted back towards the Pearl and ducked the bullets as the guard gave up on him and leaped in the water. He frantically swam towards the Revenge, making sure she wouldn’t drift too far away.

    Gibbs took the helm and the Pearl sailed away from Tortuga. Barbossa and his crew quickly followed but realized that they had some swimming to do in order to reach the Revenge. “He took me crew member and held poor Jack at ransom. I deserve the Revenge, the Pearl, and the bag of bottled ships. I’ll get all of that from Jack,” he told one of his crew members as he opened the cage and released Jack the monkey, who hopped on Barbossa’s shoulder. He then smiled wickedly. “Although he’ll realize the sphere he fought so hard for might not have been worth it.”
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    'He had never felt so weak', as the present tense in a comment such as this doesn't quite work? >u<

    I'd say 'heard', and remove 'being', changing this from the present tense to the past tense, as otherwise the tense jump is jolting?

    I like your idea here, however, and definitely what I've read so far (the characters you introduced are original and funny, so refreshing. *__*), I'll be able to put up my more comprehensive review later, when I've finished all the chapters! x'D As a POTC fan, I am approving majorly of this fic.

    In the meantime, I'm part of the review exchange, and initiative where two writers pair up and jointly review each others stories; could I please, with a slice of humble pie, request you help me out with my small one-shot Monsters? Any feedback, aside from none, would be greatly appreciated. ;;
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    I'm guessing Barbossa is the ancestor of the Magikarp salesman?

    I'm with Pintel on this one. XD

    Great chapter. Jack and Barbossa's negotiations had me confused and cracking up at the same time, just like a real Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Keep up the good work!
  11. Son_of_Shadows

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    I agree with MM's sentiments above, you've really got the spirit of the PotC franchise with those witty negotiations. And I smiled when I figured out what's in that ball...

    Two errors I noticed: the word "schilling" has no c in it, and when you say
    I believe you mean "short of breath".
  12. Missingno. Master

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    So did I. I can't believe it actually took me a couple of minutes to figure it out. I have a feeling the next chapter is going to be very interesting. Well, more than usual, anyway.
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    Edit made. Thanks for catching that!

    Edit made. Thanks for the compliments! I commented on your one-shot just now.

    Would that make Jack the ancestor of James? lol

    Thanks! That's one of the things I enjoy most about the series is the rivarly and arguing between Jack and Barbossa. I wanted to capitalize on that.

    And I smiled as I wrote it :) Thanks for the compliments! I guess I was thinking of the former Red Sox pitcher instead of the form of currency. Whoops!

    Edit made. Thanks for catching that.
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    Sorry this chapter took so long. I had so many tests and projects the past two weeks. I'd rather deal with the Kraken than deal with school sometimes! I finally got Chapter 3 done though, so here it is. Enjoy!

    Chapter 3

    “Do you suppose we have ourselves a real treasure, Mr. Gibbs?” Jack asked his first mate who was at the helm. He shined the ball by spitting on his sleeve and wiping it. “It looks more like a jewel than a vessel containing a mystical creature. I wonder what I can get for this.”

    “Barbossa said he found more near the seas of Japan,” Gibbs responded. “The only question is if he’s to be trusted in his word.”

    “Whether he’s lying about the creature or not I still fancy this jewel. I wouldn’t be able to call meself a true pirate if I didn’t explore this and try and find a chest full of these. What say we hit the seas of Japan, Mr. Gibbs?”

    Gibbs looked up in the sky at the blazing sun, which was directly above their heads. He looked around at the sea where there was no land in sight. “I figure it’ll be a long trek, Captain,” he said. “But nothing I can’t handle. Weren’t you sayin’ you were adventured out?”

    Jack grinned. “Never, mate. I just didn’t have me rum when I said that. Now that I’ve had it, I’m ready to go.”

    Pintel, Ragetti, and Scrum all rushed towards the helm and stared at the sphere that Jack was holding. Ragetti reached his hand towards it, prompting Jack to smack his wrist and shoo him off. “You can look, but don’t touch my precious treasure. You all can get your own when we find the mother load of them in Japan, savvy?” Jack said.

    “Are you going to do what Barbossa said and throw on the ground to let the creature out?” Pintel asked.

    Jack held the sphere close to him as if it was his infant child. “And risk denting or ruining it? I’d rather not, mates. You’ll get your own and you can fling them around all you like. I know how to treat me treasures right.”

    Scrum shrugged his shoulders and walked off strumming his guitar. Pintel and Ragetti, after more moments of staring at Jack’s treasure, walked off as well. Gibbs smiled and shook his head as he used Jack’s compass to steer the Pearl in the direction of Japan. “Vultures,” he said. “Can’t really blame them for being curious, though. Even I’m a bit curious meself, Captain.”

    Jack shook his head. “Eyes on the ocean, Mr. Gibbs. We’ll all find out soon enough. For now, I won’t risk hurting this gorgeous gem.” Jack began running his filthy fingernails along his chest. “I’m a tad sore from that bout with Barbossa. I’m going to me quarters for a rest. Don’t worry yourself though, I’ll take the helm and give you some rest, too.”

    “Aye, Captain,” Gibbs said.


    The Black Pearl and her crew traveled for three days. It was a very direct trip with no stops on land at this point. There was more than enough food to last them almost another week on board. It was past midnight and the beautiful clusters of stars painted the clear sky. The tide was calm and the temperature was perfect; not too hot or too cold.

    Gibbs remained at the helm as most of the crew members went to the lower room in the ship where the hammocks were. A few of the crew members stayed above to keep watch for any danger. Scrum, Pintel, and Ragetti all sat in their hammocks next to one another and prepared to go to sleep. Scrum softly played a some chords on his guitar as Pintel and Ragetti were talking.

    “What do you figure is in that ball that the Captain has?” Pintel said. “I wonder if it’s some sort of serpent or maybe it’s a hairy beast. Could also be a giant squid similar to the Kraken.”

    “Maybe it’s a toad that has magic powers,” Ragetti suggested.

    Pintel looked disgusted. “A toad? That’s all you can come with? Not even a giant toad? You need to expand your imagination.”

    “I’d love for it to be a mermaid,” Scrum said before setting his guitar under his hammock. “ Most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen.”

    “And the most deadly,” Pintel said as he laughed. “A mermaid would rip you to shreds, mate.”

    “One almost did,” Scrum said. “But I’ll never forget that one blonde-haired mermaid; the one who stared straight at me with those gorgeous eyes. She had such soft lips and a curvy body. She was singing me a nice melody and I would have given anything to have me guitar so I could play and accompany her.”

    “Is that why you’re always playing your guitar?” Pintel asked. “For the mermaid?”

    “For whichever woman ends up bein’ mine,” Scrum answered. “No one’s ever been attracted to this face, though. I’m not the tallest one in the bunch, either. That’s why I’m so hung up on that mermaid. She’s the first lady who’s ever been attracted to me.”

    “You do know she was only buttering you up for eating, right?” Pintel said as he laughed.

    “That’s not very nice,” Ragetti retorted. “Maybe she really did fancy him.”

    “She fancied his liver in her mouth and that’s it,” Pintel said as he continued to snicker.

    Ragetti turned to Scrum as he took out his glass eyeball. “Don’t listen to him. If you want I can give you some tips on how to get more women to fancy you,” he said as he stuck his fingers inside of the hole where his real eye used to be and scratched away. “I’m awfully good in that department.”

    Scrum lay on his back and started to rest on the hammock. “I appreciate it but maybe some other time,” he said. “Right now I’m just waiting to see if I can get me hands on one of those spheres that Captain Jack has.”

    “He said we all will,” Pintel said. “Captain loves his treasure. I was in his quarters when I saw him lay down cuddling it as he started to sleep. I tried grabbing it from him as he slept just to look at it but he got awfully irritable and tossed me out of the room.”

    “You deserved that one mate,” Scrum said, hoping to make some sort of comeback against Pintel after his teasing about the mermaid. “As Barbossa learned with the Pearl, one should never mess with Captain Jack’s property.”

    “Ain’t that the truth,” Pintel said. I’m turning in.” He rolled over on his back and quickly fell asleep.

    “Me too,” Ragetti said as he did the same.

    Scrum nodded his head and he began sleeping as well. The rest of the night was quiet and peaceful as the Captain and crew of the Black Pearl continued their venture towards Japan.


    “Captain, we’re just about here!” Gibbs announced. “It shouldn’t be longer than twenty-four hours before our arrival. We can ask the natives if they know anything else about our treasure.”

    Jack patted Gibbs’s shoulder. “Brilliant work, Mr. Gibbs. It was a lot of work at the helm but you and I accomplished it,” he said as he pointed as Gibbs’s chest and then his.

    “Uh, Captain,” Gibbs responded. “We’ve traveled for over a week and you were only at the helm for a day.”

    “It was still you and I though, eh?” Jack said. He took out his sphere and held it with both hands. The mere thought that he might have a one-of-a-kind caused him to grin and show off his silver molars. “I quite anticipate Japan. I hear they have the best kind of food. I’m told the beef with rice is…” He was cut off when the ship rocked to the right.

    He and Gibbs looked around as well as most of the crew. “Captain, what’s going on?” Scrum asked.

    Jack walked to the edge of the Pearl and cupped his hand around his ear. “Shush for a moment. I think I hear what it may be.” Jack heard the sounds of chomping and wood grinding. He looked closer and saw a school of sharks grinding their teeth on the bottom of the ship and ramming into it. There were at least thirty of them. “Hey!”

    Jack scrambled down towards the center of the ship and began yelling orders to his crew. “We have a major shark problem, men! Begin firing your pistols and scare them off!”

    Almost simultaneously, the crew began shooting their weapons at the water around the sharks. Jack looked in the water, waiting for the sharks to scatter, but he saw nothing but glowing, red eyes glare upward once the weapons were fired. Jack tilted his head and his mouth dropped open. “These aren’t our run-of-the-mill sharks!” he exclaimed.

    At that moment, the sharks began leaping at gravity-defying heights out of the water. They gnashed their teeth at the crew members and rammed into them, knocking them around like rag dolls. Jack noticed that these sharks looked much different from normal sharks. Their jaws opened much wider and their fins and teeth were frighteningly jagged. Their pectoral fins resembled torpedoes. Two unfortunate crew members were caught into the mouths of the sharks and were dragged into the sea.

    “Captain, the cannons!” Mr. Gibbs shouted as he fended off the sharks with a pistol in one hand and a sword in the other.

    “Right,” Jack said. He rushed to a cannon and gave the orders for the other crew members to load them. “Fire at will!”

    He and the crew fired the cannons, knocking back and killing many of the leaping sharks. Jack noticed that they were still outnumbered by at least a few dozen as more sharks joined the attacking school. “Come on, you sea dogs!” he encouraged. “We’ve fought much tougher creatures than this!”

    “That’s highly doubtful,” said a deep, gruff voice from underneath the ship. “Everyone stop!” The voice was so authoritative that the sharks and the crew members of the Pearl obeyed. Jack couldn’t see where the voice was coming from, but he heard pounding on the side of the ship. The force of whoever was climbing up the ship was enough to crack the wood on the side of the Pearl. A bipedal creature with the head of a shellfish climbed aboard and stood in front of Jack as the rest of Jack’s crew backed up. The creature had cast-iron armor around his body and elongated sickles for arms. Spikes ran all the way down his back to its tail. He stood eye to eye with Jack.

    Jack crossed his arms. “So, a man-fish left over from the crew of Davy Jones, eh? I thought we killed all of you off. No need to be so aggressive and jealous because you aren’t an attractive being such as me. Your Captain Jones is dead now; just thought I’d inform you that I killed him.”

    The creature gritted his sharp teeth. “I don’t work under Jones!” he snarled as he sharpened his sickles by rubbing them against each other. He began walking in a circle around Jack. “I work for Captain Phantom only. I see you hold a Pokeball in your hands.”

    Jack looked at the sphere that never left his possession for the whole trip to Japan. “This?” he said as he pointed to it. “This is a rare gem, not a…Pockball or whatever you called it.”

    “You FOOL!” the creature shouted, spraying saliva all over Jack’s face. “It’s far from a rare gem. It’s nothing more than a ball that contains creatures such as me and the Sharpedo.” He motioned to the sharks outside of the ship. “I was given orders to keep any ship as far from this area as possible. You won’t ruin my Captain’s mission. I can only assume that possessing that Pokeball makes you a hostile enemy that I must kill.”

    Jack pulled out his sword. “Someone’s always trying to kill me, mate,” he said. “I’m used to it.”

    “The name’s Kabutops, not ‘Mate,’” the creature said. He sharpened his sickles one more time. “Time to send you to the depths!”

    Kabutops swung his right sickle at Jack, who bended backwards to dodge. He then stood back up and jabbed his sword towards his opponent’s stomach. Kabutops let the sword hit him. It didn’t pierce him at all. It made a clanging noise and bounced off of him, prompting him to laugh at Jack. Jack stared at his sword curiously. “Who replaced my sword because this sure isn’t mine!” he said to his crew.

    Kabutops scratched his sickle on the surface of his stomach, making a deafening, screeching noise that caused the entire crew of the Pearl to cover their ears. “What a wretched sound!” Pintel whined.

    “I’m made of solid armor,” Kabutops bragged. “Just try and penetrate it!”

    Jack pulled out his pistol. As soon as he did so, Kabutops did a backflip over his head and fired a Jetstream of foamy water from his mouth. Jack was hit square in the back and was sent face first to the ground, knocking his hat into the ocean and leaving him drenched. His crew all cringed. “What kind of weaponry do you call that?” Scrum wondered aloud.

    Ragetti pulled out his glass eye and wiped it off before placing it back in. “Did I really just see what I thought I did?”

    Jack stood up and checked himself. “I seem to be alright.” He looked at his crew. “We’ve fought the likes of zombies, mermaids, and the Kraken and this surprises you all?!” he scolded. “I’m not through with this fight yet, I can still take him.”

    Kabutops growled. “Bring it on. I’ll bring your head, dreadlocks and all, back to my Captain as a trophy.”

    Jack tried firing his pistol, but nothing came out because it was waterlogged. He tossed it to the side and swung his sword. Kabutops swiftly swung both of his sickles at Jack as the latter quickly did his best with one sword to block each blow. Though he tried playing it cool at first, Jack began sweating profusely from fatigue. “Some help would be nice about now, mates!” he hollered.

    “Sharpedo, attack!” Kabutops ordered.

    The school of Sharpedo began attacking the crew once more as the they fended the beasts off. Pintel, Ragetti, and Scrum dove into the battle with the Sharpedo as Gibbs pulled his sword out and joined Jack against Kabutops. “You take the left, I’ll take the right!” Jack said to Gibbs as swords and sickles were wildly lunged at one another.

    After at least five minutes of nonstop battle, Kabutops crossed his sickles and simultaneously knocked the swords of Jack and Gibbs out of their hands. He then shot more water out of his mouth and blew the two pirates on their backs. He walked slowly towards Jack and Gibbs and stood over them. “Wonderful. I’ll get to bring my Captain back two human trophies now,” he laughed as he held his sickles up. “I may even just kill off your whole crew and take your precious ship.”

    “Jack, the sphere!” Gibbs quickly reminded. “Hang the fact that it may be valuable, we need a creature to help us now!”

    Jack rolled his eyes and pulled it out. “Fine, then.” The two quickly backed up and stood to their feet, avoiding a deathly blow by Kabutops. Jack flung the ball to the ground. “Slay this infernal beast!”

    Out of the ball came a flash of light and a large fish. The fish was flopping around on the ground with a dazed look in his eyes. He had what appeared to be two long whiskers on each side of his face. “Karp, karp, karp,” was all that came out of his mouth.

    Jack and Gibbs looked at each other and back at the fish. Jack shrugged his shoulders. “Well, we’ve got nothing else to fight with. I say you drop your sickles and we use our fists, eh?” he said to Kabutops.

    “Wait, Jack,” Gibbs said. “What if it does have powers? Don’t judge by appearance alone.”

    “That bloody, lying Barbossa set me up for this,” Jack said as he pointed at the fish.

    “He didn’t lie,” Gibbs said. He pointed at the fish, as well. “There are the ruby-colored scales and there’s the crown. Just tell it to do something.”

    “Alright, then,” Jack said. “Odd-looking fish thingy, I give you the order of attacking Kabutops.”

    They all waited for a few moments as the fish continued to do nothing else but flop around and mumble, “Karp, karp, karp.”

    Kabutops glared at Jack. “You come at me with a Magikarp? Don’t even insult me. Here I was thinking you were strong Pokemon trainers. Now it’s time for me to kill…”

    He was interrupted by a bolt of lightning striking him square on the forehead and knocking him to the ground. The entire crew and even the Sharpedo stopped in their tracks. “Odd time for a storm, eh?” Pintel observed.

    Kabutops stood up and looked around frantically. “You have an electric-type?! Where is it?!” he asked as his voice shook.

    Jack and Gibbs’s eyebrows raised and they looked around as well. “We have no idea what you’re talking about, mate.” Jack said.

    Another bolt flew over Jack’s head and knocked Kabutops off the edge of the Pearl. A rodent that was larger than any rodent Jack had ever seen leaped over his head and at the edge of the ship. He had short, orange fur and a long, whip-like tail that ended with a lightning bolt design. His most distinct feature was the yellow pouches on his cheeks. His body glowed with electricity as he squeezed the pouches and he fired more bolts at Kabutops and the Sharpedo until they sped away from the Pearl.

    The rodent turned around and gave Jack and Gibbs a thumbs-up. “Well done, Raichu!” a voice behind Jack and Gibbs said. They and the rest of the crew turned around the see their savior. He was a short, Japanese man that had a long mustache and a full head of dark hair. Raichu scurried across the ship and leaped onto the man’s shoulder. “Tsk tsk, battling with a Magikarp? You have a lot to learn about Pokemon, mate,” the man said in perfect English.

    “Who are you? And what are Pokemon?” Gibbs said.

    “No thanks necessary for saving your lives, mates,” the man said with sarcasm. “My name is Tajiri Ketchum. I’ll tell you all you want to know. Savvy?”
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  15. Blue Astra

    Blue Astra Icy blue

    A great cross-over: descriptive, humorous and as piratish as it should be. Keep up with it. I just want to show you some tiny mistakes or point out my favourite parts.

    Chapter 1:

    You mean Takeru, not Takuto.

    Indeed, rum above all.

    Wrong spacing.

    It’s a bit repetitive.


    You don't need that "to".

    Chapter 2:
    You could make it sth like “It was close midnight and the town was the busiest when the Queen Anne’s Revenge pulled into the dock.” Just avoid repetitions.

    I think they had taverns, not bars. Just to be historically right.

    Maybe “strummed”.


    Chapter 3:
    Ewww! How descriptive, thank you!

    Maybe the second “Jack” can become “the latter”?

    It’s repetitive, but I couldn’t come with sth better than “The school of Sharpedo began attacking the crew once more as they fended the Pokémon/beasts off.”

    Ash’s ancestor?

    Waiting to see what comes next. Really... Waiting…

    ~Truthfully yours~
  16. ESPNfanatic35

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    Glad you like it! And thanks for pointing out those mistakes. I didn't realize I had so many! I edited them, though.

    That's correct.
  17. ESPNfanatic35

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    This chapter isn't as long but it explains quite a bit. Let me know if you want to be on a PM list. I can't guarentee that I can get a chapter in every week but I will try. Enjoy!

    Chapter 4

    Jack held two drinks in his hand and slid one of them across the table to Tajiri as he sat down. “This one’s for saving our lives, mate,” Jack said. He and Tajiri banged glasses together. “My gratitudes.”

    Tajiri held his glass up to Raichu on his shoulder and let Raichu take a sip before taking one of his own. “You can thank my Raichu. His Thunderbolt is getting stronger every day.”

    Jack rubbed his beard and stared at Raichu intently, prompting an odd look from the rodent. “Please enlighten me,” Jack said. “I’ve come across many strange creatures in my travels but none like the ones I’ve seen in the past 24 hours. What did you say they were called?”

    “Pokemon,” Tajiri answered. “The reason you just started seeing them is because you must not have sailed in this region before. Here in the Kanto region there is an abundance of Pokemon. They come in all shapes, sizes, species, and types.” Tajiri pulled a ball out of his pocket exactly like the one that contained Jack’s Magikarp. “You may have thought this was a gem but it is really a vessel that can carry even the largest Pokemon in a small container. Just throw it on the ground and let it out at will.”

    “So these beings, they can shoot water and electricity?” Jack inquired.

    “Fire, ice, solar energy, dark matter. You name it, there’s a type for it,” Tajiri said with a big smile on his face. “I fancy the electric-types myself. My Raichu is the strongest fighter this side of Kanto.”

    “Why isn’t he in a ball like the rest of the Pokemon?” Jack asked.

    “Some like the ball and some don’t. I’ve never been able to get Raichu inside of a Pokeball. He’s always ready on my shoulder to take care of the water-types at sea. They can be nasty.”

    “I found out quickly about that,” Jack said. “That fellow Kabutops doused me with water from his filthy mouth. What was his deal, anyway?”

    “Aye, Kabutops has a nasty reputation in this area,” Tajiri said. “He’s known to work for the most evil man ever to walk the face of the earth, Captain Phantom. That area you were in when he attacked you is thought to be the area where Phantom is hiding out. He has attacked me before which is why I got an electric-type to defend myself. Kabutops always talks about his Captain’s mission, though no one knows what that is. I have an idea of what it might involve, though.”

    “I’ve stared down and crossed blades with Davy Jones himself. This Phantom fellow won’t frighten me,” Jack said with pride as he leaned back in his chair.

    “Don’t be so sure,” Tajiri said. “It’s been told that Phantom stands over nine feet tall and his whole body is covered with hair. It’s said that he’s not even fully human. You know Goliath from the Biblical story, correct?”

    “Aye,” Jack answered.

    “The story says Goliath was the size he was because he was the offspring of demons. It’s believed that Phantom is also the offspring of evil spirits.”

    “Well, I killed an evil spirit,” Jack said, still with the arrogant grin on his face. “Not really a spirit, more of an octopus man, but you get my point.”

    Tajiri took a big gulp of his drink and laughed loudly. “You’re serious about that, aren’t you? I figured you were just having fun with me when you said you killed Jones. You haven’t proven yourself in battle too well from what I’ve seen. I’ll have to see it to believe it, mate. No offense.”

    Jack wasn’t the least bit offended. He just kept grinning. “The more you spend time with me, the sooner you’ll find out that I’ll prove you wrong.”

    Tajiri and Jack banged their glasses together again. “I’ll drink to that.” Tajiri said. “So where ya from, Jack?”

    “Everywhere,” Jack replied. “I’ve been traveling the globe since I was a young boy. I’ve come from England, Singapore, Spain, too many places to count. How about you, mate? Are you from Kanto?”

    Tajiri shook his head. “Nope. I was born and raised in England, actually. That’s why I speak English so well and don’t sound the least bit Japanese. Once I was old enough I sailed over here. I wanted to see the place of my roots, the place that my parents came from. Nothin’ has kept me away since, though I weighed leaving here ever since my brother was killed.”

    “What happened?” Jack inquired.

    Tajiri shook his head. “It was a horrifying scene. I was sailing with my brother Takeru and we had just fought off Kabutops and his Sharpedo army with ease. That mission Kabutops was always talking about? I’m thinking it has to do with Kyogre. It’s the most potent Pokemon in the sea but capturing it would almost guarantee one to rule the seas. Takeru was the captain of the ship and was out hunting Kyogre. The beast attacked us and showed no mercy. It demolished our ship and killed everyone on it. As far as I know, I’m the only one who survived. I was lucky enough to paddle on a large piece of wood from the ship until another vessel came to my rescue.”

    “Very sorry to hear about your brother, mate,” Jack said. “Rule the seas, you say? I want a shot at capturing this beast.”

    “You have to be an expert of Pokemon to do that,” Tajiri said, his face showing that he was in a serious mood now. “I’ve trained with Raichu for years. I want his Thunderbolt to fry that brute so I can capture it myself,” he said with his voice rising. “Not just to rule the seas, but to make a statement that I own it and that it will never hurt or disrespect my family again.”

    “I see,” Jack said. “So the Pokemon that I have, how do I…” Before Jack could finish his sentence, Scrum busted into the room and ran quickly next to Jack breathing heavy. “What’s all this?” an annoyed Jack asked.

    “Cap….tain,” Scrum said between heavy breaths. “I tried…to stop….her. She’s on…her way in. I’m so…so sorry.”

    Jack looked behind him and back at Scrum. “What are you talking about, mate? This is my first time here in Japan. Who could possibly know I was here?”

    “Te encontre! Te vas a morir!” shouted a livid female voice with a thick Spanish accent.

    Jack eyes widened and he slouched down in his seat. “Oh, bugger,” he whimpered.

    Tajiri looked around. “What? Who is it?” he asked.

    Jack put his finger to his lips. “Keep your voice down and stay low. We must get out of here right now.”

    He, Tajiri, and Scrum ducked down and pushed through the crowd, trying to escape the irate woman. “You can’t run from me, Jack Sparrow!” she barked as she pushed her way through the crowded tavern. A few unfortunate men in her way were shoved to the ground by her. “I spent an eternity tracking you down and I will get you!”

    Jack, Tajiri, and Scrum’s quick shuffling turned into a sprint as they ran from her. “I don’t think Phantom or Kyogre could be any scarier than that woman!” Jack said to Tajiri.


    Kabutops and his small ship with crew of two sailed during twilight hours. The remaining Sharpedo that survived the battle against the Black Pearl followed closely behind. They were far from civilization around the Kanto region as they approached a desolate island. A crescent-shaped cave was in the middle of the island. The wounded Kabutops limped off of the ship and climbed down onto the island, grunting in pain as he did so. He was followed closely by a green creature that resembled a praying mantis with a humanoid shape. He had four cream-colored wings on his back and had blades for forearms like Kabutops. His blades were not as lengthy or jagged as Kaubtops’s and he stood about a foot shorter. The creature noticed Kabutops continue to limp as he headed to the cave. “Sir, feel ok?” he inquired.

    “I’m fine, Scyther!” Kabutops barked. “Throwing that electric-type at me like that was a cheap shot. That dreadlocked human was no match for my blades. He and his partner were done for until that Raichu came along. Now there’s a chance that they will ruin our mission.”

    “Sir, humans no good with Pokemon,” Scyther said. “They not know Kyogre. Humans not catch it.”

    “I hope you’re right,” Kabutops grunted. “But someone with a Raichu like that must know Pokemon well. Why didn’t you help me in that battle, you coward?”

    “Sir, I half flying-type,” Scyther responded. “I lose too if fight.”

    “Only a coward thinks that way,” Kabutops scolded. “Why can’t you be as efficient at anything as I? Even your human language sounds terrible. You might as well go back to repeating your name over and over like all the other Pokemon. I trained myself efficiently enough to speak the language of humans. You need to be more efficient at things like that.”

    Scyther frowned and held his head down. “Sorry, Sir,” he said.

    Kabutops and Scyther walked deep into the cave until they heard the sound of screeching metal. They saw the shadow of a massive pirate sharpening his sword on a piece of steel. The sword was longer than Scyther and weighed at least forty pounds. The man waved it around as if it was a small, wooden sword. He then swung it against the stone wall, creating a loud banging noise that caused Kabutops and Scyther to flinch simultaneously. The sword was unharmed and the wall had a large crack in it. “What of the intruders?” the behemoth demanded in a voice that sounded at least two octaves deeper than that of a normal person. His booming voice seemed to shake the walls and the ceiling of the cave.

    Kabutops pushed Scyther forward and whispered in his ear. “I took my abuse like a man today while you stood back and watched. Now it’s your turn. Go tell him.”

    Scyther’s body trembled as he slowly walked closer to the man in the shadows. The man didn’t even look at Scyther. He continued sharpening his sword.

    Scyther breathed deeply and finally spoke. “Captain, intruders have strong electric type. We fail to stop intruders. They pass us but may not know Kyogre.”

    The man stopped sharpening his sword when he heard this and walked in front of Scyther. He lifted his right leg and forcefully planted his foot square in the middle of Scyther’s chest. Scyther shrieked as he flew backwards. Kabutops had to duck to avoid being hit by the flying Pokemon. “I bring you up, I provide you with potions and rare candies to keep you strong and healthy. This is how I’m repaid?” he roared.

    Scyther was on the ground gasping for breath and Kabutops stepped forward and spoke. “Captain, we killed some of the intruders on the ship and we had their captain on the ropes. They pulled out an electric-type from nowhere. Scyther and I are both weak against them. I assure you the next time I see them we will be ready.”

    “Never mind that!” the man responded. “I can keep intruders from this area myself. I can do it better than you two, anyway. What I need to capture Kyogre is another vessel. That tiny one we have will not do. That cursed Blackbeard swiped the gorgeous ship I used to own and trapped it inside of a bottle. The coward snuck behind me back and fled. Didn’t even want a real fight with me. I assume you remember what his ship the Revenge looks like?”

    “Yes, Captain,” Kabutops replied.

    “You and Scyther go fetch my ship.” He tossed a large sack in front of Kabutops that contained dozens of Pokeballs. “More Sharpedo for you. You two can use all the help you can get.”

    “Aye, Captain,” Kabutops said as he took the bag and helped Scyther to his feet. The two left the cave as Scyther was still clutching his chest. Kabutops snickered at his pain. “Now you know how real pain feels. You’ll need to learn it if you want to call yourself a real Pokemon.”

    “Not…breathing…good,” Scyther murmured.

    “Deal with it,” Kabutops said coldly. “We have to get Captain’s ship back. No time to waste.”
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