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Pitbull's Trading Lounge

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Pittbull, Apr 10, 2011.

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  1. Pittbull

    Pittbull Spirit Fighter

    Welcome To Maximo's Trading Lounge! 1.3​

    What's going on everybody, my name is Pitbull/Max. I hope this place can help you and I. Please read the following

    - Be nice and friendly

    - No Hacks

    - No Flaming, Rudeness, or being Impatient

    - Be reasonable

    - Do Not PM Me, with your offers. Place all your offers here, I will PM you to trade

    - Have patience, I will get to everybody

    - I only trade 1 for 1 with Events and 5th Gen Shinies

    - Lastly, all Forum Rules apply to this thread

    Side Notes
    My Timezone is EST
    I clone my pokemon, for the most part
    If you want to know more info on a pokemon, just post below on which pokemon you'll like to know about
    My FC is in my Signature

    Want LIST

    Flawless/EV'd Shinies, any Gen
    Events that I don't have above
    Good Egg Move Pokemon, with at least 4 Egg Moves. NO TM's
    Flawless/Event DW Pokemon, I dont have

    What I REALLY WANT Willing to trade up to two Pokemon for one of these
    Flawless Bold DW Vapreon
    Flawless Impish DW Wooper
    DW Flawless Timid Drifloon
    DW Flawless Jolly Sandrew
    DW Flawless Timid Abra /w HP Fire
    DW Flawless Modest Swablu
    DW Flawless Modest Bulbasaur /w HP Fire or Ground
    DW Flawless Modest Charmander /w HP Ice
    DW Flawless Jolly Digglet
    Flawless Seedot /w Chlorophyll Ablity /w Nasty Plot and HP Fire
    Flawless Adamant Lilipup /w Pickup Ablity /w Ice Fang


    My Pokemon Lounge

    Dratini UT /w Extremespeed
    Bagon UT /w Dragon Dance and Hydro Pump
    Houndour UT /w Fire Fang
    Bouffalant UT /w Leer, Iron Head, Rock Climb, and Headbutt
    Zoura UT /w Dark Pulse and Counter
    Zoura UT /w Dark Pulse and Extrasensory
    Deino UT /w Dark Pulse and Screech
    Deino UT /w Dark Pulse, Screech, and Earth Power

    JPN Event Leafeon UT / Sassy / Ability: Chlorophyll
    JPN Event Umbreon UT / Modest / Ability: Inner Focus
    JPN Event Jolteon UT / Brave / Ability: Quick Feet
    JPN Event Glaceon UT / Brave / Ability: Ice Body
    JPN Event Espeon UT / Adamant / Ability: Magic Bounce
    JPN Event Flareon UT / Adamant / Ability: Guts
    JPN Event Vaporeon UT / Gentle / Ability: Hydration

    Squirtle UT / Docile / Ablitiy: Rain Dish
    Meowth UT / Docile / Ablitiy: Unnerve
    Cubone UT / Hardy / Ability: Battle Armor
    Lickitung UT / Gentle / Ability: Cloud Nine
    Electabuzz UT / Docile / Ability: Vital Spirit
    Musharna UT / Adamant / Ablitiy: Telepathy
    Dratini UT / Naughty / Ablitiy: Marvel Scale
    Blazeiken EV'd / Jolly / Ablitiy: Speed Boost

    Lv. 50 Ash's Pickachu UT / Naughty
    Lv. 1 JPN Ash's Scraggy / Adamant

    Latios & Latias
    Lv. 40 Enigma Stone Shiny Latios UT / Modest
    Lv. 50 2004 Gamestation Shiny Latias UT / Quirky

    Lv. 30 Japanese Poke Festa Shiny Mew UT / Relaxed
    Lv. 50 Japanese Poke Ranch Mew UT / Brave
    Lv. 10 Aura Mew UT / Lax
    Lv. 5 FAL2010 Mew UT / Careful
    Lv. 50 PalCity Mew UT / Hasty

    Lv. 30 WORLD08 Lucario UT / Adamant
    Lv. 50 VGC09 Shiny Milotic UT / Timid
    Lv. 50 VGC10 Shiny Eevee UT / Hardy

    Lv. 51 JPN Movie Celebi / Modest
    Lv. 50 GAMESTP Celebi / Modest

    Lv. 100 Eigakan Arceus UT / Quiet
    Lv. 100 TRU Arceus UT / Hardy
    Lv. 100 DW Arceus UT / Modest

    Lv. 50 TRU Shaymin UT / Mild
    Lv. 50 Eigakan Shaymin UT / Quirky
    Lv. 30 Oak's Letter Shiny Shaymin UT / Modest
    Lv. 30 Oblivia Shaymin UT / Lax

    Lv. 50 Almia Darkrai UT / Modest
    Lv. 50 JPN ANA Darkrai UT / Naive
    Lv. 50 ALAMOS Darkrai UT / Modest
    Lv. 50 Newmoon Island Shiny Darkrai UT / Modest

    Lv. 5 WISHMKR Jirachi UT / Lax
    Lv. 30 Taiwan PokePark Jirachi UT / Hasty
    Lv. 7 GAMESTP Jirachi / Impish

    Lv. 50 GAMESTP Deoxys UT / Rash
    Lv. 30 2004 JPN Movie Shiny Deoxys UT / Adamant
    Lv. 50 Oblivia Deoxys UT / Lax

    Lv. 15 Liberty Garden Victini UT / Bold
    Lv. 50 JPN Movie Victini UT / Lax and Jolly /w V-create, Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, and Searing Shot (Fire Gem)

    5th Gen
    Lv. 30 All 3 JPN Crown Shiny Beasts
    Lv. 25 Lostlorn Forest Zoroark / Bashful (Caught in a Premier Ball)
    Lv. 50 World Fair Zoroark / Quirky
    Lv. 10 Iris Axew UT / Hardy
    Lv. 15 Event Cubchoo UT / Adamant
    Lv. 30 Birthday PC Yokohama Audino UT / Calm

    JPN Trade For Evolution
    Lv. 30 Slowking UT / Naive
    Lv. 30 Electivire UT / Calm
    Lv. 30 Scizor UT / Brave
    Lv. 30 Karrablast UT / Sassy

    Saikyou Strongest Pokemon 5th Gen
    Lv. 50 Electivire UT / Serious
    Lv. 50 Magmortar UT / Hardy
    Lv. 50 Milotic UT / Bold
    Lv. 50 Salamence UT / Naughty

    10 Anniv Pokemon
    Lv. 70 Alakazam UT / Quirky
    Lv. 70 Lugia UT / Serious
    Lv. 70 Typhlosion UT / Serious
    Lv. 70 Blaziken UT / Naughty
    Lv. 70 Espeon UT / Brave
    Lv. 70 Umbreon UT / Sassy
    Lv. 70 Dragonite UT / Lonely
    Lv. 70 Tyranitar UT / Quirky
    Lv. 70 Celebi UT / Lax

    Miscellaneous Events
    Lv. 100 Mattle Ho-Oh / Sassy / EV'd
    Lv. 1 Giratina UT (Flawless) / Gentle
    Lv. 100 TRU Regigigas UT / Bold
    Lv. 50 NWS Manaphy UT / Modest
    Lv. 18 Jeremy's Vulpix / Quirky
    Lv. 50 PKTOPIA Electivire UT / Adamant
    Lv. 50 Oblivia Heatran UT / Quiet

    Lv. 50 All 3 Legendary Birds UT
    Lv. 70 Mewtwo UT / Calm
    Lv. 75 Lugia EV'd / Relaxed
    Lv. 40 Suicune UT / Hardy
    Lv. 50 All 3 Lake Guardians UT
    Lv. 47 Giratina UT / Hasty
    Lv. 44 Regirock / Hasty
    Lv. 40 JPN Regice UT / Careful
    Lv. 48 Registell PKRS / Adamant
    Lv. 60 Rotom UT / Gentle
    Lv. 1 Manaphy UT / Calm
    Lv. 1 Phione UT (FLAWLESS) / Serious
    Lv. 58 Reshiram PKRS / Relaxed
    Lv. 42 Trio Musketeers UT
    Lv. 75 Kyurem UT / Impish (Caught in a Premir Ball)
    All 3 Kami Trio UT

    GEN 1
    Lv. 19 Bulbasaur / Mild
    Lv. 1 Charmander / Hardy
    Lv. 12 Squirtle / Jolly
    Lv. 51 Blastoise / Lonely
    Lv. 1 Sycther UT (FLAWLESS) / Adamant /w Vacuum Wave
    Lv. 5 Magnemite UT / Jolly
    Lv. 8 Zubat UT / Docile
    Lv. 24 Krabby UT / Lonely
    Lv. 43 Shellder UT / Impish
    Lv. 52 Exeggcute UT / Hasty
    Lv. 50 Butterfree / Timid
    Lv. 50 Venomoth / Modest
    Lv. 29 Farfetch'd UT / Timid
    Lv. 45 Slowpoke UT / Mild /w Kings Rock
    Lv. 53 Ditto UT / Rash
    Lv. 1 Dratini UT / Jolly (FLAWLESS) /w Extreme Speed, Dragon Dance, Flamethrower, and Thunder Wave
    Lv. 85 Gyarados EV'd / Modest
    Lv. 100 Raichu EV'd / Modest
    Lv. 50 JPN Moltres UT / Lonely
    Lv. 70 Mewtwo UT / Lax

    GEN 2-4
    Lv. 1 Chikorita UT / Jolly /w Reflect (PKRS)
    Lv. 60 Noctowl UT / Gentle
    Lv. 45 Umbreon / Impish
    Lv. 33 Donphan / Calm
    Lv. 34 Sneasel UT / Gentle
    Lv. 48 Zangoose UT / Gentle
    Lv. 65 Metang UT / Adamant
    Lv. 1 Electrike UT / Rash
    Lv. 1 Shinx UT / Adamant /w Fire Fang, Ice Fang, and Thunder Fang
    Lv. 1 Gligar UT / Impish /w Baton Pass and Double Edge
    Lv. 5 Ralts UT / Adamant
    Lv. 1 Torchic UT / Quiet
    Lv. 1 Mudkip UT / Adamant /w Yawn
    Lv. 48 Absol UT / Quirky
    Lv. 1 Piplup UT / Mild
    Lv. 48 Floatzel / Calm
    Lv. 55 Finneon / Adamant
    Lv. 50 Magmortar UT / Calm
    Lv. 53 JPN Salamence / Timid
    Lv. 45 Lugia UT / Naughty
    Lv. 100 JPN Lugia / Naughty
    Lv. 50 Rayquaza UT / Serious
    Lv. 50 Azelf UT / Quiet
    Lv. 47 Palkia UT / Adamant
    Lv. 70 Dialga UT / Jolly
    Lv. 50 JPN Cresselia UT / Gentle
    Lv. 50 Giratina UT / Careful
    Lv. 100 Houndoom EV'd / Mild
    Lv. 100 Swampert EV'd / Adamant (FLAWLESS)
    Lv. 100 Luxray EV'd / Adamant (FLAWLESS)
    Lv. 100 Gliscor EV'd / Impish (FLAWLESS)
    Lv. 100 Porygon-Z EV'd / Modest (FLAWLESS)
    Lv. 100 Staraptor EV'd / Adamant (FLAWLESS)
    Lv. 100 Garchomp EV'd / Docile
    Lv. 70 Metagross EV'd / Adamant (FlAWLESS)
    Lv. 100 Electivire EV'd / Adamant (FLAWLESS)
    Lv. 100 Lucario EV'd / Quiet

    GEN 5
    Lv. 1 Snivy UT / Male Impish and Female Docile
    Lv. 1 Tepig UT / Bashful /w Overheat
    Lv. 1 Oshawott UT / Quiet and Modest
    Lv. 9 Purrlion UT / Naive
    Lv. 10 Blitzle UT / Serious
    Lv. 48 Munna UT / Hardy, Relaxed, and Adamant
    Lv. 15 Pansage UT / Modest
    Lv. 15 Pansear UT / Sassy
    Lv. 15 Panpour UT / Impish and Lax
    Lv. 19 Sandile UT / Impish
    Lv. 27 Joltik UT / Careful and Mild
    Lv. 25 Klink UT / Adamant, Modest, and Quiet
    Lv. 29 Conkeldurr UT / Rash
    Lv. 33 Throh UT / Lonely
    Lv. 1 Drilbur UT / Brave
    Lv. 28 Litwik UT / Adamant
    Lv. 31 Golett UT / Lonely
    Lv. 10 Roggenrola UT / Hardy
    Lv. 36 Ruffet UT / Gentle
    Lv. 21 Solosis UT / Brave
    Lv. 32 Pawniard UT / Naughty
    Lv. 27 Tynamo UT / Timid
    Lv. 1 Axew UT / Adamant
    Lv. 1 Zoura UT / Gentle
    Lv. 1 Zoura UT / Modest (PKRS)(FLAWLESS) /w Dark Pulse and Extrasensory
    Lv. 1 Deino UT (FLAWLESS) / Bashful /w Dark Pulse
    Lv. 42 Cobalion UT / Adamant
    Lv. 42 Virizion UT / Jolly
    Lv. 42 Terrakion UT/ Hardy
    Lv. 75 Kyurem UT / Quirky
    Lv. 40 Thundurus UT / Modest /w PKRS
    Lv. 40 Tornadus UT / Brave /w PKRS
    Lv. 100 Haxorus EV'd(FLAWLESS) / Jolly
    Lv. 100 Hydreigon EV'd (FLAWLESS) / Modest
    Lv. 100 Chandelure EV'd / Adamant

    All Power Items
    4 Master Balls
    All Stones
    Most of the Orbs
    EXP. Share and Luckey Egg
    Ask if your looking for anything specific

    Lv. 70 Volcorana UT
    Japanese Ditto's
    Lv. 1 Phione UT / Hardy, Quirky, Serious (FLAWLESS)

    Last edited: Jun 7, 2011
  2. Pathfinder

    Pathfinder Well-Known Member

    Approved , sorry for the wait.
  3. badmanjaro

    badmanjaro In pokemon your.....

    What would you like for that shiny tepig?
  4. MGOShockWave

    MGOShockWave Club Paradise

    DW Arceus (Japanese) for Ash's Pikachu?
  5. Pittbull

    Pittbull Spirit Fighter

    Just updated the shop to 1.1

    Do you have any shinys?
  6. FILIP22

    FILIP22 Original Member

    Just want to make sure before I offer, you still stand by YOUR rule 1 for 1? Also do you accept Event Pokemon for your shinies? Or only shiny for shiny?
  7. Pittbull

    Pittbull Spirit Fighter

    If your Arceus is legit, then deal
  8. MGOShockWave

    MGOShockWave Club Paradise

    It is legit it was cloned for me that's all :)
  9. Darkrai_Shadowforce

    Darkrai_Shadowforce OMGWTFBBQ!

    Hey maxie, I still want your Virizion.

    How about a shiny Azelf for it? legit and UT. I need it cloned first though.
  10. Pittbull

    Pittbull Spirit Fighter

    Thats fine, I dont mind clones at all. They're as much as legit as the original. I cant trade at this moment. But I will add you in my waiting list and will PM you when I can trade.
  11. Lvl_99_zekrom

    Lvl_99_zekrom New Member

    i'll trade egg move:
    zorua-extrasensory/dark pulse/sucker punch/snarl
    snover-ice beam/solar beam

    female dream world:
    igglybuff,murkrow,slowpoke,gligar and tailow
    male vulpix
    lvl 44 male slowbrow ivs 32/x/x/x/31/31

    also can you clone my shiny gigalith and shiny ditto? i'll let you keep a copy of both if you clone them 5 times each

    i want your:
    shiny lvl 1 charmander and/or vgc09 miloctic
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2011
  12. MGOShockWave

    MGOShockWave Club Paradise

    Alright then :)

    I'm also interested in that Event Milotic i have a GAMESTP Celebi :) if you'd trade for that as well
  13. chilisex91

    chilisex91 Dragon Master

    you dont accept RNG?
    90% of "flawless" pokemon are RNG abused...
  14. Pittbull

    Pittbull Spirit Fighter

    Good point there, I only have that rule for my Event Pokemon and 5 Gen Shinies. I will update that, thanks for the reminder

    Deal, but it'll have to wait till later. I cant connect to my wifi right now. Comcast.....

    I'll trade you my charmander for your 4 Egg Move Zoura, I will put you in my waiting list.

    For sure, will add that to :)

    hehehe, your right ;)
  15. chilisex91

    chilisex91 Dragon Master

    hahaha what a contradiction XD
  16. Darkrai_Shadowforce

    Darkrai_Shadowforce OMGWTFBBQ!

    sure man.

    and lol, you're using comcast too? I'm using one too. Xfinity lol.
  17. Lvl_99_zekrom

    Lvl_99_zekrom New Member

    sweet. pm or vm me the time your free to trsde tomorrow. im not trsding tonight im pooped(<---lol)

    is there anything specific that your looking for, for your vgc09 miloctic?
  18. Pittbull

    Pittbull Spirit Fighter

    I'll PM you, I'm kind of busy tomorrow. So I dont know a specific time
  19. MGOShockWave

    MGOShockWave Club Paradise

    on top of

    Arceus for Ash's Pikachu & GAMESTP Celebi for Milotic i'm kinda interested in Ash's Scraggy & i have an Extra GAMESTP Shiny Raikou if you'd trade for it :)
  20. could i get your level 5 event mew. i can give you a haxurous ev trained with maxed out atack or a level 100 shiny rayaquaza.
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