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Pixel Dreams

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Well its been revealed that Mega Gallade get Inner Focus which is nice to stop flinching (looking at you mega kang/jirachi) which is nice. It still being Fighting/Psychic? Not really surprised. Primal Rayqyaza is likely going to happen anyway. So I'm not surprised if he gets it either.

I feel like Inner Focus is a wasted ability on it. Justified is good enough imo.
If it got a reasonable speed boost with it's Mega form, things that rely on Flinching moves(not Fake Out), it would be completely useless.
Mega Kanga is not relateable in this situation(unless you don't follow Smogon rules). Then there's Jirachi who probably won't enjoy a Knock Off(does Gallade learn it?). Togekiss can probably handle it, unless Ice/Thunder Punch does alot.
Fake Out users I know of: Hitmontop, Ambibom, uhhh... None of those don't like their STABS.
Since I don't know stat changes, it's all speculation.

Mega Medicham will be the better Psychic/Fighting Mega imo due to Huge Power.
It will probably be around Middle UU in my guess.
I can't wait to see the shiny sprites of these newly revealed Megas.


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Guild Nuzlocke

I would like to present Pixel Dreams second Nuzlocke! Since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is right around the corner, let's celebrate with a...


Ruby and Sapphire Nuzlocke!

Let's see who will be our participants for this Nuzlocke!

- Yellow
- Flash
- Aeons
- Billy
- AP-Z

Now here are the rules of this Nuzlocke

1) You must nickname all of your pokemon. It is to have a deeper connection and bond with them. If they die, you will be sad forever.

2) When a pokemon faints, it is considered dead and may never be used for this Nuzlocke again.

3) You can only catch one pokemon per route. Not two. Not three. One.

4) If you killed your first pokemon, you are not allowed to catch anymore other pokemon in that route. Too bad, too sad.

5) Dupes Clause. I caught a Poochyena in the first route but I saw another Poochyena in the next route. What do I do? That is totally fine, if you caught one pokemon and on another you see a pokemon you caught already, you can catch another. (For example, you caught a Poochyena in the first route. You see a Poochyena somewhere else, you can kill it/flee and find another pokemon. Zigzagoon is the next pokemon you see, Zigzagoon will be your pokemon in that route).

6) You cannot use Revives at all.

7) The Nuzlocke will end when you defeat Champion Steven.

8) The deadline for this Nuzlocke will be November 20, 2014 11:59 PM GMT-10

Points System
- Joining the Nuzlocke: 5 points
- Defeat four Gym Leaders: 5 points(10 points in Total)
- Defeat Wally at the end of Victory Road: 5 points
- Defeat 2 Elite 4: 5 points(10 points in total)
- Defeat Champion Steven Stone: 15 points
- Catch Groudon/Kyogre: 5 points
- Defeat Team Aqua/Magma(at the end): 10 points
- Losing the Nuzlocke: 1 point
- Defeat Elite 4 round 2: 15 points
- Defeat Champion Steven Stone: 20 points
- Catching Rayquaza: 10 points

Placings(it will be based on time)
- Finishing Nuzlocke 1st: 50 points
- Finishing Nuzlocke 2nd: 40 points
- Finishing Nuzlocke 3rd: 30 points
- Finishing Nuzlocke : 20 points

After you finish the Nuzlocke, PM me/post in the thread. Picture would be handy, but not needed.


Good luck to everyone!​
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Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
Sucks I have no Sapphire and only Emerald :(


Half ded
Does anyone have a HA Qwilfish and HA Zangoose? I'm getting annoyed with Zangoose already.
It would be cool if Qwilfish would be female in a Great Ball and Zangoose female in a Premier Ball, but it's not needed.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
The Nuzlocke run has been very interesting so far. As of now I beat the first gym and am on my way to Dewford. I've lost one Pokemon so far, which was unfortunately my starter, Treeko. Fortunately, I have other Grass types so it's not a total loss, but I'll still have to make up for it. Current team is Zigzagoon, Poochyena, Nuzleaf, Beautifly, Shroomish, and Whismur.


Bleh work is killing me :/ sorry for the inactivity but I'm still alive!

P.S. I'm kind of upset, Nintendo said they would email me my demo codes for smash bros but I haven't gotten it yet :( I was really looking forward to it :/ does anyone have a spare I can have ?


But the people are playing smash. And buecas the move system and how the joy stick is made it destoys the joy stick

I suppose that's true but it is the players fault for using their stick like that. I understand Smash is a high intensity quick reflex game but I have some games that require faster reflexes on the stick and my 3ds has been chugging away for a year now with no stick issues.
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