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Pkmn Of The Week Guess Thread

♪Crystal Mew♪

Mr. ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
Whoa Quadruple posting

as of a guess I am kinda stumoed but I ll go with every one elses guess of vulpix
The star of my new fic, CUBONE!!!!! Or marowak. If neither, then I say Stantler!!


Spider Sceptile
The Last Water Starter Maximum Evolution and one of my Favorites Feraligatr I choose You


Spider Sceptile
In No Possibile Way could it Be Blastoise seeing Blastoise was done In Early September for the Release of FireRed and LeafGreen in America

Hey Micky!

Well-Known Member
My vote goes to Dusclops, if its gonna be Halloween day its gonna be a Ghost of some sort and Dusclops the greyist 1 of them all
Yes, it'll probably be a Halloween thing. I think it's Dusclops, as it fits as a Halloween Poke'mon. If not, I guess Registeel.


Spider Sceptile
I'll go with Dusclops


Legendary Pokémon Coordinator
As people have said, it's most likey going to be a Hallowneen thing. So it will be one of the many ghost types.