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Places Face-Off!

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This face-off was approved by MondoTR :D

This is the new Places Face-off! Here the places of the different regions would battle to become Pokemon's best city!

This Face-off isn't limited to cities. The Battle Frontier buildings, dungeons, caves, buildings and more will also be included here!

A forumer can only vote once per face-off (this could change in the future, though).

So let's start!

Part 1 consists of the Kanto cities!

Round 1:



This would be in a voting manner. There isn't any limit. When I come back I would tally and give the next round.

Oh yah, and I will need a tallyist. Because the time I am not active is the time when you are :D

Current tally-er(s):
1. Barney Slayer
2. NarutoUzumaki94

So, let's start!!
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~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!
I could do tallys if you want and I vote for Celedon. It has erika and is way cooler...


Coal Trainer
I vote for Celadon City too.

~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!

Looks like celedon might win...

~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!
5-0 Celedon really crushing Saffron and good question ~celebi~. *waits for freckles to come back and answer the question*

Blaze Dragon

T3h Blazing Ranger!
Big city+Big Pokemart+Casino+Gym>Big city+Many entrances+Fighting Dojo+Gym

~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!
6-1 Celedon crushing...


just disappear.
DEFINITELY CELADON!!! Cause it has Erika, meh bishie!! <3333

PLUS, it's super kewl!!! XD

~Ol' Dimmy

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
How many votes until 1 wins?
It depends on the length of my absence. I would let Barney Slayer tally until I come back and set the final tally. After that, I'll put the next round. (like what I will be doing now).


9 - 2 with Celadon being the first winner!!


Cerulean City


Vermilion City

Current winners:
1. Celadon City

Oh yah, I wanna thank www.pokemon-safari.com for the pictures :D

Start voting!!!
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