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Places you can visit every day.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by mespritchaser, May 19, 2009.

  1. mespritchaser

    mespritchaser Vampire Slayer

    Hey everyone! I play Pokemon Diamond everyday and I go to certain places. It`s like subscribing to them. Lol. xD

    Here are some places I go to every day.
    *Berry Master`s House [west of Hearthome] - I always get my berries there. xD
    *Massager? Not sure of the name. xD [Veilstone, below the Gym] - She massages my Pokemon and I get accessories from her. ^o^
    *Pokemon News Press [Solaceon, beside Pokemon Center] - I bring him Pokemon so that I can get some Balls. xD
    *Julia`s House [Sunyshore, cross the bridges] - She gives out ribbons every day, depending on her mood. ^:)^
    *Sunyshore Market [obviously xD] - I buy seals from them everyday. The seals they sell differ.

    That`s all. xD
    Share the places you visit everyday here! ;D
  2. furrett

    furrett furret forever!

    I do the stuff you do, and I visit dawn's house for the swarm, and I also play the lotto everyday.

    Plus you get a free berry in pastoria, south part of town.
  3. serebiifreak

    serebiifreak ...BRING IT!!!

    Massage, swarm, lottery, berry master. Only on weekends battle with rival.
  4. Cool Frood

    Cool Frood <-- Feelin' Blue...

    I find this "going around to places every day" thing really annoying. I mean, sure its helpful for the game, but I hate spending 15 minutes every day just collecting items, its almost like a chore to me :(.

    On a side note, the seals start repeating in a week, so once you buy from there all 7 days, you can drop that off your list.
  5. Raikou_fan

    Raikou_fan Well-Known Member

    Usually just dawns house for the swarm and the mansion for the garden pkmn.
  6. ElegyCity

    ElegyCity Do we get ice cream?

    I usually do the following:

    -pickup the free berries
    -check the swarm of the day
    -check the mansion poke(sometimes)
    -massage at Veilstone
    -massage/spa thing at Resort area
    -check the guy who gives free pokeballs if you have X pokemon.
  7. coolespeon

    coolespeon I dont know.

    another one, in the right most north part of snowpoint, there´s a old man that gives you a new word every day, very useful when trying to get the locked wallpapers.
    and every time I play, I go to all the other places and saturdays and sundays fight against rival.
  8. Ms.Accord

    Ms.Accord ♪How do I look?♪

    dont forget the jubilife TV center's lottery.

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