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Planned OU(i think) team

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by proto96, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. proto96

    proto96 Active Member

    This thread looked kind of slow and with black and white soon coming to America i wanted to have a team ready and to test my team building skills. So without further ado here is my team. oh and btw i dont know what items to use so suggestions would be appreciated.

    steel thorns
    252 spdef 252 def 4 hp
    -stealth rock
    -power whip
    -iron head
    sets up stealth rocks and spikes then either switches or uses stabbed iron head and power whip. perfect lead.
    252 atk 252 spe 4hp
    -level ground
    -fire fang
    waruvial is there to kill as much as possible so overconfidence, i think would be better. EQ and crunch for stab, fire fang for the annoying grasses, and level ground b/c it slows them down and i couldnt think of anything else since stoneedge is not a tm any more(i think).
    252 spatk 252 spe 4 spdef
    -bug buzz
    -fire dance
    here for a special atker. flamethrower, fire dance, and bug buzz for stab and gale for many of the new fighting types. forgot what fire dances effect was but i think it raises spatk so thats why i chose it.
    Rough skin
    252 atk 252 spe 4 hp
    -fire/thunder/ice fang
    outrage is for stab and it has more power than dragon claw. thinking about permanent fire fang for ice types. crunch and EQ for coverage.
    252 atk 252 spe 4 hp
    -stone edge
    -jump kick/drainpunch
    -poisonjab/swords dance
    another atker.u-turn to scout, jump kick/drain pwnch, stoneedge for those pesky flying types, poison jab for, well i dont know what its for, and thinking about using swords dance for added atk bonus. Thinking about keeping drain punch instead b/c its stabbed and it heals you.
    252 spatk 252 spe 4 hp
    -dark pulse
    -focus blast
    another spatker. u-turn for scouting, focusblast for ???
  2. proto96

    proto96 Active Member

    so sorry for the sudden cut off i think i used too many words. any way..., flamethrower for coverage, and dark pulse for stab. thnx and plz dont b afraid to criticise.
  3. pokeman13

    pokeman13 Well-Known Member

    Ok I think a few changes could help here so here is what I've got.

    Use a shed shell as your item as magnazone and shandera will destroy it. Also use gyro ball instead of iron head because this thing is really slow so it will do more damage most of the time.

    Looks good but stone edge is still a tm so go ahead and use it instead of level ground also maybe life orb or leftovers for it.

    Use life orb for more power for this and change fire dance for butterfly dance because it's like a calm mind but raises speed too and change flamethrower for fire blast and fire body for compound eyes for 30% more accuracy.

    Looks good I don't think it needs any changes and for the item probably a lum berry.

    This pokemon is only good for scouting and it does it very well when used right. I suggest using the set fake out, high jump kick, u turn and stone edge then give it a life orb and jolly nature as it really needs speed.

    Looks good but maybe change u turn for a stat boosting move or something then either leftovers or life orb

    Hope that sums it up for you and you take my ray into account when you're editing.
  4. proto96

    proto96 Active Member

    didnt know stoneedge was still a tm so ill use it. what would you suggest for a status raising move on zoruark.
  5. pokeman13

    pokeman13 Well-Known Member

    Probably calm mind for this particular zoroak. Also you may want to try out night burst instead of dark pulse. I know the base power is only 5 more but it really depends on what you want :to lower accuracy or have the prospect of flinching them.


    Please rate my team later : poll:a dream team for the generations

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