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Planned Teams Thread


An Opinionated Butthole
If DP dex:

Bibarel (HMS)

Pt dex:

Bibarel (HMS)

I really hope they go with the Platinum dex, I really want my top two favorite Pokemon of all time on my team.


Well-Known Member
I'm going to be as faithful as possible to my original Diamond team for Brilliant Diamond.


....basically my exact team except swap out Blissey for Garchomp (or maybe Weavile). Also a remake of my original Pearl team. Praise Helix that Ponyta will actually have physical fire moves for the first half of the game this time instead of spamming Ember.


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My Pearl team changed a lot over the course of my playthrough, so I don't have a particular team I want to replicate. Platinum was more consistent, but I was never hugely attached to that team. There are some Sinnoh Pokemon I haven't used much or at all since Gen 4 that I'd like to work in to the new team:
- Infernape
- Staraptor
- Floatzel
- Honchkrow
- Toxicroak
- Lumineon
- Weavile
- Palkia

I've still got a Luxray and Electivire from Pearl, (Electivire actually came from FireRed as an Electabuzz) I use regularly in post game content. They're far too high level for the main playthrough, but plan to bring them back to Sinnoh post game


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
I see a lot of people picking what game they will be playing plus an entire set of 6 Pokémon plus reserves. I’ll end up buy both games but haven’t decided which version will be my main game yet. The only thing I know is that I’ll end up choosing Chimchar since I do not care too much for the other two starters and then I’ll probably just build a team as I go and see what happens.

I don't get why people are paying over $100'- for what will be essentially the same game.

Incoming hot-take.

In all fairness. I've originally played Diamond and Platinum as a rom on a R4-like device, so I never paid full price initially, but I've since bought a copy of Platinum and Pearl second-hand, since the R4 started to give troubles (basically bricking one of my DS's) - and my girlfriend wanted to give these games a try. The Platinum-copy literally fell apart after playing 1000's of hours and only I managed to unload the save file by taping the two sides together. I honestly love these games to death. GenII (again, I played Silver to death and bought a Gold-copy years later second-hand (which was dead on arrival due to the internal battery already being roasted)) and GenIV are the only games where I personally bought both versions, but only after having played them to death. I also have access to both Black and White, but one technically belongs to my girlfriend.

That doesn't mean that I still bootleg these days though, since those R4-days, I've bought SoulSilver, White, White2, Y, OmegaRuby, Sun and Sword. However, I'm still partial to speedy runs of games I already own, by usage of an emulator. I am playing Renegade Platinum. A romhack that basically ups the difficulty of the original games to previously unthinkable terms. Roark had Geodude, Onix (both at Lv.12) and Cranidos (at Lv.14), in RP, he has: Nosepass Lv. 15, Bonsly Lv. 15, Geodude Lv. 15, Onix Lv. 15, Larvitar Lv. 15, Cranidos Lv. 16 all with good items, abilities and moves.

And that's the thing that's really holding me back on deciding if I'm going to commit to these remakes. That romhack is just such an incredible game in terms of adding difficulty and making positive changes to the availability of pokémon. It's literally the perfect bland of nostalgia and the improved difficulty you always wanted from a pokémon game (especially when Nuzlocking) - and it keeps all the improvements of the franchise up to USUM! The only thing is that it's the old GenIV-skins. But that's the thing, BDSP are barely changing that portion, at all.

If these remakes go back to just DP-dex and only have updated movesets. I don't know what to tell you. Well, that €55'- is a big investment for a shinier version of a game which I'm already playing a vastly superior version of.

Platinum-dex is simply a must. Battle Frontier should be in it.

Don't get me wrong, I want to buy these games, but if they don't show vast improvements in the upcoming months up to release, I'm not getting my copy of Brilliant Diamond. And that's a darn shame, since I've always been incredibly vocal about wanting Sinnoh-remakes.


Great Ball Rank Trainer
Infernape & Porygon-Z are the two definites for my team, but I'm not sure about the rest.

A few contenders are Rampardos, Carnivine, Pachirisu, Garchomp, West Gastrodon, Lucario, Lopunny (only if megas come back), Yanmega, & the Wurmple line

Storm the Lycanroc

Oshawott Squad
Tempted to replicate the same team I most recently used in Platinum Version.
I'm getting brilliant diamond due to getting the original diamond back in the day.

My team will be if platinum dex.

Torterra (took turtwig in my original diamond playthrough)

Luxray (my favourite electric type)





Dragon Pulse

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I'm thinking Empoleon, Gardevoir and Honchkrow so far. I'm thinking of adding Mamoswine, Lopunny or Staraptor somewhere too.


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I'm going with:

Infernape (Diamond wasmy first game and Chimchar was my first starter, so this was a no-brainer for me)

Staraptor (can't go wrong with the resident bird. I might try shiny hunting this guy in honor of the shiny one I found while trying to look for a Ralts.)


Rotom-Wash (I screwed up when I had Platinum by missing the deadline for the Rotom Key on a restart and never got to use its formes on a team. Hopefully they'll let us use this guy from the start unlike in the OG Diamond!)

Lucario (I never actually used one on a Sinnoh run, so I'll change that this time.)

Azelf (I've got a soft spot for this guy and a younger me restarted his game for it because i thought you could only catch Legendaries with Master Balls for some reason.)

Pokemon Power

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For the rest of my team, I'll have to see how it goes. For my starter though, I'm picking Turtwig, because I remember that being my choice in my first Diamond playthrough, and I'm thinking about buying Brilliant Diamond at launch, so it would fell very nostalgic.


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Assuming they are all available during the main-quest rather than the post-game:

Vespiquen (I sincerely hope they remodel that honey tree nonsense)
Drifblim or Mismagius
Not sure about the last one.


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
I still really want to use the core I described in an earlier post: Empoleon, (Mega-)Lopunny, Togekiss, Carnivine, Froslass and Drapion/Skuntank.

But.. A year ago, I wanted to challenge myself and I posed three challenges - a Gen4 Fighting-type run, a Gen4 Water-type run and a Gen4 Steel-type run. I have done the Fighting-type run (Infernape, Lucario, Toxicroak, Gallade) and to be honest, it wasn't all that hard.

But I still want to do the Water and Steel-type runs. I'd reckon Steel to be the harder of two, but I don't want another run where there's a Lucario that can basically shut most things down - even if I gear the moveset more towards the Steel-typing (I normally run PuP+CC, MM and ES, but could opt for MM, ES, Ice Punch and Swords Dance?). Gen4 Steel would be: Empoleon, Wormadam-T, Bronzong, Lucario, Bastiodon/Probopass and Magnezone. Wormadam-T got Quiver Dance in Gen7, so coupled with the good Bug/Steel-typing and 95 defenses it wouldn't even be deadweight.