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Plant Deck


Chazz Princenton!!


2 Breloom
2 Shroomish
2 Cacturne Ex
3 Cacnea
3 Team Aqua's Cacnea
2 Volbeat
3 Grovyle
4 Treecko
1 Sceptile Ex
1 Exploud
2 Loudred
3 Whismur
1 Deoxys
1 Zangoose


19 Grass Energy


4 Wally
1 Lum Berry
2 Oran Berry
4 Rare Candy


Team Rocket Admin
I need to blow off some steam so its time to tick you off !MUAHUAHAHA! J/K ;) Too many pokemon, need more than 1 deoxys other whise its useless, Need some search items or pokemon like pidgeot, macargo, etc, Should replace sceptile ex line with venesaur ex line. I feel much better.:)