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Plants Vs. Zombies Discussion


Uses of Psychics
Anyone here play Plants Vs. Zombies? It's basically a very addicting Tower Defense game, where the boject is to plant various veggies, mushrooms, and other miscellaneous flora to defend your home from brain-eating zombies.

Different plants do different things, but so do the zombies, who get upgrades each level, such as Football zombies and Screen Door zombies.

I'm currently on 3-2. Very addicting.

Besides the all-important Sunflower, I'm a fan of the Scaredy-Shroom, because it's cheaper than a Peashooter, but basically as strong, which is crucial for the Night levels where you have to rely on sun (your material for building) created by your plants.
The only downside is that it cowers if a zombie gets within 1 square, but a bomb can usually take care if it.

I also like the Hypno Shroom.



Mes amis
Plants vs Zombies is awesome. I like the Squash and the Tall-nuts the most. Have you gotten the Imitator yet? It's a great tool.


Well-Known Member
Plants vs Zombies is amazing, very addicting and fun. Popcap really needs to make a sequel. The last level (which I wont spoil) is really awesome, I'm thinking about getting the xbox live version for the multiplayer.


peepee ding dong
I've logged about 200 hours on PvZ for my Xbox 360. I have unlocked every plant upgrade, and my wisdom tree is 514 feet tall. It's gotten boring, and I only play it when my cousin comes over.


Well-Known Member
I got it for my Iphone a while back and was addicted for a while. I'm on 4-9.


Weird Person
I love using the Melonpult. Also, for the final boss, make sure you have a Pepper and an Ice Shroom with you at all times.