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Platinum Glitch Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by willischong, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. willischong

    willischong Well-Known Member

    Sometimes in the Plaza Games, Swalot (in Swalot Plop) and/or Mime Jr. (in Mime Jr. Top) appears really big.
  2. SteelMetagross

    SteelMetagross Certified Trainer

    I think I have ran into a simi major glitch, one day on the GTS I traded something for a level 100 glacion (I was exited so I wasn't thinking about if it was hacked or not) so after I got the pokemon I couldn't trade some pokemon on the Gts even though I have what they wanted. I releaced (SP?) the pokemon but this still happens. it hasn't affected my main game so I'm not that worried about it. but does anyone know what happened or have any suggestions?
  3. Kreis

    Kreis Still Dirrty

    That isn't a glitch. Pokemon Platinum GTS sucks, kinda. You can't see the level that the person wants the Pokemon to be, so you may have the Pokemon they want but not the level they want it at.
  4. SteelMetagross

    SteelMetagross Certified Trainer

    realy!?! crap so I gave away an ambipom for nothing..........dang lol
  5. Toastybob

    Toastybob Is this real life?

    So that was the reason, the whole time? This means that the GTS actually got worse from D/P to Platinum.
  6. Visual

    Visual Nine one six ~

    I think I just got the weather glitch. Well, this is what happened:

    *weather condition*
    PLASMA is hurt by its Levitate.
    SNAP is hurt by its Overgrow.
    The foe's MURKROW is hurt by its Insomnia.

    These happened for a few times during a trainer battle in the Lost Tower, over and over again, but with different weather. The weird thing is the Pokemons in the battle didn't use any moves like Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Hail and Sandstorm. Well, the place is foggy. Maybe that's why? And why does it says that the Pokemons are hurt by their abilities instead of the weather(s)? (o.0)
  7. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    I had a glitch in my old game but i restarted it

    I got the same swarm of spinda for hte whole week and the people in the resturant wouldnt change. All the day things wouldnt work. it was awkward but it was probably cause i used actoin replay for like one thing
  8. redrunner89

    redrunner89 Serebii War Leader

    i got what i would call the incureable Pokerus, one of my pokemon got pokerus and it spread to my team, but none of them are cured and its been at least three days since getting pokerus
  9. theclaytonator

    theclaytonator Active Member

    The time that Pokerus is still around varies with different pokemon and different games. It could last either only a day or maybe more than 3. If it lasts more than a week, though, I think it may be a glitch.

    You have been Claytonated.
  10. redrunner89

    redrunner89 Serebii War Leader

    i'm pretty sure that pokerus's spread ability is only suppose to last until midnight of the day that it contracted, which is why i'm wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them in plat
  11. LucarioMan101

    LucarioMan101 HGSS ftw!!!!!!

    dont worry it happened to me too....it took like a week to get rid of it thats just how plat is
  12. Stealthlead

    Stealthlead Member

    by get rid of it do you mean its bad? :O
  13. redrunner89

    redrunner89 Serebii War Leader

    i'd wish that it didn't go away, i'd rather it be a permanent glitch

    its a good thing, it was just worded wrong. Pokerus is a very very good thing to have
  14. nicko

    nicko Lv 100's

    pokerus is the best. using it and the power iitems i got a staravia max ev's in about 10mins
  15. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    o_O i actually thought that was a glitch too. there was one Pokemon i had someone wanted but it wasnt in a level. I thought my game was screwed. Well thats stupid =/
  16. I don't know if this is a glitch or not, but my Giratina gained really weird stats one day... They were this:

    Max. Hp: +4
    Attack: +33
    Defense: +-24
    Sp. Atk: +26
    Sp. Def: +-24
    Speed: 3

    This also happened again to the same Giratina a few days ago, but I resetted since I didn't want his defenses going down (and I just got done EV training him)... None of my other pokemon did this, and this only happened to Giratina when he was in Origin Forme... Is this a glitch?

    I'll upload the picture sometime later... since I did take a picture of it :/
  17. Toastybob

    Toastybob Is this real life?

    Have you used an AR? If not, I can't think of anything else.
  18. KingRaichu

    KingRaichu Hail to da king baby

    whoa, those stat changes are really freaky. i think it smells of an action replay. I can't possibly think the programming could glitch hthis badly on its own.
  19. cannibaleyes

    cannibaleyes Holier Than Thou

    Pokerus varies... I've personally had it last less than a day or up to a week before. Anyway, three days isn't unusual. I could be wrong, but I think it partially depends on how many EVs your pokemon gains, as well as how long it's had it.
  20. Black Diaruga

    Black Diaruga Chahuistle

    I think that happens because Giratina Origin's base Attack and Sp. Attack are higher than its defenses, while the Altered Forme has lower Attack and Sp. Attack and higher defenses.
    So maybe its stats are being adjusted to fit the ones the Origin Forme is supposed to have.

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