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Platinum Storyline Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Keeper of the Aura, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Night Shadow

    Night Shadow BRRAAP BRRAAP

    Using my super special awesome powers of pokemon and the third game that comes from it, I will say that the story line will stay the same with a few plots and twists in it
  2. Ri-Chan

    Ri-Chan ♚ get s l e a z y

    If it were to be almost reality, the world would be destroyed, and the sinnoh games would end. End of story!

    Like I said before, the odds of this happening are has low as a mermaid turning into a duck using tape. (sorry, just though that would be funny!) If you could choose between these things, the game would still be in prodution.

    Actually, all those things have soo muh to do with the story line. Theres no sarcasm there, because thats probably one of the smartest predictions ive heard here!
  3. lindsy95

    lindsy95 FC: 4428-2451-8791

    I was saying all that was in Dp is why I put the sarcasm mark.
  4. I was actually hoping this new game would expand upon Giratina itself... Like why it is known as the Renegade Pokemon.
    I mean, people were rumoring that Giratina was sort of a companion to Dialga and Palkia... but was banished by Arceus for something, forced to guard the cemetary in the reverse world.
    Now I don't know if this is true or not (doubtful, but it would be sweet if it was)... I'm probably hyping myself up for something that's not gonna happen.

    I'm also looking forward to new Legendary myths that might contribute to the storyline (I'm a sucker for all those myths and legends in Canalave Library). For some reason, the D/P have really piqued my interest in the Pokemon World itself, with the revelation of said "God Pokemon" as well as stories of how the world came to be. So if they expand upon that, and incorporate Giratina, I would be immensely satistified.
  5. Brado

    Brado Bawlin'

    Since we knew Giratina was the main Pokemon Platinum the whole D/P storyline seems a lot more deeper and darker. I really think the platinum storyline will be the best yet.
  6. Ri-Chan

    Ri-Chan ♚ get s l e a z y

    Look, if you are going to make statements, at least know what you are talking about, and give us some description so we know about it, and won't get upset at you for saying it. Just trying to help.

    Theres nothiing realy wrong about this post, all it is is someone hoping that the legendaries will be more explained. Good job kid!

    This is the one that bothers me. No one can predict how deep and dark it will be, and saying that leaves a deep void in your comment. I have two questions.

    Why will the platinum storyline be different? explain

    Why do you think the storyline will be the best yet?explain

    The reason i said explain was because, i predict that you wwould answer for both one simple word:Giratina

    ;)-Luv ya'll, and remember, keeep giving smart predictions!
  7. deltapiplupx

    deltapiplupx Banned

    finnaly a darker storyline you know what would be cool if the officer dude needs you to become a member of team galictic and befriend Cyrus and then you find out his plan- but wont happen
  8. The.WorkSe.Of.InfiNites

    The.WorkSe.Of.InfiNites VeritatemDiesAperit

    I am also interested in the myths Sinnoh has introduced.

    The myth about Giratina you mentioned, how it was banished by Arceus, i have not heard of in the Canalave library. Sounds good, though. I wouldn't know how that would fit into the story, with Arceus since it has not been officially announced.

    I was thinking the Renegade species of Giratina can mean different things. Does it mean he is against you, TG, Dialga and Palkia, everything? Let's see soon...

    now i'll take out something from the Canalave library:
    In the beginning, there was only a churning turmoil of chaos.
    At the heart of chaos, where all things became one, appeared an Egg.
    Having tumbled from the vortex, the Egg gave rise to the Original One.

    What is this 'chaos' where Arceus 'tumbled' from? The Torn World?!?!?!? it makes sense, right?
    The 'vortex' in which the Egg tumbled from describes the spinning look of the Torn World in those screenshots.
    However i do not believe Arceus' egg or Arceus itself will have to do anything about it.

    I was going to talk about a legend of Japan that discusses this Torn World (Yomi in Japanese legend), but i'll have to check up on some legends to correct my knowledge of it.


  9. deltapiplupx

    deltapiplupx Banned

    I have been looking around the library and I think that Arceus was made from chaos and he created evreything else without chaos's knowlage and he found out and created a form 4 himself: Giratina and he gave death and then arceus and giratina battled arceus won and made giratina sleep in the torn world
  10. manifesto

    manifesto HxC

    ok if i may say something off topic.

    i really despise the people who come up with really good ideas as to what the story of platinum entails and then make it negative by saying "oh that won't happen" or the ever popular "but i'm probably wrong"

    if you have an idea share it we're not gonna eat you up...not all of us are like BCVM22 y'know =p

    but anyway back on topic, i really think that the idea that giratina is the polar opposite to arceus is a very good point...perhaps since arceus is "god" then giratina is "Satan/death"

    any thoughts on that?

    [QUOTE nites]What is this 'chaos' where Arceus 'tumbled' from? The Torn World?!?!?!? it makes sense, right?
    The 'vortex' in which the Egg tumbled from describes the spinning look of the Torn World in those screenshots.
    However i do not believe Arceus' egg or Arceus itself will have to do anything about it. [/QUOTE]

    you bring up a good point nites, but also...you remember how the azure flute brought you to the "pokeheaven" where the torn world is now?

    what is going to happen to that place?
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 30, 2008
  11. deltapiplupx

    deltapiplupx Banned

    i can see where you are coming from manifesto but it is kinda like saying that hell is now heven
  12. Ri-Chan

    Ri-Chan ♚ get s l e a z y

    you bring up a good point nites, but also...you remember how the azure flute brought you to the "pokeheaven" where the torn world is now?

    what is going to happen to that place?[/QUOTE]

    Okay..... urgh...

    This is one huge fumbling mess. Giratina is not the devil/ satan/ whatever. He's just another antagonist maybe protag in this story. if you are going to talk about what a pokemon is, you're in the wrong thread. But yes, i bet giratina has a huge part in this story, just like cyrus does. and giratina obviously does not sleep in the torn world! If you gaught him in turnback cave, he obviously lives there, not in the torn world. I think the torn world was created when giratina, palkia and dialga were distubed, thus creating a portal that appeared out of rage. Maybe shaymin lives there, maybe its sinnoh after giratina comes? who knows. And yes, dont be afraid to share your opinions. We wont attack you, but we will only ive you creative critisism!

    ;)luv ya'll!-pokemonmaster21
  13. deltapiplupx

    deltapiplupx Banned

    I know he is not satin but he is in the shadows all the time and he probably created the torn world. and the place where arceus lives I hope will stay there but to get there you have to go higher
  14. manifesto

    manifesto HxC

    you see, the point of my post wasn't to assume that giratina is "satan" so much as to compare giratina and arceus as antag/protag as god and satan are antagonist and protagonist to one another, or batman and the joker.

    the list goes on with examples but i'd rather not bore you like that. i just figured that if arceus and giratina were to be antagonistic it would make for a cool story addition.
  15. I'm always interested in myths about Legendary Pokemon. . Namely Giratina, Shaymin, Darkrai, and Arceus. We know some details about them, but not as much as say Mew and Dialga (though those could use some explaining too). In fact I like to listen to amazing legends in real life too.... I am especially interested in the Bermuda Triangle and Stonehenge

    I have documented a few passages from the library

    "Betray your anger, lest ??? will come"
    "Weep not with sorrow, lest ??? draw near"
    "When joy and enjoyment come natural as the very air, that is happiness"
    "Let such be bless by the hand of master ???"
    This is probably talking about Arceus, but I think about Shaymin hearing this...

    Another passage about the faries

    "Three Pokemon there were"
    "Into lakes they dove. Deep, deep drawing no breath"
    "Deeper, deeper they dove. Into suffocating depths they dove"
    "Deeper, then deepest alight. From the lake floor they rise"
    "Bearing with them the power to make vast lands, they rise again"
    It helps shed some light on their origins, but not enough

    There are a couple more but I dont want to post them now.

    Oh how could I forget these....

    "Look not into the Pokemon's eyes
    "In but an instant, you'll have no recollection of who you are"
    "Return home, but how? When there is nothing to remembers?"
    "Dare not touch the Pokemon's body"
    "In but three short days all emotions will drain away"
    "Above all, above all, not harm the Pokemon"
    "In a scant five days, the offender will grow immobile in entirety"
    At first I thought it was about Uxie but the "Emotion" part led me to think this is referring to Mesprit..... but is Mesprit this powerful? It seems more befitting a greater being as Darkrai.

    And this one is obviously about Arceus...
    "In the beginning there was only a churning turmoil of chaos"
    "At the heart of chaos, where all things became on, appeared an egg"
    "Having tumbled from the vortex, the Egg gave rise to the Original One"
    "From itself, two beings the original one did make"
    'Time Started to spin. Space began to expand"
    "From itself again, three living things the original one did make"
    "The two beings whished, and from them, matter came to be"
    "The three living things wished, and from them, spirit came to be"
    "The world created, the Original One took to unyielding sleep..."

    And while I am uncertain if the Pokemon mentioned here is of a legendary nature or not I shall share this anyways
    "There lived a Pokemon in a forest"
    "In the forest, the Pokemon shed its hide to sleep as a Pokemon"
    "Awakened, the human dons the Pokemon hide to roam villages"

    This passage is short and puzzling....what Pokemon could morph between looking like a human or Pokemon? This is surely not Ditto....
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 30, 2008
  16. Ri-Chan

    Ri-Chan ♚ get s l e a z y

    Well thank you for bringing up those legends. This stuffs been bugging me and the rest of tghe others. However, none mentoin the arceus. Unless the last one is arceus, moving the ability to morph types using templates of sorts. The two beings in the arceus legend could be dialga and palkia, while the three would be uxie, mesprirt, and azelf. Anyways thanks for reading into hose, you probably cleared al;ot up...
  17. The.WorkSe.Of.InfiNites

    The.WorkSe.Of.InfiNites VeritatemDiesAperit

    Woah, now everyone! Now where delving in the vague and subjective topic of mythology. I'll try to clarify some myths so that this doesn't turn to a muddle of ideas that strays us away from the true topic: Platinum storyline.
    ...And then my opinion

    i'm probably wrong about this... :p *sarcasm*
    but what you refer to "pokeheaven" where the azure flute opens stairs to bring you to Arceus, is merely an extension of Spear Pillar.
    So technically it's really not heaven.

    Anyway, i do not think Arceus or the Hall of Origin will have anything to do with Platinum.

    Devil? Satan? The physical manifestation that encompasses human desire? who cares? i do not think giratina is the opposite of Arceus, since i do not think Arceus will have any role in Platinum's storyline.
    It is opposite of our world, namely time (Dialga) and space (Palkia).

    Anyway, about where Giratina lives, as taken from Giratina's Pokedex entry:
    >"A Pokémon that is said to live in a world on the reverse side of ours."
    >The Torn World is opposite to ours (practically above) that defies all our world's known physics.

    It seems that Giratina lives in the Torn World.

    I did some research, here's the myth and facts of Sendoff Spring (Lake Mashu) and Turnback Cave (Kamuish island):
    I bolded a specific fact of a woman lost who appears to never have succeeded in finding her son, and probably died.
    Since giratina appears in cemetery, Turnback cave (Kamuish isle) could be considered a cemetery as the whole island is the body of a woman resting (in peace).

    Arceus is the Original One.

    Hmmm... the last legend...
    my explanation would be:
    in our dreams as we sleep we revert back to our basic instincts as a Pokemon/animal (our dreams show our true self), then when we are awake in the day we become humans who 'wander in villages', working in society with other humans to survive, but in doing so we are influenced by society's ideals.

    A psychological myth? Crazy...

    But back to the storyline, I believe Giratina and Pluto will have greater roles, that will influence the outcome of how Cyrus will create his world.

    I would like to post about those ideas of how they would influence the storyline, but i wouldn't want my post any longer. Just read my other posts, wherever they are.


    Last edited: Jul 30, 2008
  18. Ri-Chan

    Ri-Chan ♚ get s l e a z y

    Well nites, i belive that pluto will have an even bigger role to date. He will be the one who, by complete misunderstanding, discovers the portal to the torn world. Now using pyshics, it is possible to tell that any being that lives in a opposite world to the other must enter through portal. It is impossible to enter through a plausible entrance, such as a door or a wall. nOW WHEN PLUTO GETS INTO THE TORN WORLD, HE DISCOVERS GIRATINA(ORIGIN) and tells the rest of team galactic. Now, one of two things happen....

    1. the basic emerald situation: giratina and shaymin begin to fight, and you must summon arcues to save them... or,
    2. Dialga and Plakia fight and accidentalyy open the portal to the torn world

    The predictions are endless, but thats what this threads for right, Those seemed like the most likely.

    ;)Luv ya'll
  19. Otakusoul13

    Otakusoul13 PKMN HG/SS

    when did pokemon involve religion?
  20. P.M.

    P.M. Poison Master

    I don't think you have to summon Arceus because it's a event-only pokemon. . . . . . . .
    it could be palkia and dialga fight and you have to summon Giratina to stop them. . . . . .
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