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Platinum team help.

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by Swamp King, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Swamp King

    Swamp King Member

    So here's the deal. about a week ago I caught my first ever shiny. It was a ponyta (now Rapidash) Hardy nature with all around mediocre IV's (mid teens to low twenties..but nothing lower than 12). It also has Flash Fire. It was a decent find considering he could wall the fire attacks launched towards my Scizor.

    Now, today while training my Lucario I ran into a shiny gastly...timid nature.

    The choice should seem obvious, but here's the problem - Gastly has 20-25 in Speed IV's which is fine enough for in game (and hopefully the battle frontier). However its special attack IV's are 0-7. Should I still use him over Rapidash?

    I don't really expect to compete much over wifi, the farthest I plan to go after the elite four is the battle tower and maybe a few other frontier sites. I EV train, but dont have the patience to get perfect IV's...as long as they're good enough.

    If this helps, here is my team so far:

    Torterra - Relaxed
    Stealth Rock
    Leech Seed
    Giga Drain

    Staraptor - Jolly
    Fly (because I need it)
    Close Combat
    Quick attack

    Scizor - Adamant
    Swords Dance
    Bullet Punch
    U-turn/Brick Break (undecided)

    Lucario - Modest
    Vacuum Wave
    Aura Sphere
    Dragon Pulse
    Sahow Ball

    Tentecruel/Vaporeon/Kingdra/Starmie (Undecided)

    Slot 6 is for either Rapidash or Gengar.

    Obviously the biggest problem with this team is bulky waters...which Gengar can cover with Thunderbolt..would he be strong enough to succeed though with low Special Attack?

    It's between these two..dont want to breed for better IV's or another shiny gastly.

    Who should I choose?
  2. azeem40

    azeem40 Pokemon is fun!

    What do you mean by "with low Special Attack"?

    Gengar - Modest
    Energy Ball
    Shadow Ball
    Focus Blast
  3. Swamp King

    Swamp King Member

    The shiny gengar is timid....his IV's in special attack are low..
  4. Purple_Tangrowth

    Purple_Tangrowth A DRUM, A DRUM!...

    gengar's base special attack is 130 and rapidash's is 80. Even if gengar had an absolute minimum special attack, it would be still greater than the maximum special attack stat of rapidash
    Use gengar. And congrats on the shiny :D I've been playing for a while and I haven't encountered a single one in the wild :(

    Stealth rock isn't as effective ingame because pokemon don't switch out unless they faint. So I think it's more beneficial to have something simple like rock slide. Rock type move on a grass type
    pokemon is glorious as it hits most of the types it's weak to (bug, ice, fire) super effectively

    I don't think staraptor needs quick attack. it's probably already past base 100 in speed which is fast enough ingame imo. Keep it IF YOU WANT but I would go with return

    I would say you go with starmie for your water type pokemon
    you need special attackers

    good luck on the team
  5. Timid is the perfect nature for Gengar. Even if it's IV's in Sp. Attack are low it's still a damn good Pokémon.
  6. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Indeed , Modest is meh.

    Torterra can use Curse > Stealth Rock , Seed Bomb > Giga Drain and Rock Slide > Leech Seed.
  7. EvilTyranitar

    EvilTyranitar Well-Known Member

    I would go with brick break > u-turn on scizor because it will allow it to hit steel types which would normally wall it. Although, really, either attack is good.
  8. azeem40

    azeem40 Pokemon is fun!

    In-game, not many Pokemon switch, so Brick Break is a better option IMO.

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