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Platinum team: how good is mine?

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by appelpower, May 4, 2013.

  1. appelpower

    appelpower Sinnoh Champion

    I was curious to know how good my team in Platinum is. I am just past Cynthia.
    This is my team:

    Crobat (Lv.50)

    Cross Poison
    Aerial Ace
    Fly (I need this one)

    Serious Nature, Inner Focus ability, Sp.Atk and Atk are equal, Dread Plate item

    Roserade (Lv.50)

    Magical Leaf
    Grass Knot (I want to keep this one)
    Giga Drain
    Stun Spore (I want to keep this or Sleep Powder for catching. How do you get Sleep Powder?)

    Rash Nature, Natural Cure ability, Big Root item

    Fan Rotom (Lv.52) (I want to keep the Fan forme, as it has the most reliable forme-exclusive move)

    Shadow Ball
    Air Slash
    Double Team

    Lonely Nature, Levitate ability, Spooky Plate item

    Infernape (Lv.53)

    Fire Punch
    Brick Break
    Close Combat

    Naive Nature, Blaze ability, no item

    Giratina (Lv.54)

    Shadow Claw
    Dragon Claw
    Earthquake (this is my only Ground move, I want to keep this)
    Shadow Force

    Naive Nature, Pressure ability, no item. I don't want an Origin forme, as I need this one's bulk. The SpDef drop caused by its nature is compensated for by SpDef EV-minerals. I also EV'd it to slightly favour physical moves, but the difference is small between the two offensive stats. Mine is exceptionally fast.

    Vaporeon (Lv. 56) <3

    Water Pulse (I want to replace this)
    Aurora Beam (I want to replace this as well)
    Surf (I need this)
    Ice Beam (I need this)

    Serious Nature, Water Absorb ability, no item. I don't need Waterfall, as I'm past all Waterfalls I want to go past. Or else, I'll catch a low-Lv Buizel and climb Stark Mountain.


    I don't like low-PP moves with low accuracy (Thunder, Hydro Pump, etc.), moves like Outrage and recoil moves.


    Is this a good team?
  2. Cear13

    Cear13 Avid Palkia Fan

    The Team's Not that Bad. Yet it hasn't reached lvl 100 yet so it's not that strong but for defeating normal trainers in the game they are quite up for a battle.
    @Your Roserade it can't learn sleep powder anymore.
    @Your Giratina it's your own giratina you can choose what it want to learn but Giratina's good in using Special Attacks too. Origin Form of it is faster and has high attack and sp.atk more if you want it to became a Sweeper.

    Not that Bad i Say :)
  3. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    Mild/Rash Nature
    ~Cross Poison
    ~Aerial Ace
    ~Giga Drain
    ~Heat Wave

    I'm very sure it cannot learn Crunch.

    Modest/Timid Nature
    ~Grass Knot
    ~Sludge Bomb
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Sleep Powder/Stun Spore

    Modest/Timid Nature
    ~Air Slash
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Thunder Wave

    Naive Nature
    ~Close Combat
    ~Grass Knot
    ~Rock Slide

    Perfect Nature for Mixed set, which usually has Nasty Plot instead of Rock Slide, but since you already evolved it (NP is obtainable only on Monferno), then oh well.

    For Giratina, the Nature is more suited for Origin Forme, but okay. Aqua Tail over Shadow Claw, since you already have Shadow Force for a Ghost move.

    For Vaporeon, Shadow Ball and Signal Beam over the first two moves.
  4. appelpower

    appelpower Sinnoh Champion

    Thanks for your replies! I'll reply one by one because I don't know how to reply to two people at the same time.

    A shame my Roserade can't learn Sleep Powder anymore... maybe by Heart Scale Tutor?

    I want the bulk on my Giratina as a Revival Herb buffer...
  5. appelpower

    appelpower Sinnoh Champion

    Good Ideas! I think I'll replace Aerial Ace with Fly for Crobat (Airplane needs ;))

    Maybe I'll use Psychic on Roserade/Vaporeon, I have no Psychic moves...

    Thunder Wave is a good replacement for Double Team indeed...

    I'm not sure about Infernape, I need the PP and a Physical Fire move...

    I'll consider Aqua Tail (It can learn that??)

    For Vaporeon good deas too...

    Thank you!

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