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Platinum Team Rate

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by chrisx008x, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. chrisx008x

    chrisx008x New Member

    Ok so I'm actually in the process of creating a team and I haven't settled on move sets yet so I'll just give the names instead.

    (Open Spot)

    So far this is all I can put together out of what I have. My friend is playing soul silver for me and my brother is playing sapphire so we can pal park to silver and then trade into my platinum. I need input on my current selections and also suggestions for what else I should put in. I was thinking Houndoom since I have one already but I wasn't sure. Or perhaps scrap the machamp and add a water type like gyarados. I don't want to switch out garchomp for a dragonite just because I prefer garchomp(looks cooler IMO). Also if anyone wants to help me pick good move sets that would be cool too but not necessary.
  2. Tonguetyd

    Tonguetyd Well-Known Member

    Make sure Machamp's ability is No Guard.That will allow it to utilize DynamicPunch.

    I'm also thinking you could dump Staraptor and replace it with something else,right now I'm recommending Skarmory or a Water type.
  3. CMHennigan

    CMHennigan Well-Known Member

    Alright first off, throw together some kind of a move-set and repost/edit or the mods are going to close your thread. Just a heads up, and i agree, replace staraptor with a better flying type like skarmory, or a fire type, and your last slot should go to a water type preferably.
  4. chrisx008x

    chrisx008x New Member

    ok. i knew i needed a water type so ill put that in as the last spot. and switch skarmory in from staraptor. sounds good. let me go see if i can catch a skarmory right quick. and the reason i dont have any move sets posted is because its not definitive yet. everything is in its mid 40's to high 50's so i havent really gotten everything i want yet. im in the process of rebreeding everything so i can properly EV train them which i've never done before. i don't have immediate access to those reset berries so thats why im starting clean. thanks for the tips though guys. as for the water type, my friend and I are bredding eevees so i was thinking i would use vaporeon? That or maybe lapras if he can get one.
  5. DemonViper

    DemonViper Shadow Master

    Hey guys, I started a new game in my Platinum and i'm trying to build a good team but i'm not sure what moves I should give them. My team along with the moves I think are good is listed below. Let me know if they are good moves and if I should give them different moves. Just to let you guys know i'm still new to this so please I would love if you PM me some tips on the whole making a team thing.

    Shadow Ball
    Fire Blast
    Fire Fang

    Cross Poison
    Thunder Fang
    Ice Fang

    Ice Beam

    Ice Punch
    Dark Pulse
    Night Slash
    Sword Dance

    Sucker Punch
    Steel Wing
    Dark Pulse

    Super Power
    Shadow Ball
    Razor Wind
  6. Chidzz

    Chidzz Well-Known Member

    1. this isn't your post, huh?..... make your own thread (just fyi)
    2. unless you doing a dark monotype challenge, your toast

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