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Play Station 2 Display is messed up


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Hello everyone. I have a PS2 original model which I've had for probably 12-13 years or so, and in the past month or so the video has been jumbled and screwed up to the point of it being unplayable. Here's a picture of my PS2's interpretation of Jak II's main menu:
I have tried cleaning it out with a compressed air can and wiping some of the dust out of the expansion bay and the front/back slits, and only got minor improvement. Does anyone have any tips on how do fix this? The only options I can see right now are taking the thing apart (which sounds like a complicated task,) getting it fixed somewhere, or buying a new one (I'm currently broke, though that may change soon.)

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Going off your what you're saying, I assume that the Audio coming out is fine. I assume the Image should look something like this: http://psx-scene.com/forums/attachments/f253/41673d1362079009-480p-pal-console-dsc03582.jpg This image is most likely from the European/Australian/PAL Versions, so it will not look exactly like this.

OK, Looking at your image, It leads to me think that one of a two things are happening: I personally think the GPU has Partly failed, or a component on the Board relating to Video output has failed. If this is the case, the fix isn't easy, and more than likely would require another PS2 to donate parts. OR the GPU is over heating, as the Garbled Mess many only appear a few moments, and on certain Menu screens. While Canned Air help, you may need to actually dismantle tour PS2 and you may find a lump of dust that blocking air flow.