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Playing With Your Favorites

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Rhys29, Aug 11, 2011.


Do you play with your favorites?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. When I'm playing competitively, I usually try to use whatever will work the best for me. If one of the best choices is a favorite, then heck yeah, I'm using it! But if my favorites won't cut it, then I just won't use it. Since I don't really hate any particular Pokemon (bar maybe a couple), I usually don't have to deal with a Pokemon that I don't like to use. Of course, sometimes I'll use a favorite on a gimmick team just for the heck of it. Back in 4th Gen, I used a team based around Agility Blaziken. Was it a gimmick? Yes. Was it fun? Shoot, yeah. But when things get serious, I'll just go for the smart choice, whether it's my favorite or not.
  2. Grei

    Grei not the color

    I disagree with the OP.

    Not really. There's no rule saying that, by using your favorites, you're somehow limiting yourself. As soon as you use a Pokemon you like, you've just expanded your "limitations." This is only true for really closed-minded individuals, but for people like me who like a lot of Pokemon, it's not a limitation at all.

    Also, the same can be said--that one is limiting one's options--for those who only use Pokemon that are considered "good" competitively. By only using "good" Pokemon, they've limited their options to essentially most OU Pokemon (as for you touchy people, I know what OU means) and have cut themselves off from other Pokemon they might want to use, like Samurott or Lilligant.

    This is true on most parts. That's pretty much the sole reason why using your favorites is a bad idea when battling competitively, unless your favorites all happen to be Pokemon that are good competitively.

    So... where does this leave players who use their favorites, and yet leave themselves room to explore and discover new favorites?

    I'm not enjoying how you're generalizing every prioritized player. Quite frankly, any prioritized player should know from the start that they're more than likely disadvantaged competitively, so being all immature about always losing isn't really justified. You seem to be ignoring prioritized players who recognize their handicap and who are willing to find new favorites that will lessen their handicap.

    I'll be waiting to read this.
  3. poopoop

    poopoop SPPF STAFF

    i use my favs too! look at me sig and you'll see sudowoodo which has actually made me get lots of wins for example by taking out a strong speedy pokemon like excadrill,latios,etc or something that has dragon danced a few times and he can counter trick room.
    sometimes his team members clean up the opponents team after the rock tree attacks, but it can also be sudowoodo finishing off my opponent

    most of the time all he does is KO 1 huge threat poke and damages 1 more but thats all that needs to be done because my team can kill the rest
    he fits perfectly with my team he's in. and the coolest thing he has done so far was taking out a T tar,excadrill,and waboffet all in a row
  4. Rhys29

    Rhys29 Encore

    I have updated OP. I'm glad to see some discussion and I'm surprise this thread has gotten as much traffic as it has.

    This made me lol
    An example of this is deciding on playing a tier like OU: you're already limiting yourself from Pokemon that are only available in the Ubers tier. Another way to look at it is if you're choosing a revenge killer for your team. Choosing only Chandelure because it is your favorite revenge killer may not be best for your team. A Pokemon like Scizor or Choice Scarf Hydreigon might be a better choice, so deciding prematurely which Pokemon you're going to use limits your options (this doesn't apply to teams built around one Pokemon of course). I hope this better explains my reasoning.
    I agree completely. Players who just c/p from Smogon and call it good are not good comptitive players. Just using the standard Swampert set and calling it good without exploration is just as limiting as only using your favorites. A lot of Pokemon in UU and BL can function quite well in OU to deal with specific threats, so immediately counting out all Pokemon that aren't used all the time in OU is a mistake.

    And hopefully I've clarified what I meant by prioritized battlers.​
  5. pikadon92

    pikadon92 Raiden Maximus

    Charmander and Chikorita are my favourites. Make that what you will.

    To be fair, they are not my only favourites. There are some like mienshao, gengar that works well, but I don't just paste them instantly when making a competitive team.
  6. hallstromjr

    hallstromjr Boston Celtic

    I always thought people using favorites got put to a disadvantage. I've been destroyed by a team that baton passed to Musharna And it used stored power before i realized what was going on. Favorites work, but as said, people who play with favorites have to find a way to get over the "handicap" they have put themselves at. Only very experienced battlers can pull this off. It's Always nice to see a team without Thunderus, Tyranitar, Lati@s, Scizor and the likes.
  7. Casty

    Casty Well-Known Member

    I agree completely, especially with "limiting your options" part. Closing yourself to other Pokemon because they don't fit your tastes is a really, really bad mindset, not only in competitive. You might never come to like certain Pokemon until you use them. Maybe if you used mons outside you favourite list once in a while, you would find some new faves?

    Even worse than "playing with favourites" is when you dislike certain Pokemon because some site labelled it one way or another. This goes both ways. The pseudo-competitive folk who won't use anything outside of the OU list, and the anti-competitive (scrub) ones who only stick with UUs or below (out of pity or what?). You have no idea how much those kind of people piss me off.

    Truth to be told I used to be like that, but everything changed once I learned how tiers really work. And my favorites are Heatran, Swampert, Flygon and Latios, all of which (besides Latios) were OU in gen 4 were I started so yeah.
  8. PalmerDawn

    PalmerDawn True Beauty

    I play with the Team I first Catch for the most part. I like alot of Pokemon & have alot of the games so in each game I switch it up.

    I think players who play with their favorites are Staying true to what they like I cant blame them. Why Be forced to pick a diffrent Pokemon for better stats?

    In my opinion it would be like your parents saying "You can't do math right so I'm going to send you away and pick a kid who Can do math well"

    In a way my favorite team is my favorite team because they were with me the longest. I can care less about stats or strengths and weakness.

    I personally like competitive battling but I do it for fun. Winning or losing isn't important. Each Pokemon has it's strengthes and weaknesses so I'm content with Battling with a team I'm happy with.

    Those who don't mind switching it up Cheers to that !

    And for those who play with their favorites Cheers to that!
  9. multi-scale

    multi-scale Well-Known Member

    If I play enough with a good pokemon I'll begin liking it. I don't like it when a pokemon is just obscenely strong, which is why I don't really like Garchomp. But I don't like playing with my favorites because I want to do the best I can.
  10. poopoop

    poopoop SPPF STAFF

    in random matchups sometimes you find people with thousands of wins and when you see their team you can tell its well balanced and that they play with their favs. its so fun going against those people
  11. Mr. Reloaded

    Mr. Reloaded At this point, who knows?

    In competative battling i use strong pokemon which are my favorites.
  12. Ivanka

    Ivanka Freeeeeeeeee

    I like having good teams so I wouldn't just have a team of 6 random Pokemon just because I like them. But I do like fitting in at least 1 of my liked Pokemon in a team, unless they're really bad. D:
  13. Ciliano

    Ciliano Well-Known Member

    I use my favorites as often as possible, even if they are NU. The fun of it is trying to make a team with my favorite Pokemon in it work in the standard environment.
  14. BGP_

    BGP_ Well-Known Member

    I do tend to play mostly with my favorites, however im not going to try and be overconfident or anything so nobody get butthurt or anything lol, but i do consider my team good even though i always run 2-3 ice types on a team. Ice is my favorite type, and we all know the things associated with the ice type but i still can use it pretty effectively, so for this im going to say that i do indeed use my favorites, like even my current team i love all of the pokes on it
  15. irock245

    irock245 She wants it

    Unless they totaly suck ***, i'll try to use them. It gives me a challenge to make a bad pokemon work really well in standerd. I am currently trying to make bedrill of butterfree usable in OU.
  16. bug pro

    bug pro Pearl on Phone

    Just like hgss elite 4 karen somethin, I use my favs so often that I got a know-how to use them. For me they are like strong pokemon. Even if they aint for others.
  17. Alter ego

    Alter ego pixel

    I try to use my favorites, like Yanmega and Dragonite. Dragonite fits well in my teams, but I tend to use Yanmega in battle Subway or something similar. I try to use all my favorites Pokémon, but, if it looks like a disaster, I use Competitive Pokés, who can turn into one of my favs for being good.
  18. Ausgirl

    Ausgirl Well-Known Member

    If they happen to be cute then great, if not then it doesn't matter.
  19. DucksGoMooful

    DucksGoMooful Evergreen tail?

    One of the reasons I like Pokemon so much is how much variety there is. However, everyone using the same Pokemon makes it seem so bland. If I want to use whatever Pokemon I want, then I should be able to without getting ridiculed or whatever. The way the game is designed, it favors certain ones while ignoring others. It's really quite impossible to win with your favorites if they have been created to be bad in competitive play.
  20. Rezzuréct

    Rezzuréct Allez Les Bleus!

    Yeah, I like to used my Favs in my team.. Like Latios, Jirachi, Politoed, Thundurus, Excadrill etc. They were destroy anything!

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