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Playlist won't delete/stay deleted on samsung galaxy 5

I am about to tear my hair out at this point @_@!!! I have duplicate playlist on my samsung galaxy 5 phone that won't stay deleted when I delete them from my music app (and some of the playlists have a lot of songs, so I imagine having duplicates is taking up unnecessary space). I am not very techy, so ultimately in order to even get songs on my iphone I downloaded the free but limited "synctunes" to my phone and laptop in order transfer itunes music to my phone. I've checked and rechecked and according to the sync window that pops up in itunes when I plug my iphone into my laptop, simply leaving the playlists unchecked and then clicking sync is supposed to remove the playlists but it doesn't. At this point I'd rather wipe all of my music off my phone (so that I can go back and transfer less music and be more selective about which playlists I transfer) and start from scratch but I can't figure out how to do it...any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Nutter t.KK

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Some Background info: The Playlist files are actually very small. It's just a list of locations of where the music file are. The Music files that the Playlist file will ask for is can be huge. When I say small I mean it, the few I've find are about 1KB.

Since I've not used iTunes since before the iPhone was released, my info may be out date: In iTunes, there should be options to Sync certain things and all of your Library. I think you already have found it.

Also SyncTunes may not remove files from your Android device, so it will not remove your playlists. Some Music Apps will be able to delete the playlist if need be.

I personally use Media Go on my PC to update Music, but that's partly down the fact I also have a PSP which Media Go was initially built to manage PSP games and saves. I use when I plug my phone in to my PC.