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Playstyles that don't fit the Pokemon's background.


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
As the title says, play-styles that don't fit the Pokemon's background.

For example, Empoleon. One look at the penguin and he looks like the type of Pokemon who will smite his enemies with his shiny armored claws and aqua jet-like beak and may have decent defense due to how metallic he looks, even having a steel-type which is commonly associated with physical moves and defense... until you take a look at it's stats and go... "What? Why?"

This steel-cladded kingly Pokemon that looks more of a warrior than a mage for some reason has a high special-attack and high special-defense whereas it's physical attack and defense are somewhat mediocre which goes against the norms of steel-types and is more similar to that of a psychic-type Pokemon. It's from this, that Empoleon is commonly played as a special-attacker which is not quite how you imagined a penguin cladded in armor would play like.