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Please Get Morpeko! (1159)

Lord Starfish

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This was such a good episode people stopped journeys hate train for a week :p
(instead we went back to the old SM XY wars but eh)
Meanwhile I, as the person who likes to try and be positive and has previously described PM19 as being "an okay show," am mad. This episode angered me. It's usually the fan reactions that anger me. But this week it was the episode itself.


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They sure won't be beating the virus until Japan stops letting its pride decide that they shouldn't take vaccines from outside the country.

Barely beating India, oof


So after being a school dropout, now Ash is being irresponsible with pokécovid?

How the mighty have fallen!

Also, Goh will apparently get "covid denier" added to the list of insults he gets


OMW to set up some cameras




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Rewatched this ep with subs and I do feel James and Morpeko bond could have been fleshed out more then it was, still a cute episode nonetheless. Morpeko is actually cute when its in full belly mode, The drizzile scene was wholesome really hope we see more of it soon, Raichu is a cutie as always. The ending of the episode implies future development of James and Morpeko and utilising Morpeko better to come, so thats something. Now make Jessie get a mon too and improve the execution of Gatcha and keep TR as fun as they have been in recent fillers, and they can really be redeemed