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Please help I need this question answered please!!


Lazy Bugger!! :)
Plesae can some one tell where the best place to train defence EV's is in Pokemon Ruby

i am trying to train up my defence EV's on my chansey

please help with this question as I would be very grateful

Thank You to any who helps.
Thnx chocozard


Active Member
well silcoon and cascoon are easy to defeat and both give 2 points to defence, as well as aron's they are an easy target but only give 1 point, seedot id another, it gives 1 point
hope this helps


Active Member
also if u put a macho brace on your chancey it will double the EV points u get!!


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aron and lairon aron gives 1 and lairon gives 2 both found in the same cave so its good but put a macho brace on and if you can try to have pokerus on the pokemon also
If you have another GBA record mix with a team with only defense EV giving pokemon. Give your Chansey macho brace and it'll have max defence EVs in no time.


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man you are a little overeacting: "please.....please"!!!