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Please help me with my W2 ingame team!

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by xTanisha, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. xTanisha

    xTanisha Member

    Last thread was closed because I didn't say my movesets.. (because I know they suck)
    Please feel free to help me with the move setup and if I should change some pokemon.
    I can't play online because my 3DS won't accept my wi-fi so this is INGAME only!

    #1 :571:
    Zoroark Lv.31
    Nature: Hasty
    Ability: Illusion
    * Foul Play
    * Faint Attack
    * Night Slash
    * Taunt

    #2 ;058;
    Growlithe Lv. 29
    Nature: Brave
    Ability: Flash Fire
    * Ember
    * Flame Wheel
    * Fire Fang
    * Flame burst
    ~I am aware that I should not evolve him until a level or 45~

    #3 ;181;
    Ampharos Lv. 30
    Nature: Quirky
    Ability: Static
    * Thunderpunch
    * Electro Ball
    * Flash (Needed it in Mistralton Cave (where I am now) so that's the reason, gonna delete it as soon as Im outta here!)
    * ThunderShock

    #4 ;448;
    Lucario Lv. 32
    Nature: Relaxed
    Ability: Steadfast
    * Bone Rush
    * Strength
    * Force Palm
    * Ice Punch
    (Getting rid of Strength and Bone Rush soon, Ice punch was a good suggestion because I don't have ice pokemon yet)

    #5 ;328;
    Trapinch Lv. 31
    Nature: Docile
    Ability: Hyper Cutter
    * Dig
    * Rock Tomb
    * Rock Slide
    * Bulldoze

    #6 :503:
    Samurott Lv. 36
    Nature: Careful
    Ability: Torrent
    * Surf
    * Water Pledge (soon going to be that hydrocannon or something, the move only your starter can learn)
    * Aqua Jet
    * Razor Shell

    I hope you guys/girls can help me! I'm wondering if I should change my Trapinch(Flygon) for a Axew(Haxorus)

    Please, feel free to comment! I suck at movesets and I hope you can help me to beat this game :')
  2. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    Comments in bold. I hope this helps!

    Also can I just say you gave me a heart attack just then, hahaha. I spent twenty minutes typing this post up and hit 'post reply' only to be told the thread doesn't exist because you deleted it and reposted it (which isn't really a necessary thing to do tbh) but yeah.
  3. xTanisha

    xTanisha Member

    Hihi sorry ^^
  4. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    As I always say, considering Zoroark has decent Attack stat and N's Zoroark has 30 Attack IV along with a Nature that doesn't hinder its Attack, why not try a physical move?
    If you want to try giving it a physical move, try Return/U-Turn over Nasty Plot.

    Also, if you don't mind getting a new ones

    Growlithe : get the one with Hasty/Naive Nature, and go Mixed (Flare Blitz + Dragon Pulse OR Flamethrower + Outrage)
    Ampharos : Modest/Calm Nature
    Lucario : Hasty/Naive Nature
    Trapinch : Adamant/Jolly Nature (or you can replace Fire Punch with Flamethrower and go with Mild/Rash/Hasty/Naive instead)
    Samurott : Mild/Rash/Lonely/Naughty Nature
  5. xTanisha

    xTanisha Member

    I don't like catching new ones because most of them are found at level10 only ..
    And how can I get a néw starter..? I mean, there is only one and as I said: I can't trade them..
    Can I give them different proteins (etcetera) to raise stats which are reduced by their nature? :)

    Thanks for pointing out the wrong natures! Now I know what to do with them!
  6. e7ernalfroste

    e7ernalfroste Pkmn Connoisseur

    Zhanton's post really does sum up the best team you can have (i was going to start writing down pokemon and moves, but realised you've already done it (me skipping through quickly *sigh*) glad i didn't do all that i would've looked silly)

    You can breed new starters later after you beat the game and like Shine says its up to you, he's just showing your perfect potential team you could have (useful if you want to go competitive) :)

    And with vitamins it's best to give the vitamins that your pokemon excells at or you want it to excell at, (at least thats what i do) Good luck with your team!
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2013
  7. Zephraxe

    Zephraxe Air Superiority

    I strongly suggest not getting rid of Bone Rush. I have a Lucario that I use in my team for competitive battling who knows Bone Rush and has saved him from many fire types as fire is super effective against steel types. Bone Rush, with a high enough attack stat and some luck, can be very powerful.

    Keep Ice Punch! Replace Strength with Aura Sphere, so you can do a LOT of damage to steel types, who have high defense, but low Special Defense.

    You can keep Force Palm, but if you don't care for paralyzing, replace it with Drain Punch to regain HP during battle.

    With 2 fighting type attacks, a ground and ice type attacks your Lucario will be Super effective against: Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, Steel, Normal, Ice, Dark, Grass, Ground, Flying, and Dragon.
    That is 12 of the 17 types of Pokemon.
  8. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    No, get rid of Bone Rush. If you really wanted a Ground type attack, Earthquake is superior, since 66.6% of the time, Bone Rush will be weaker, 16.7% of the time, it'll be equal in power, and 16.7% of the time, it'll be stronger. Assuming it hits, considering Bone Rush has 90% accuracy to Earthquake's perfect 100%. I.e., the majority of the time you'll actually be losing out on damage if you use Bone Rush over Earthquake. That said, Lucario doesn't even need a ground type attack; why bother trying to make it counter fire types when the team will have both Flygon and Samurott? For in-game purposes, Ground and Fighting have some redundancy due to both covering Rock and Steel types.

    And Lucario doesn't need two fighting attacks, that's just redundant. It seems that you're assuming you're only going to encounter single-type Pokemon. You're not taking dual types into the equation at all. The reason why a Fighting/Ghost type attack core (Aura Sphere/Shadow Ball) is so popular is because it hits most Pokemon you encounter for at least neutral damage, even dual types. Ice Punch rounds it off since Ice tends to be rather infamous for its great offensive coverage, and hits a lot of powerful threats for some heavy damage (Gliscor, Breloom, most dragons, most flying types, etc.). Hence why a mixed set with Work Up for boosting tends like Zhanton suggests is more reliable.
  9. e7ernalfroste

    e7ernalfroste Pkmn Connoisseur

    Physical Lucario

    I agree with this ^

    And this ^

    But at the same time this ^

    Now for my input (you don't have to agree i'm just throwing it out there.) I'm going to assume your lucario is a physical lucario over special attack if so i would not use shadow ball/aura sphere/dark pulse. I'm thinking this moveset.

    -ExtremeSpeed/Close Combat
    -Ice Punch
    -Bulk Up/Swords Dance.

    Now this looks like a kind of weird moveset but the idea behind it and that is to finish quickly. Now this moveset is going on the assumption Lucario's special attack is the worst it could possibly be and attack is outstanding otherwise Zhanton's moveset is just perfect. Now this moveset i feel your team could use with a powerful sweeper pokemon which uses Bulk up/calm mind or swords dance since you do not have one at the moment i think lucario is your man/woman for this job, Lucario has great coverage all round powerful against most pokemon and one of the only fighting types which takes normal damage from psychic types (only a fool would not use this to there opportunity.) This physical machine will be everything you need in a toe to toe battle.

    Now i'm going to explain why i did not put earthquake/bone rush in this set but also agree lucario could use a ground type move. Lucario is fast and outruns most sluggish fire types (there not the fastest type in the world.) And a ground move can really mess an opponent up, however your Lucario is cursed with a nature which hinders it's speed making this strategy far less effective so the earthquake/Bone rush strategy is basically out the window and is far stronger when coupled with a super speedy lucario. There are many ways to build lucario what i suggest to you is to take a piece of what everyone here has said and build your perfect lucario based on what its strengths are. Like i said earlier excell at its stregnths so that they can cover the weaknesses.

    Also one last thing I believe that bone rush is not entirely useless in the right hands it can be more effective than earthquake. First i'm going to say i am slightly biased in my opinion because the cosmetic look in the anime makes Lucario and bone rush look beast lol and could not imagine lucario being able to pull off an earthquake at all (kinda lame but meh.) However Bone Rush gives an extra chance to crit and with the right items (Razor claw.) And the right moves (focus energy.) Wouldnt this make bone rush about equal to earthquake if not better? Like i said there are many ways to raise Lucario. What do you guys think?
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2013
  10. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    Bone Rush has one advantage, and that's the fact that it can KO through Focus Sash/Sturdy. Other than that, it's too unreliable, since the average damage output is less than Earthquake, even more so with imperfect accuracy. Can it be better situationally? Sure. Will it? Statistically speaking, no. Also you never want to bank on a critical hit, since it's unreliable as well. Most of the Pokemon who do try to rely on critical hits do so because they have Super Luck and high crit-rate moves (Absol being the example), but even then it's not something to be relied upon. As far as boosting moves go, Focus Energy is worthless because, despite having potential to make more crits happen, it's just as possible that you won't get a crit, which makes it so you just wasted a turn of set up without any effect. This is why Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, and Work Up are preferable; no matter what, you will always get the effect.

    Risk vs. Reward, and all that. Consistent damage will give you more for your money than relying on luck. Most of the Pokemon who consistently use multi-hit moves are those with Skill Link (Cloyster, Cinccino).
  11. e7ernalfroste

    e7ernalfroste Pkmn Connoisseur

    This is very enlightening ^ Thanks KillerDraco.
    It looks cool in the anime but its better left there. However i still couldn't picture Lucario pulling of earthquake (Earthquake always reminds me of big bulky type pokemon thrashing into the ground.)
  12. xTanisha

    xTanisha Member

    Thanks guys!

    I always learned my pokemon a few random moves so never thought about it so deeply.

    Many thanks! Really, You guys helped me out a lot!

    ~ I just passed the 5th gym, so I'm still not at the daycare (which I think, is pretty bad It's only after you've beaten the game)

    My 6 pokemons are okay for the elite four? Or should I switch some pokemon?

    I wasn't sure about Ampharos because veryone said that I should go for Zebstrike, but I like Ampharos :') I don't know, she's kinda cute and helped me a lot in other games!

    I switched my Trapinch with an Axew! And Samurott knows return by now.

    Thanks to you my poketeam is way more powerfull so thanks for all the advice
  13. xTanisha

    xTanisha Member

    Ps, I'm feeding my Lucario with a lot speed raisers because of it's nature! :)
  14. devondashla

    devondashla Well-Known Member

    You're right, you get to the day care center after the Elite Four. And as long as you follow the movesets from Zhanton's post, I think you'll be just fine in the Elite Four. Just be careful not to have your Haxorus taken out early in the battle with Iris, because then you'll probably just be relying on Lucario's Ice Punch and Close Combat for the rest of the battle.

    Not that that will hurt, but typically you want to give vitamins (in this case, Carbos) to pokemon whose stat for that vitamin is already high/high enough. So, you may want to give Lucario Proteins instead, so that it's moves will pack more of a punch, since you're running a physical set last time I checked.
  15. xTanisha

    xTanisha Member

    Should I get rid of Ampharos and take another Electric pokemon?
  16. xTanisha

    xTanisha Member


    You said my team isn't very fast. Do you have any other tips? Or should I really catch other nature pokemon? :c
  17. Sohryu

    Sohryu Be a Man!

    It's not needed. Since that's in-game, you can keep your team, since it's have more than enough coverage already. Sure, a bit faster pokemon would be better and it's recommended, but it is not that big problem that its urgently need to be fixed. You can pretty much keep it.

    And about all the argument over "Bone rush x Earthquake"... To be sincere, i wouldn't suggest any of'em. Zhanton's set have enough coverage to go through the game already, and if that's in-game, Fire Types won't be that much of a problem, and if it is, Stone Edge is recommended instead to add a bit more of coverage, since EQ and Bone Rush aren't doing much that Aura Sphere doesn't do already. Sure, SE and Ice Punch does share a bit of coverage, but so will do Aura Sphere and Earthquake/Bone Rush. And, as far as i know, the biggest problem to Lucario in that game is Volcarona, and she's not weak to Earthquake.
  18. Archstaraptor

    Archstaraptor devolved.

    It definitely isn't the end of the world if your natures aren't "ideal".Movesets are much more important.
    Your team has a lot of speed-once Trapinch evolves,it will be nice and speedy,as well as good switch-in to fire and ground moves that target Lucario and Ampharos.Flygon would work better with the rest of your team; but Haxorus is still an impressive sweeper in his own right.

    Besides,you don't want to make the mistake of having six hyper-speedy pokes that cannot take a hit from a burnt caterpie:Ampharos might want to be more defensive,perhaps with thunder wave and cotton guard,alongside two attacks and leftovers.
    Your team does not need that much speed-four of your six members hit base 90+ when fully evolved,which is great for ingame:there are few pokes which surpass Zoroark's base 105(and most won't be sweeping your team either ,as your team choices are pretty solid).

    Zhanton's sets look good-I'd take them into account(I might post some further suggestions later).
  19. xTanisha

    xTanisha Member

    I just catched all their other natures.. DAMNIT hahahah oh god I feel so damn stupid right know.
    My wi-fi on my ds is working at the moment so planning to game 'out'game ;)

    But this isn't the right place to talk about that either..

    Please feel free to give suggestions! It gives me a better look at the pokemons and I have learned a lot already of all these comments! Thanks again!

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