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Please help me!

Dark Cacturne

The Road To Victory!
Maybe somebody could help me with a good moveset for my cacturne.
These are the attacks that I'm thinking that's all right:

Needle Arm
Faint Attack

Please help me! Make my cacturne a strong pokémon! He's now at lv 69, with leftovers attached on it!

Flying Tropius

ingrain giga drain/sandstorm this is my grass type combo. I think it is good


Marsh Trainer
Ingrain/toxic/sandstorm/destiny bond(learns on LG)
thats what i use

Magma Leader Maxie

Non caedor caedo
Well, a highly recommended site for movesets is smogon. I found the data to be accurate and useful.

BTW, this thread is likely to be closed because of the sticky at the top of the page (the one about no movesets being allowed here).


Obsessive Beader/Mod
Moving this to RMT, and PLEASE pay a little bit of attention...like MLM said, it clearly states in the title of the rules sticky that movesets don't belong in thsi section.