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Please Help My Noob Deck

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by FatSnorlaxPwnage6, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. FatSnorlaxPwnage6

    FatSnorlaxPwnage6 Snorlax Trainer

    I have alot of the old school cards and some newer ones, so if u think a card would work good in here, tell me because i might have it. Thanks alot.

    Surf and Turf: 60 Cards: Unlimited Deck

    Pokemon: 19

    Magmar EX: 100/109:Super Singe attack and smokescreen
    Blaziken: 3/109 with Firestarter PokePower and Fire Stream attack 50
    Combusken: with Natural Cure: 28/109: attack is lunge
    Combusken: from starter deck: attack is double kick and flare
    Torchic: attack is firebreathing 20+: 77/97
    Torchic: same as above
    Torchic: attack is peck and fireworks: 73/109
    Swampert: Pokebody is Natural Remedy attacks are waterfall and water arrow: 23/109
    Marshtomp: with Natural Cure: 41/109: attacks are Aqua Sonic
    Marshtomp: with Slash attack and bubble:40/109
    Mudkip: Promo 018: attacks are surf and whirlpool
    Mudkip: With fury swipes and pund attacks: 60/109
    Squirtle: 82/112: Attack is Sleepy Ball
    Squirtle: 46/95: attack is tackle: pokebody is Shell Retreat
    Wartortle: 50/112 attacks are water gun and Smash Turn 40
    Dark Wartorle: 46/82: attacks are doubleslap and mirror shell
    Dark Blastoise: 20/82: attacks are Hydrocannon and Rocket Tackle
    Blastoise: 37/165: attack is energy cannon and PokePower is Jet Stream
    Blastoise: 2/130: attack is hydropump, Pokemon Power is rain dance

    Trainers: 25

    Professor Oak's Research
    Lanette's Net Search
    Moo-Moo Milk
    Master Ball
    Bills Maintenance
    Professor Oak
    Life Herb
    Dual Ball
    Energy Stadium
    Energy Search
    Energy Search
    Energy Search
    Lady Outing
    TV Reporter
    Energy Recycle System
    Double Full Heal
    Energy Restore
    Lucky Stadium
    Warp Point
    Team Aqua Schemer
    Team Magma Schemer
    Super Rod

    Energy's: 16

    8 Fire Energy
    8 Water Energy
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2006
  2. CrimsonX

    CrimsonX Well-Known Member

    you get the limited edition misty seadras. if u do i do 2. =D
  3. FatSnorlaxPwnage6

    FatSnorlaxPwnage6 Snorlax Trainer

    so what do u think i can do to help my deck. I dont know what cards are the modified format and such, but im just playin with my friends casually at yugioh tournaments so i just want it to be decent.
  4. Cipher 2008

    Cipher 2008 Well-Known Member

    First, give us the sets and the card numbers so we know the attacks. We can't help you unless we know the attacks.

    Take out two or three energies and add in to the Trainers.
  5. FatSnorlaxPwnage6

    FatSnorlaxPwnage6 Snorlax Trainer

    ok ill get on that now.
  6. Cipher 2008

    Cipher 2008 Well-Known Member

    Right, well, from the off, this is an Unlimited deck, as there are cards from sets before EX Deoxys.

    Misty's Seadra is completely useless as you have no Misty's Horsea. Get rid of it, as it is it's a waste of space. Get rid of Mantine and the Horsea line, too. Put in another seven Pokémon, either in a 1-2-4, 1-3-3 or 2-2-3 (or even 2-3-2) line.

    Get rid of a Double Colorless Energy or a Potion.
  7. FatSnorlaxPwnage6

    FatSnorlaxPwnage6 Snorlax Trainer

    i dropped a potion and the horsea line and added a squirtle line. By the way im still new at this and alot of my monsters have a colorless energy next to an attack, meaning i need to pay a colorless and a water energy to attack. Dont i need more colorless energys? And i feel so stupid saying this but what are damage counters? What other cards should i put into my deck to make it better?
  8. Cipher 2008

    Cipher 2008 Well-Known Member

    I seriously suggest you buy EX Trainer Kit 2 and read the manual in there. If you're unsure of the basics you need a starter set and that'll halp massively. :)

    Colorless Energy are special - anything can count as a Colorless Energy. So a Water Energy can count as Water and Colorless, a Fire Energy can count as Fire and Colorless, and so on.

    You're using a 3-2-2 line for Squirtle, which is very good indeed. You're experimenting. As you have more Blastoises than you do Wartortles, you're more likely to pick up a Blastoise from your deck, and that's helpful.

    It's definitely coming along, though I still say take out the three Double Colorless energy as you don't need them, and add three Trainer cards in.
  9. FatSnorlaxPwnage6

    FatSnorlaxPwnage6 Snorlax Trainer

    ok thanks alot. Now that i understand i can use a water energy as a colorless one, i know that i dont need the double colorless energys anymore. Ill update the deck now. Thanks alot.
  10. FatSnorlaxPwnage6

    FatSnorlaxPwnage6 Snorlax Trainer

    I took out 3 Double Colorless Energy's for

    Team Aqua Schemer- Even though it doesnt really go with the theme its still a discard one draw 3.
    Team Magma Schemer- Same as above
    Super Rod- Good card
  11. Cipher 2008

    Cipher 2008 Well-Known Member

    In future, please don't double-post, just edit your first post. Thanks.

    You've put in three good cards there. The deck's turning out nicely.
  12. FatSnorlaxPwnage6

    FatSnorlaxPwnage6 Snorlax Trainer

    oh sorry about the double post wont happen again. I just read a rulebook so im beginnning to understand the game and what cards work good, ect. Thanks for the help. So do u think there are any cards that i could get to replace some of the not so good ones in here?

    Question: Im pretty sure that you are not allowed to evolve a pokemon in the same turn u played it right? Example: I bring out Squirtle, i cant evolve him till next turn, right? Then say next turn i evolve him into Wartortle, can i evolve him into Blastoise the same turn i evolved Squirtel into Wartorltle, or can u only evolve once per turn?

    2nd Question: Can i evolve pokemon on the bench?
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2006
  13. Cipher 2008

    Cipher 2008 Well-Known Member

    At this point, try playing the deck. If you have any consistent problems during the course of the game, they need to be noted and fixed. That's how I came to make Devil's Duty.
  14. FatSnorlaxPwnage6

    FatSnorlaxPwnage6 Snorlax Trainer

    ok thanks alot. Do u know the answers to any of my questions in my last post?
  15. Cipher 2008

    Cipher 2008 Well-Known Member

    Question 2: Yes, you can evolve Pokémon on the Bench.

    The evolution phase works like this:

    Turn 1: Squirtle goes on bench.
    Turn 2: Evolve into Wartortle.
    Turn 3: Evolve into Blastoise.

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