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Please rate and give suggestion to my team ><

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by wishyq, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. wishyq

    wishyq Member

    Hi, i'm in need of some help with this team.

    (recommendation Required) Rain dance?

    calm mind
    Shadow Ball
    (recommendation Required)

    flamethrower(which is better?)
    rock throw

    sing or any recommendation?
    sky attack or fly (which is better?)
    Dragon claw
    dragon dance

    Seed bomb
    Sky uppercut
    Brick Break
    Stunspore or mega drain or any recommendation?)

    bulk up or focus energy(which is better?)
    focus punch
    Vital Throw
    recommendation Required
  2. Ferrin

    Ferrin Easily Lost

    Swampert ;260; looks good.i would change surf for waterfall unless your ;260;'s nature increases special attack,its recommended.or a nature that increases speed. iwas thinking of rockslide or brick break for swampy then realized that earthquake will already do tons of damage. earthquake+stab=150. brickbreak/rockslide+super effective=150 it doesn't matter much.

    my favorite moveset for gardevoir is
    ;282; ability: timid,rash,modest,naive
    hypnosis/energy ball

    psychics can cast electrical spells--just like runekeepers :D
    altarias deserve higher stats... :/ they're very defensive and have lower hp, and 70 attack and sp. attacking power. if you want to,you could replace ;334; for salamence ;373; they have high stats everywhere and 135 attack. or..not. you both have a deep friendship bond.challenges are nice

    wow brelooms have 130 attack?? i learned that from research, he was a good choice. try not to use special attacks it is 60
    Breloom ;286;
    Sky uppercut
    Thunderpunch(beware of flying types)
    spore(100 accuracy and causes sleepng)
    seed bomb(can pokemon learn seed bomb in hoenn?i can't find it)

    for hariyama;297; i would give elemental punches
  3. wishyq

    wishyq Member

    so what move set do you recommend for salamence
    i think of the following:
    dragon claw
    focus energy

    And for hariyama, you suggest the element punches-thunder, ice and fire and the last skill, is substitue a good choice due to his large hp pool?

    Side question: In order for breloom to get spore, i should breed it?

    Sorry for asking so many question, i am just a beginner in pokemon.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2012
  4. Sceptile Leaf Blade

    Sceptile Leaf Blade Well-Known Member

    Breloom learns Spore in its Shroomish stage at lvl 54. You have to hold off evolution until it learns Spore.

    Salamence has better things to be doing than that. If you want to run special, go with something like:

    -Dragon Claw
    -Hydro Pump

    it gets Hydro Pump by breeding with Gyarados or Seadra.

    I wouldn't recommend Elemental punches on Hariyama, they're special attacks in 3rd gen and Hariyama has a bad Sp.Atk. It should run physical, something like:

    Trait: Guts
    -Cross Chop
    -Rock Slide
    -Sleep Talk

    while in Rest, Guts activates and raises your Atk by 50%. Then you'll be hitting hard in your sleep with Sleep talk.

    Waterfall is also special in 3rd gen, there is no reason to run in over Surf. Shadow Ball is physical in 3rd gen, Gardevoir is bad mixed.

    -Calm Mind

    Seed Bomb doesn't exist in 3rd gen, and Thunderpunch is a special move, so Breloom shouldn't be using it. Breloom can do Spore-punch though, which works really well in-game

    -Sky Uppercut
    -Focus Punch
    -Rock slide

    put the foe to sleep with Spore, then use Focus Punch while they can't fight back.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2012
  5. Ferrin

    Ferrin Easily Lost

    that's brilliant.and focus punch has 20 pp :) thanks, i didn't know elemental punches were special attacks in this region
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2012
  6. Seth pkmn

    Seth pkmn Well-Known Member

    My suggestions in
    are underlined

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