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Please rate and offer advice - Leaf Green GenIII

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by Arger, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Arger

    Arger Member

    Hi everyone,

    Below is the combination of the team I am putting together for getting through leaf green for the first time. As you can see I have the ability to trade between my fire red and leaf green emulator games.

    I have done a fair bit of looking around however I am finding it difficult to get my head around all the latest changes and how best to plan out my abilities/moves for the below team makeup. I am also extremely happy to take advice on what to replace when and why.

    I realise having the HM’s in my makeup absolutely ruins the team from a competitive nature, but please consider that I am levelling up and currently moving through the game. I just got to Saffron city and have 4 badges currently. I intend on using a Nidoqueen as my HM Pokémon and move all those moves onto her unless I level up my fire red game to get a Psyduck.

    Anyway without further ado below is my currently planned team for a first run through. With their current skillset and some of the ones I know that I should be changing to.

    Charizard lvl 36
    Impish /
    Wing Attack – Replace with Hyper beam?
    Fly – Eventually replace with Strength?
    Metal Claw – Replace with Dragon Claw

    Ivysaur lvl 29
    Modest /
    Sleep Powder
    Razor leaf
    Cut - Eventually replacing with Sunny day?
    Vine whip – Replacing with Solar beam

    Wartortle lvl 28 – Replace with Lapras?
    Rash /
    Water gun – Replace with Hydro Pump?
    Rapid Spin – Replace with Ice beam?

    Pikachu lvl 28 (When to evolve into riachu?)
    Timid /
    Quick attack
    Shock wave – Should I replace this with Thunderwave on island 2? Or relevel a Pikachu?
    Thunder shock - Replace with Brick Break?

    Kadabra lvl 30 – When is the best time to evolve him? Or do I run 3x Elemental Punch and Psychic?
    Docile /
    Teleport - Replace with Shadowball?
    Confusion - Should I replace this with Recover on island 2? Or relevel a Kadabra?

    Graveler lvl 28 – When is the best time to evolve him?
    Brave /
    Manitude – Replace with a fighting type move?
    Rock Slide
    Rock Throw – Replace with earthquake?

    With regards to Graveler I have a Nidorino that I got at a low lvl and he is sitting at lvl 25. I am confused about these two as to which one is better to take through and completes my team. I believe that the newer Rock/Dark Pokémon I can get later in the game is certainly going to be a better option once I get access to the GenIII Pokémon.

    Anyway I realise that there is plenty missing holes in my skill choices, I just don’t know it all well enough yet. I haven’t played in like 10yrs, I’d love some advice on what skillset to use and of course advice on what Pokémon to build up to even if you see fit.

    Thanks again!
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2013

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