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Please Rate My Deck.


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Hey guys. I am new here, as well as just recently returning to the game after a few years hiatus.

I had an idea to make a grass/metal deck using only newer cards (mostly as that is all I have right now :) ). I believe the format would be unlimited, however, as I do have two cards from the 2010 World Champs decks in this list, the format might be the MD-on... Correct me if I am wrong...

Here is the deck:

Fast Knights

Pokemon /// 26

3x Shelmet (Noble Victories)
2x Accelgor (Noble Victories)
4x Karrablast (Noble Victories)
3x Escavaler (Noble Victories)
2x Maractus (Black and White)
2x Druddigon (Noble Victories)
4x Audino (Do the Wave, Noble Victories)
3x Sewaddle (Noble Victories)
2x Swadloon (Noble Victories)
1x Leavanny (Noble Victories)

Trainers /// 10

2x Professor Oak's New Theory (HS)
2x Super Rod (Noble Victories)
2x Roseanne's Research (2010 World Champs)
2x Cheren (Emerging Powers)
1x Interviewer's Questions (HS)
1x Flower Shop Lady (HS)

Energy /// 24

11x Metal Energy
13x Grass Energy

Hopefully I posted this the proper way... Again let me know if I didn't...

So, any ideas on cards I could try to get, keeping in mind that I don't really have the ability to get any older cards, or thoughts on this deck would be helpful...

Thanks guys. :)
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The current format is HS and on so no cards past the HeartGold SoulSilver series sorry :/

but any way on to the deck.

Here is the deck:

Fast Knights

Pokemon /// 22
(Its probably better not to run more than 22 Pokes)

3x Shelmet (Noble Victories)
2x Accelgor (Noble Victories)
4x Karrablast (Noble Victories)
3x Escavaler (Noble Victories)
2x Virizion (Noble Victories)(dropped Maractus for Virizion draw 2 cards for one energy will help get Accelgor and Escaviler set up and his second attack only needs 2 energy and can do some damage)
2x Druddigon (Noble Victories)
x2 Coballion(Noble Victories)(Since your running a steel/grass deck it would be better to throw him in since Audino can only do up to 50 Damage)
2x Sewaddle (Noble Victories)
1x Swadloon (Noble Victories)
1x Leavanny (Noble Victories)

Trainers /// 22(A good number of Trainers/Supporters to run is between about 14-24)

3x Professor Oak's New Theory (HS)
2x Super Rod (Noble Victories)
3x Dual ball
2xMooMoo Milk/Potion(Either is fine)
1x N
2x CopyCat
2x Energy Search
2x Interviewer's Questions (HS)
3x Pokemon Comm.
Energy /// 16(Dont want to run more than about 18 MAX)

6x Metal Energy
10x Grass Energy

Changes in bold.

For energys you where running alot more than you needed I think it was 26? way too much.

Supporters/Trainers can be a big help to your deck with heling you get out what you need and setup right.


Kanto Region Champ
Virizion and cobalion are tall order's for new player's, since they are rare legends.

From a starter deck this is decently constructed, however there is major deck construction ideas' you might want to consider. The reason behind this is the amount of energy to T/S/S to pokemon, everything in a deck should help one another to succeed. For instance playing no more then 17 energy in you're deck should be a good guide line, this way it's easier for you to play trainer's and supporter's to grab out the pokemon from you're deck to reduce the amount of cards in you're deck making it easier to draw energy. T/S/S trainer's/supporter's/stadium's, the very heart of the deck, since you said you played i'll leave it at that.

Since this deck is a non format deck and my mind is on it like peanut butter in a peanut butter jar my advice would not give the best idea as into how to improve the deck and would just ask that you try again, I don't mean to offend.


New Member
Don't worry about offending me. :)

The way I see it, if I was not open to any type of advice, then I would not have posted my deck idea.

I do thank you though for the advice that you have given me so far though. Will make me a better deck builder in the long run. :)


New Member
by the way in most competitive decks the majority of cards are trainers in my deck i have 18 pokemon (this number may vary) 8 energy and 34 trainers this will be difrent if you play casualy if so try to go for 20/20/20 it is a good start line.