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please rate my Dialga ex deck 2016 play season


New Member
Please rate my dialga ex deck 0-100

Reign of steel

Dialga-EX x2
Dedenne x1
Jirachi x1
Bronzor(PF) x4
Bronzong(PF) x4
Skarmory-EX x1
Steel Enegry x12
VS seeker x4
Evosoda x4
Battle compressor x4
professor sycamore x2
professor birch's observations x2
super potion x2
escape rope x2
revive x2
muscle bandx2
Sky field x2
steel shelter x1
Teammates x1
lysandre x1
buddy-buddy rescuex1
town map x1
trainers' mail x1
giovanni's scheme x1