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Please rate my emerald team(or what it is so far)

snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
Hey everybody! I've just got an emerald version off a mate and have just got 3 gym badges(at mount chimmey). This is my team so far...
Lv 30
~Double team
~Calm mind

And will be...
~Calm mind
~Shadow ball
~Future sight

Lv 30
~Mud shot
~Water gun

and will be...
~Ice beam
~Mud shot??

Thats the team so far. Will keep u updated on how my team goes.

P.S. How do you put pictures in your threads?Thx to all who can help!


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Gardevoir is fine
Swampert is good but get rid of mudshot and teach it Return. I Highly highly recomend you catch a Numel and evolve it. It learns brilliant moves really early on.

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i second what emeraldfan said and if your looking for a next team member try skarmory? :)
Decent team so far. My ideas on the rest of your team:
As said, a Skarmory would be nice.
I prefer Torkoal>Camerupt
If you don't want a Skarmory, you can use a Tropius. Otherwiswe, for grass i suggest Shiftry


Hmmmm well it's good so far what i might get would be a breloom then get an aggron!
Aggron= best emerald pokemon ever, get him. Teach swampy hydro pump and/or rain dance