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Please Rate My Fire and Lightning Deck


New Member
I am brand new to the Pokemon TCG, I've only known the rules for a couple of days now, and as so have not had time to physically construct a deck. I have however, planned out the cards that I plan to put in my deck. I am looking for any type of tips, advice, basically anything that you would see wrong with this deck and how to fix it. Before you ask, I do realize that the card count does not add up to 60, which I know is the required amount, so here comes my next question. What cards, whether they be staples or not, would you recommend that I add to the deck. I do not not plan to play in tournaments any time soon, only leagues, but I do want to keep up with the meta game just in case the want arises. Having that said, this is an Unlimited deck, because I'm pretty sure not all of these cards are up to date\are still in rotation. The list of cards is as follows:

Entei EX x2 (Black and White 5)
Magmar x3 (Black and White 6)
Magmortar x3 (XYFF)
Electabuzz x3 (XYFF)
Ekectivire x3 (XYFF)
Ultra Ball x4
VS Seeker x1
Lysander's Trump Card x1
Professor's Letter x2
Shauna x2
Lightning Energy x10
Fire Energy x10