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Please rate my Platinum Team

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by kash0661, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. kash0661

    kash0661 Lazy Trainer

    Empoleon (would consider milotic as a replacement if i could ever catch a feebas)
    Ice beam
    Drill peck
    Flash cannon

    Starraptor (crobat or togekiss as potential replacements)
    Close Combat
    Giga impact
    Brave Bird

    Luxray (considering replacing with Electavire but needs trading first)

    Roserade (should i get a Leafeon or a Torterra traded instead)
    Natural cure
    Solar beam
    Weather ball
    Sludge bomb
    Sunny day

    Rapidash (only other options are trades Magmortar or Infernape)
    Flash fire
    Flare blitz
    Poison jab

    Garchomp (obvious, always apart of any team in D/P/PL)
    Dragon claw (replace with outrage?)
    Iron head (deals with ice types better than fire fang)

    Please rate this team I havent challenged the league yet, im considering bringing in the other pokemon I mentioned and raising them up instead.
  2. Holthyr

    Holthyr Suicune Tamer

    What are you planning to do with this team only beat the game? If that is all I believe you can "beat" it with any pokemon you want to use but for battles or the battle tower, that's a different story.

    Empoleon - has nice coverage only a suggestion but maybe see if you can fit a swords dance in there to power up even stronger if you do I would get rid of flash cannon, but that's just me because sure its stab but it only hits ice and rock super effective. Also I probably like the idea of milotic more.

    Starraptor - I had one playing through platinum and loved it but stuck with aerial ace not brave bird, I love making sure I hit. (all opinion based though) Maybe a suggestion roost instead of fly unless its your only rid around but roost would heal and rid you of flying type against ice. If you did pick togekiss:

    nasty plot
    air slash
    aura shpere
    your move

    Luxray - I like it only suggestion is maybe ice fang instead of strength for in a bind. (again if you need him for strength slave thats fine.) If you wanted electivire maybe one like this?

    ~ ThunderPunch
    ~ Ice Punch
    ~ Cross Chop
    ~ Earthquake / Fire Punch/ Meditate

    Roserade - honestly I like it and leafeon is a tiny bit higher total stats (I think I only looked at them quickly) but he has one more x2 weakness I would stick with roserade. Sleep powder is always an option but that is strictly opinion based again, I have never had much luck trying to sleep then stomp opponents.

    Rapidash - It has nice coverage, but you already have 2 poke with flying moves maybe will o wisp or hypnosis? I'm sure you could get more raw power out of magmortar though and with learning thunderbolt that would be nice against waters that come up, but this raw power would come at a disadvantage of speed. I would stick with rapidash but use will o wisp.

    Garchomp - I like it I use outrage but of course youd risk being confused and locking into a bad move at the wrong time (not often) but atleast it conserves PP. But honestly I might change one of the moves out for swords dance, your choice.

    Over all each member of the team looks strong but you have to ask yourself: Does the team cohere? honestly so many pokemon with moves that others know and get the stab off of, Idk I might try using more annoying tactics such as double teams, swords dances, nasty plots, or even rests. I am not here to tell you how to play as I feel many people tell me how to play but just dont forget the "big picture" for your team.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2013
  3. kash0661

    kash0661 Lazy Trainer

    Thanks I appreciate the feedback, im kind of a perfectionist I know I can beat the game with any team (except 6 magikarps) but I prefer to build one that can do everything as early as possible so I dont spend more time having to train new pokemon who I just get.

    Right now iv just traded rapidash for a infernape from another one of my games (magmortars speed was the deciding factor).

    Thunder punch
    Flare blitz
    Close combat
    Swords dance

    Iv decided to get electavire after the elite 4 and the moveset you suggested was good though i prefer brick break to cross chop. The other moves you suggested for my team all seem good options I wasnt sure which I should get so I was hoping for opinions from others so thanks for that. :)
  4. Holthyr

    Holthyr Suicune Tamer

    Yeah I understand, I just really hate when people put down what you chose and why so I was only trying to broaden your eyes but let you pick, right now I'm playing platinum though Im more serious about heart gold but I mostly got platinum just for drapion, uxie and a few other legendaries plus its easier to breed. I think I have OCD :p
  5. kash0661

    kash0661 Lazy Trainer

    lol i see, im going to go through heartgold after iv had my fill of platinum, im a very frivolous when it comes to picking which games i play. I love the johto region because its the only place where I have no question which starter I pick. Cyndaquil everytime :D
  6. Holthyr

    Holthyr Suicune Tamer

    ^^ Agreed! My favorite starter of all 5 gens and probably still after 6.
  7. kash0661

    kash0661 Lazy Trainer

    1st gen charizard, 2nd gen typhlosion, 3rd gen sceptile, 4th gen infernape, 5th gen (all ****)

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