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Please rate my team.

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Alex0511, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Alex0511

    Alex0511 What the FFFNYAAAAH?

    This is my first team, plus I technically haven't made it yet, not to mention battle with it, so bash it all you want. Here it is:

    Tentacruel @ Black Sludge
    Ability: Liquid Ooze
    EVs: 152 HP / 100 Def / 252 Spd
    Nature: Calm

    - Toxic Spikes
    - Magic Coat
    - Surf
    - Sludge Bomb

    Tentacruel serves as a lead, an anti-lead, and a late-game bulky water. Toxic Spikes to make a foe think twice about switching, Magic Coat to prevent the opponent from sending out their own hazards, and Surf and Sludge Bomb for STAB.

    Breloom @ Toxic Orb
    Ability: Poison Heal
    EVs: 252 Atk / 152 Spd / 100 HP
    Nature: Adamant

    - Facade
    - Low Sweep
    - Seed Bomb
    - Spore

    My physical sweeper. Facade to take advantage over the poison, Low Sweep to cover for Breloom's Speed, Seed Bomb for STAB, and Spore to cripple sweepers long enough for me to crush them, and walls long enough for me to wittle their HP down.

    Chandelure @ Wise Glasses
    Ability: Flash Fire
    EVs: 252 SAtk / 200 Spd / 52 HP
    Nature: Modest

    - Calm Mind
    - Flamethrower
    - Shadow Ball
    - Psychic

    My special sweeper. Calm Mind to boost Chandelure's beastly Sp. Attack to insane levels, and its average Sp. Defense to above average. Flamethrower and Shadow Ball for STAB, and Psychic for coverage.

    Aerodactyl @ White Herb
    Ability: Pressure
    EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 HP
    Nature: Jolly

    - Curse
    - Earthquake
    - Stone Edge
    - Iron Head

    Aerodactyl serves as my revenge killer, and, if Breloom falls, he can also be a Curse sweeper. Curse boost my awesome Attack to beastly levels, and my above average defense to awesome levels, and it lowers my speed, which is why I have the White Herb. EQ for STAB, and Stone Edge and Iron Head for coverage.

    Umbreon @ Leftovers
    Ability: Synchronize
    EVs: 252 Def / 252 HP / 4 Spd
    Nature: Bold

    - Mean Look
    - Toxic
    - Moonlight
    - Dark Pulse

    Oh, did I have a fun time conjuring this up. Umbreon serves as a Toxic-Staller, and my physical wall. Mean Look to trap the opponent. Toxic to poison them if they aren't already poisoned by Toxic Spikes. Moonlight to stall along with Leftovers, and Dark Pulse for STAB and so I'm not Taunt-bait.

    Eelektross @ Expert Belt
    Ability: Levitate
    EVs: 200 Atk / 200 SAtk / 108 HP
    Nature: Quiet

    - Thunderbolt
    - Flamethrower
    - Dragon Claw
    - Rock Slide

    Eelektross is a full-on mixed sweeper with some bulk to boot. No doubt if I ever get around to making this team, this will be dangerous. Thunderbolt for STAB, and Flamethrower, Rock Slide, and Dragon Claw are all for coverage. I believe I can hit almost every Pokemon in the game for at least neutral damage with this thing.

    Bash until there's no tommorrow, guys. Or not.
  2. djkkdcb25

    djkkdcb25 trainer all the way

    plz rate my team
    samurott macho brace

    hydreigon dragon scale

    ferrothorn rocky helmet
    ability:iron barbs

    excadrill leftovers
    ability:sand force
  3. Alex0511

    Alex0511 What the FFFNYAAAAH?

    Attacks please...
  4. djkkdcb25

    djkkdcb25 trainer all the way

    ooo ok samurott
    hydro pump
    razor shell

    dragon rush
    draco meteor
    dragon pulse

    rock slide
    drill run
    swords dance

    power whip
    gyro ball
    flash cannon

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