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Plenty of dittos for trade


Fo' Shizzle.
a phoine? sdfsdf <-- 10 character limit


wow that was unexpected, that giratina is some scary stuff!

thanks for battling with me : D


lol I'm trying to breed some eevees to raise up but I'm having crap luck with breeding the furry rats, no eeveelution team for me it seems


That's a pretty nifty team : D
I plan on raising up a bunch of different ones to switch in & out to keep in interesting, right now I'm trying to raise a glaceon and a sneasel


I want a Bold and Timid one, and I can give the TMs Shadow Claw and Return for it. If that's not enough, I'll give pokemon with pokerus for them.


I already have pokerus, so I'll grab the dittos and hop on wifi : D what's your FC?