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PM 2019: Pokémon That Have / Have Yet To Appear Based On The Poster

Rune Knight

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Grookey gets 1 episode then we never see it again.

I'm only saying that because I want a Darth Rillaboom arc now.

Rune Knight

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The latest version of the intro had Jirachi, Shaymin, and Zeraora.

I feel like they mainly had them there to represent mythical and legendary pokemon in the same way as the last opening from DP.

Still, I do think that we will see them eventually since it looks like they want to have everything and their mothers appear.


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Most if not every pokémon that was teased in a previous series poster eventually appeared in an episode. The poster for PM 2019 features a variety of pokémon from every generation, some which have already been featured in some way or have yet to make their appearance.


This is a list that labels which pokémon has or hasn't appeared yet in the series. I will try to update it constantly so that it is up to date.

I'll categorize each pokémon based on their generation and order them by their pokédex number. Background pokémon don't count as there are simply too many to take into consideration. I will also be using the following labeling system:

Main Role EP # - Must at least have a prominent role or played a part in the episode.
Small Role EP # - Must at least be acknowledged by the characters or interact with them in some way.
Confirmed EP # - Must be confirmed to appear in an upcoming episode by a reliable source.
Semi-Confirmed - Must be featured in some promotional material.
N/A - Has not made an appearance yet.

Bulbasaur Main Role EP 3
Charmander Small Role EP 2
Charizard Main Role EP 12
Squirtle Small Role EP 2
Pikachu Main Role EP 1
Raichu (Alola Form) N/A
Jigglypuff Small Role EP 21
Diglett Main Role EP 52
Meowth Main Role EP 3
Gengar Main Role EP 11
Exeggutor (Alola Form) Main Role EP 37
Mr. Mime Main Role EP 2
Magikarp Main Role EP 24
Ditto Main Role EP 19
Eevee Main Role EP 49
Snorlax Main Role EP 5

Articuno Semi-Confirmed (Via Opening)
Zapdos Main Role EP 40
Moltres Semi-Confirmed (Via Opening)
Dragonite Main Role EP 10
Mew Main Role EP 1

Cyndaquil Main Role EP 9
Hoothoot Main Role EP 9

Cleffa Small Role EP 32
Igglypuff N/A
Togepi N/A

Mareep Small Role EP 46
Sudowoodo Small Role EP 2
Espeon Small Role EP 49
Umbreon Small Role EP 49

Unown N/A
Wobbuffet Main Role EP 3
Mantine N/A
Smeargle N/A
Smoochum N/A

Lugia Main Role EP 2
Ho-Oh Main Role EP 9

Blaziken Main Role EP 47
Pelipper Main Role EP 3
Gardevoir Main Role EP 19
Flygon Main Role EP 36

Altaria N/A
Absol N/A
Salamance N/A
Latias N/A
Latios N/A

Rayquaza Small Role EP 32
Jirachi Small Role EP 32

Piplup Main Role EP 8
Chatot N/A
Garchomp Small Role EP 2
Lucario Main Role EP 25
Croagunk Main Role EP 8

Weavile N/A
Rhyperior Small Role EP 24
Electivire N/A
Magmortar N/A

Glaceon Small Role EP 49
Mamoswine N/A
Dusknoir N/A
Froslass N/A
Diagla N/A
Palkia N/A
Regigigas N/A
Shaymin N/A

Snivy N/A
Tepig N/A
Oshwott N/A
Audino N/A
Whimsicott N/A

Cofagrigus Main Role EP 14
Zoroark N/A
Minccino Main Role EP 35
Chandelure N/A
Braviary Main Role EP 14
Stunfisk Main Role EP 40

Reshiram N/A
Zekrom N/A

Greninja N/A
Fletchling Small Role EP 25
Talonflame N/A
Goomy N/A
Noibat N/A

Rowlet Small Role EP 37
Litten N/A
Pyukumuku Small Role EP 37
Mimikyu N/A
Tapu Koko N/A
Zeraora N/A
Meltan N/A

Grookey Confirmed
Cinderace (Previously Raboot / Scorbunny) Main Role EP 17
Sobble Main Role EP 28

Corviknight Small Role EP 2
Yamper Main Role EP 2
Zacian Main Role EP 42
Zamazenta Main Role EP 42
Feel free to speculate. Please let me know if I missed or misplaced any as well.
Grookey confirmed to debut in EP 59

Pokemon Power

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You know, given the fact that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are on the way, I wouldn't be surprised if Dialga and Palkia showed up in an episode late 2021 to tie in.


Pokemon Power said:
You know, given the fact that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are on the way, I wouldn't be surprised if Dialga and Palkia showed up in an episode late 2021 to tie in.
I expect that as well, because it seems like the most pragmatic thing to do. I have high hopes that Gen IV Pokemon will be promoted more frequently from now on. There are some that have already appeared in earlier episodes in this series, but I expect more focus on some of the neglected ones that haven't had major roles in a long time, such as Manaphy and Phione.

Rune Knight

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Looks like we're getting an Absol appearance in the near future.
Ayyy. Do we know if it's something major or just like a background appearance?

Just saw the preview, I'll add it to the list.
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Rune Knight

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Mimikyu appeared in the alola episode

Sorry, I'm not counting it since it felt more like a cameo.

Anyone find it strange the scene on top of the Vermilion lab with a Bulbasaur/Squirtle/Charizard and a small Charmander hasn't happened yet? Unlike a lot of the other pokemon on the poster which just look like stock images or generic poses, this looks specifically like a scene meant for an episode. We only saw Kanto starters once in the very second episode (when Go refused to pick a Kanto starter as his first pokemon), and never seen them again. And since Leon is always in Galar, I don't think that's his Charizard hovering over Kanto Vermilion.

I have been wondering that myself. They are also seen in the other poster: https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/1/1e/Pocket_Monsters_2019_key_visual.png

It is oddly specific that they happen to be Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charizard, one would think that they would have used the first stages to represent the Kanto region. So I'm thinking and hoping that they are Ash's.

I don't think that they have forgotten about them since they updated the poster not too long and still using it to promote the series. Like you said, most of the other pokemon are just copy-pasted from older images.
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Rune Knight

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Well now, that was holy interesting.

Based on the new preview, it seems like everyone and their uncles are coming back.

Aside from Infernape, we don't know to what extent Ash's pokémon will be returning, but I think it's safe to say that they can at least count towards having a small role so I'll add the one's featured within the preview.

Then there Moltres which is confirmed to be getting a main role along with Gary's Electivire.

Pokemon Power

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If I could make a suggestion, there should be a category for Pokemon that have only made cameos so far. That way you won't have people complaining that you left out Jessie's Mimikyu.

Rune Knight

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If I could make a suggestion, there should be a category for Pokemon that have only made cameos so far. That way you won't have people complaining that you left out Jessie's Mimikyu.

Sure I added it.

It's going to be a hassle not gonna lie, but I hope that people will contribute to the list. I added Mimikyu, along with a few others such as most of the regional starters which appeared in the Mewtwo episode and a few other legendaries.

I'm sure that I've missed plenty. These are the ones I can recall for now.

So if a pokemon has a small role in an episode it will overtake its cameo status, and if it gets a major role later it will take that category.