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PM2019 - Future episodes preview (Raihan, Sonia, Sobble and more!)

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I’m happy that the PWC is actually be hyped up in universe and not being treated as another badge quest. The big stadiums, the exhibition matches, the old characters, it all makes the premise that much more fun. This preview really brought up my reception towards PM because as of yesterday it was pretty mediocre/average imo



Go: I'm gonna catch Mew!

(Also Go.)

Go: To that end, I'm gonna catch as many Pokemon as I can!

Ash: I'm gonna be a Pokemon Master!

(Also Ash.)

Go: To make that happen, I'm gonna win leagues, which aren't necessarily crucial to becoming one!

Alain (right after meeting Lysandre): I'll protect my friends.

(Also Alain.)

Alain: ...Wait, I only have one friend. Oh, wait. Surely I meant Garchomp and Psyduck.

Kiawe: I'll become the Flame of Alola!

(Also Kiawe.)

Kiawe: [redacted as that wasn't explained well]

You forgot Dawn who wants to be a Top Coordinator like her mom.


It's different because it's only episode 20. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't remember a series of Pokemon needing to end an episode with a preview dump this early into a series.

I'm not complaining about the content of what's to come. I just really, really wished they foreshadowed this stuff in the episodes themselves because for me that's more exciting than having characters shoved into my face out of nowhere.

X and Y had one like 12 episodes in. Just say you're biased against this series and move on.

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It is quiet telling Koharu got nothing in this sizzle reel but I never had any main Pokegirl expectations of her in the first place so *shrug*
I wasn’t throwing shade at Koharu. I actually like her quite a bit and I appreciate her role on the show and what the writers are building up for her (obviously tagging along on the research fellow trips). It’s obvious the writers are treating her more as a side character than a full time companion and her unique qualities of not liking Pokémon makes her standout a lot and is a breath of fresh air. I think we all know and accept the main girl role simply isn’t there this saga for a dual protagonist quest of these two best buds adventuring instead. On the bright side it gives ample focus to this catching and PWC goal of the series.

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I wonder if Ash is going to explain to Gou how he knows Korrina. And its the second 3rd leader he fights. A pattern?


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Nice! It's pretty much confirmed that ash is getting sobble. Very excited about that!

Also, it's cool to see Korrina back, although she's still very recent :rolleyes:. I'm looking forward to see older characters like Richie or Casey lol.
I just have a hard time believing that Koharu isn't going to become a main/prominent character later in the series.

1. She's the only potential female companion (maybe someone else like Sonia/Korrina jumps in but unlikely)
2. She was promoted almost as much as Go before the series came out and she is all over the intro.

We're only 20 episodes in, so plenty of time. It is weird that she and Ash basically never interact.
Why when she’s meant to be the main girl of Pocket Monsters 2019? : S
Um, we all know Go is the Poke Girl. When have we ever heard of a second male protagonist with an actual proactive goal.
You forgot Dawn who wants to be a Top Coordinator like her mom.

No? Her goal didn't involve her sidetracking with something unrelated. She was focused on that.

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I bet all those Galar things will be from 2 episodes not more


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Now that it's all the more possible, we just need Ash to bring back older mons since he has no reason to start from scratch this time around, and we need to see more g-max bois like Charizard, Kingler, Snorlax, Melmetal and Gengar!


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I bet all those Galar things will be from 2 episodes not more
Could be

I think:
Egg/Riolu scenes: Episode 21
Raboot Training/Beautifly scene: Episode 22
Morpeko: Episode 23

From there, 24 and 25 are probably Galar episodes,
one Sobble focused, and the other with the Raihan vs Leon battle.

24: Sobble capture episode
25: Raihan vs Leon (Sonia debut probably here)
The Galarian Farfetch’d scene could fit in either.
The order of these 2 is also interchangeable

26: Ash vs Korrina with Gengar vs Mega Lucario.


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Man, it really nice to just be hyped for the Anime again. XY continuity, possibly SM continuity with DL, Megas, more PWC matches, Go getting some development that might give him an interesting arc. Very excited.

Honestly, every new bit of info that gets revealed, new capture, new or returning character revelation, it all continues to open up so many possibilities for this series and it's fantastic


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