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PMD Blue: Urgent Rescue Request!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by Doziz, May 25, 2018.

  1. Doziz

    Doziz Fossil Hunter

    Haha, hey guys, I'm in a bit of a jam after picking up my old Blue cartridge for some fun, I was trying to recruit a Vulpix as well as make it through Fiery Field first time, as well as picking up a Fire Stone. Call me greedy, but I very nearly pulled it off, with Vulpix and Stone intact; however on Floor 29 (out of 30) I ran out of Reviver Seeds and took a Blaze-boosted Flamethrower from a Charmeleon. I've never been rescued before because I never knew anyone with the game, and I don't know if anyone can rescue me now? If anyone could come to my rescue I'd really appreciate it.

    FC?NX SR...W4???2*H?K

    (Sorry for making a thread just for this, but there's no active PMD:R/B rescue thread)
  2. M.P.

    M.P. Ghastly Gamer

    Got ya! Here's the rescue password:

    FC?♀X SPNW4??R ♀♀H?K
    ?W2?! ?40!0?83 ?WJH?
    ?SX?M TY??F8Q? ?+TXN
    Doziz likes this.
  3. Doziz

    Doziz Fossil Hunter

    Thanks a lot! Really appreciate that. Thank-You password is:

    FC1♀X SPTW4??R J♀H?K
    ?W2?! ?40!0?83 ?WJH?
    PSX?M TY??F8Q4 ?+TXN

    Also, props to you for figuring out the asterisk was a female sign, I forgot to clarify lol. I've sent a Bounce Band back with the code, hope it's of some use!
    M.P. likes this.

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