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PMD: Dream of Two Worlds Sign-up


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Can I reserve a human/pokemon pair? If you think we're lacking angel/legendaries, I can do that, too. ;) At last, after such a long time....more RPs for me!!!!!!


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@greywolf: Yeah, I do like the ordinary person in extraordinary situation myself. And a former Dreamless would be neat to have around.

@Zincspider: Lugia, huh? *note to self: make sure Terran dungeons are big enough to fly through with Lugia*

@Hazel Nut: Hi! Got you down. It's not that we're lacking angel/legends, I was just surprised that more people weren't trying for them. The amnesia restriction was meant to keep that sort of character to skilled players. I would only have a problem down the line if there were no human/Pokemon pairs, but the one sign-up thus far is one of those, so we're good.


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lol, I just follow the idea of not using legendary pokemons. While I like lugia and latias, I prefer using non-legendary pokemon, preferably dragonite or glaceon.

Oh yeah, I got my sign-up finished, hope ya look at it.


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Recently former dreamless too, so he's ajusting to his new partner. Fun.


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Pairing: Human/Pokemon


Name: Tatyana

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Team: Team Sakura

Description: Tatyana is about just 5'5" in height, but is a bit attractive for those who want a bit of a wild love. Her hair is long enough to touch the small of her back and is wavy and deep blond, and she wears highlights that are bubblegum pink. She is a bit light, only a little more than 100 pounds. She's quite a petite girl but it's not wise to underestimate her. Her skin is fair despite the fact that she is always outside exploring or playing or doing something else that involves activity.

Her clothes are usually short skirts with shorts underneath, and usually a t-shirt underneath spaghetti straps. Although she may dress in seemingly uncomfortable clothes, she picks outfits that are actually easy to move around in. Her sense of comfort is very strange; she doesn't care what she wears as long as she can move.

Personality: Sporty, sugary and bubbly, Tatyana is the kind of girl who acts cute all the time. She doesn't do it on purpose; it's just her natural personality. She is immature and that leads to everyone underestimating her skills, though many say this is the reason of her success at such a young age. The fact that she is underestimated leads to many going easy on her, but she defeats these easily.

Tatyana, however immature, though, is quite experienced in battle, exploration, and the likes of such. She is witty and can make good strategies, and no matter how far-out they seem to be, they usually work. When the situation calls for it, Tatyana can even act mature and serious. However, she does not give out tips freely, and when asked for advice she will either speak in riddles or say nothing at all, believing in the saying "Watch and learn."

History: Tatyana was born to a rich family but is not at all spoiled. She was quite a trouble for her parents, as she often broke something or wandered off. Once, when she was twelve, she wandered all the way into the forest and was lost for three days. Her parents were worries sick about her but soon she was found in the forest entrance bragging about the wildflowers she found and was going to them to her parents. From that day, Tatyana's parents realized that she was born not for the expensive toys and gadgets they bought her but for adventure and adventure alone. So, they enrolled her in an exploration school one she was thirteen, but not without reluctance.

Tatyana learned quickly and became one of the school's top students, and was graduated two years in advanced, at the age of sixteen. When she signed up for a guild, most teams didn't accept her because she was so young, and the guildmaster had a hard time finding her a proper team until finally she was put into a team of rookies--Team Sakura. Her presence in Sakura made the team rise up the ranks like a rocket, and before long her skill was well-known throughout the guild. Her team members were very grateful indeed for not being judgmental when they first met her, as now the team is one of the best and experienced.

IQ Skills:
Quick Striker, Trap Seer, Quick Dodger, Sure-Hit Attacker, Quick Healer

Key Items: Teleport Lens

Weapon: Tatyana uses twin handguns as her signature weapon, both with hot pink grips. She is also armed with a light red bow and a few simple arrows in case something happens with the handguns. Overall, Tatyana is used to long-range attacks and is not so good at attacking weaponless.


Name: Cerlena
Gender: Female
Species: Delcatty
Team: Team Strawberry

Cerlena is a slender cat-like pokemon with soft purple and cream fur, just like every other Delcatty, except Cerlena's eyes are a striking shade of blue-green. Her tail is a few inches longer than it should be, under closer observation. She bears a long scar down her left shoulder, from a Shiftry attack when she was still a Skitty. She wears a lavender ribbon on her tail and a zinc yellow band on her right paw.

Personality: Cerlena is sometimes playful and oftentimes serious; the opposite of Tatyana who is sometimes serious and oftentimes playful. She is mature in a sense that she is wise and good at giving advice to younger explorers. She is friendly and smiles often, but if somebody is doing something bad, her strong sense of justice can also make her aggressive. Cerlena is always thinking, always pondering on something, and she is very interested in mysteries of the world, especially the slowly deteriorating reality of the world. In a way, she is also a bit secretive, as even her closest friends don't know absolutely everything about her.

She has a fun-loving side, though, as she believes that personality is best improved through fun. In her spare time, she hangs out a lot with her friends, and oftentimes share gummies while watching the waves crash onto the rocks on the shore.

History: Cerlena was orphaned at a young age; a few weeks after she was born, a band of Shiftry attacked her traveling parents, killing them and badly injuring her, but an exploration team which happened to be passing by saved her from death. The team, Team Pecha, raised her and apprenticed her along with a few others when she was old enough. Cerlena, therefore, has been trained and raised in the art of exploration. Her study mates were initially afraid of her because of the way her eyes would pierce right through you and the way her scar looked, but eventually they became the best of friends. At last, one day, she and the others were released from apprenticeship and named their new team Strawberry, at the inspiration from the team who taught them.

She evolved a few months after the formation of Team Strawberry, the first in their team to evolve, and her evolution caused much inspiration among the team members. Soon enough, with much hard work, the whole team was fully-evolved and very experienced.

IQ Skills: Map Surveyor, Trap Seer, Natural Gifter, Nontraitor, Gap Prober

Key Items: Heal Ribbon, Persim Band

I didn't realize how long that would take. XD If you think it's strange that Cerlena's team is named after something that probably doesn't even exist in Terra, please tell me.


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Okay... I tend to make lots of comments on sign ups.

@Slipomatic: Pending
There’s no wilderness in Metro City aside from the dungeons, so Kelar would have gone to an explorer school, not a wilderness survival school. It’s kind of like New York City; the only green places are city parks. The wolf is okay, since it was in a dungeon. I do like how he had such trouble killing that guy.

You need to drop one of the Key Items (total of three for both).

Arla should have more dungeon experience; they really don’t allow inexperienced explorers in the WMs. It’s kind of like sending a newbie to the PMD games to Zero Island.

@Hazel Nut: Pending
Again, Earth has no wilderness left besides dungeons and city parks, so modify the history of Tatyana.

Good work on making their personalities match; I hope to see them developed deeper over the course of the RPG.

Strawberry is a good name; it could even been one of those things that slipped from the other world.

And both of you, really nice character names!


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heh. Everyone here is using old fashion weapons. My guys is definitely bringing a gun.

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To specify my reservation's specie, I'd like to use Deoxys. Thank you, I just have to do Deoxys's History and I'll be done.


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kind of curious where I mentioned about wilderness... You'll have to point out directly in a quote for me to fix that. Did fix the other 2 issues though although I like my glaceon being semi-inexperienced :D

You know, I wanted my guy to use a pistol, but I like to think that non-lethal means is a better way to go about apprehending people :D
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@Slipomatic: You fixed it; you had said he was put through wilderness training. Or maybe I misread it; heh, wouldn't be the first time.

Arla's history made me think that she wound up in the wrong training team, but hey, it works a little better now. You're accepted now!

@Manaphy Mare: Oo, Deoxys. Okay, that's noted.

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Phew, everything's done. Here's my Sign Up.

Pairing: Angel/legendary

Name: Reuel
Gender: genderless, prefers to be referred to as male
Age: Several thousand
Team: Team Raven

Description: Reuel is somewhat tall and skinny with the appearance of a boy in his mid-early teens. His skin seems to be fairly pale, almost like moonlight. His hair falls to just above his shoulders in long, silvery blond locks. His eyes are a crystal blue and sparkle with a child-like innocence and compassion. His wings are white as freshly fallen snow and measure seven feet from tip to tip.
Reuel usually wears a long-sleeved dark blue and silver striped top with a batching bucket hat. His pants are a pair of dark blue, loose fitting (in the legs at least) jeans that are cinched to his waist by a dark blue belt with silver buckle. His shoes are a pair of dark blue running shoes. In colder months and dungeons he will wear a dark blue and silver striped scarf and midnight blue snow boots with silver trim.

Personality: Reuel is innocent like a child and occasionally gullible. He cares about all life, and will often put someone else’s safety before his. His most obvious quality is his purity of heart. He is always kind and caring. He tends to be polite and courteous. He isn’t someone that could be considered strong, he is easy to upset and can be a crybaby at times. Despite his obvious musical and dance talents, he tends to lack self-confidence. He is an absolute pacifist and will only fight if he has no other choice, though should he be forced to fight he will try to hold back and give his opponent chances to stop. He tends to be merciful and will refrain from finishing his opponents off; if he isn’t angered that is.
If something angers him, not only will **** freeze over but it will also break loose. When angered he is very cunning and much more willing to fight, he also tends to be more savage and ruthless too. One of the very few ways he is capable of being angered is someone threatening one of his loved ones. There are some people he will add either niisama/san or neesama/san as a suffix to their name (one example being Michael, or as he would say Michael-niisama) because he views them in as an older-sibling figure.

History: Ruel has always been a slight oddball within Team Raven. Even the leader realized this when he first joined, though he does not regret accepting the request of the young-looking angel to join his team. Over the past ten years he has done countless missions for Team Raven; however only one manages to stand out within his memory.
Several years ago on was what should have been a simple rescue mission, he and another Raven were supposed to rescue a civilian who had gotten lost in one of the mystery dungeons. Things went wrong though, a tremor struck as they explored, causing his partner to fall into a pit along the path they were navigating. He swooped down after his partner and managed to save him before he sustained any serious injury, however the terrified yells both let out that moment still echo within his heart today. He has been on other missions since then, but he always exercises caution on narrow pathways. He has slightly begun to notice reality fraying, but he just writes it off as a trick of the mind.

IQ Skills: Nontraitor, Trap Avoider, Cheerleader, Wise Healer, Map Surveyor
Key Items: Silver ribbon
Weapon: Reuel wields a variation of Sailor Saturn’s Silence Glaive. The pole is midnight blue with a pair of pearly-white, angel-like wings where it meets the blade. It can usually slice enemies and give them a good whack, but when he really puts his heart into it...

Name: Deoxys (his partner sometimes refers to him as Deo though)
Gender: Genderless, often referred to as male
Species: Deoxys
Team: Aurora

Description: At first glance Deoxys looks like an alien in an orange jumpsuit. At the center of his torso is a large, purple gem. He usually wears a cloak draped around his shoulders and has a blue ribbon tied around his head like a headband.
In his normal form he has skinny legs that come to a point with a blue stripe that runs down to the knee. His arms tend to alternate between aqua arms with five-fingered hands and a pair of orange and aqua tentacles. His ears seem to be shaped like trapezoids.
In his speed form he gray, skinny legs and a gray body. His right arm is an aqua blue tentacle while his left is his typical orange color. Extending from his head is a long horn that comes to a point. He doesn’t use his other forms because they don’t fit his fighting styles.
Personality: Deoxys is one of the wisest pokemon anyone will ever meet, due to his years of experience as an explorer. He can be a major klutz at times; whenever he has a moment he will simply dust himself off and keep on going. One of his most noted traits is the fact that he carries himself with an air of confidence; not just for himself though, he is also confident in the abilities of his allies. His demeanor is always calm, quiet, and straightforward; if he says something he means it. Despite his relatively cold exterior, hew can be very kind and gentle. He tends to be a passive, nonviolent pokemon, and will not attack directly unless he has to, or is angered. The one quote that best describes his temper when it is in full swing is, “That which does not kill me had better run very fast.”
History: Deoxys has always been a fairly well-known explorer. He affiliated himself with multiple rescue teams, and giving help to any explorers who needed it. Over the past ten years he has been on many explorations and expeditions. The one that most sticks out in his memory, however, was the time he was exploring a dungeon with who would be his partner, Happiny.
The two were deep into the dungeon when a rock slide occurred, pinning an unsuspecting Deoxys to the ground. This rock slide did not go unnoticed by the local pokemon and nightmares. As the enemies closed in upon the two pokemon the young Happiny had two options: flee and remain safe while they attacked Deoxys, or stand and fight to defend her helpless ally. She chose to fight. She fought off the hoards the best that she could, but they began to overwhelm her. She soon unleashed a rock smash upon the pile of boulders that had Deoxys pinned to the ground, shattering enough of them so that he could free himself. He soon joined her using his moves to finish of the enemies that approached. They eventually finished that dungeon and became partners soon after. They have since been through many other dungeons and have even begun to consider entering one of the world mysteries.

IQ Skills: Dimensional scream, Wise Healer, Defender, Map surveyor, Intimidator.
Key Items: Recover robe, Waterblue ribbon
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Hm I see where you're coming from wilderness thing, but I mentioned as a survival training school with training done in the WM dungeons with limitations on how deep you're allowed to go. The school itself is in the city and I guess the same could be said for the training school that my pokemon went to also to avoid further confusion.

Sorry for confusing ya.

Foo Fighter

Nostalgia is my pal


Name: Gaz “Gas Tank” Ramirez
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Team: Solo

Description: Gaz is a tall, tan-skinned rough and tumble man. His dark and worn out skin is in direct contrast to the bright blue eyes that adorn his face. He has a clean shaven face and short and slightly dirty looking hair. He has the look of a tired business man, but he packs some serious muscles under him. He’s not exactly limber, though, and can already feel the all too familiar cries of back pain in the future.

As for his outfit, he wears an old and saturated Police uniform that shouts out a feeling of strictness. The uniform consists of a short-sleeved, dark blue shirt tucked neatly into heavy, black pants. A pair of cracked high-top boots keeps his feet protected from dangerous placements on the ground. He wears no police uniform cap and his belt is stocked to the brim with his weapons and other paraphernalia. When he feels danger is near he’ll slip on tight fingerless gloves to keep his hands in check.

Gaz is a tough person to figure out, mostly because there’s not a whole lot there. He doesn’t hide anything about himself and lives under the ‘my rules, my way'; mentality. In groups, he’s the first to challenge the leader and assumes a protecting role. He may not be the smartest person to ever live, but he never needed to know how to recall quotes from Shakespearean works when he had a gun or a nightstick in his hand. His personality might be familiar to anyone who’s ever had to deal with their Father while he’s in a bad mood, except he’s not your father. And he’s not going to go easy on you. Of course, Gaz isn’t just some physical manifestation of anger walking around, there’s a deeper side to Gaz that he doesn’t want a lot of people to know about. He can surprise people with his respect for the dead and is heavily offended at anyone attempting to make light out of them. He acts in this macho-man type of way to keep himself grounded in reality while also keeping him distanced from people at the same time.

History: Gaz’s history is riddled with stereotypical Jock memories coupled with the tragic sense of loss and loneliness. Gaz was always into sports growing up, a fact accelerated by an abusive and angry father. He was a powerful tight-end for his school's football team, but never decided to persue any career in sports. Gaz had no mother, which meant he bent directly to the lessons of his father and even superimposed those lessons to a very strict point. It didn’t surprise anyone that he joined the police force at the age of 26, the same age his Father did. He was part of a unit that was designed to help keep order in the last remaining city on Earth. Gaz took his job as seriously as he could and kept a tight watch over the citizens. Anytime there was a robbery or hold-up, Gaz was there first. While in this unit he made a few close friends who gave him the nickname 'Gas Tank' after an embarrassing moment in a local restaurant that ended quite nastily. Gaz and his friends had formed a small exploration team and they would explore dungeons in their off-time. Gaz was quite obviously the leader of this team and thus felt responsible when all three of his team member were killed in an encounter with a particularly dangerous monster in one of the World Mysteries.

Gaz’s life went on, but now he operated under a much tougher perspective. His takedowns on criminals were now a direct expression of his anger and he was called into court many times for some unnecessary roughness. Gaz went on exploring dungeons, but now as a solo operative. He always made sure that he brought the badges of his fallen comrades with him when he explored, as a remembrance to some of the only friends he would ever make in his life.

IQ Skills: Survivalist, Nontraitor, Intimidator, Concentrator, Sharpshooter

Key Items: Tight Belt

Weapon: Semi-automatic standard issue Pistol, Tactical Striking Knife, Nightstick

Name: Ishmael
Gender: Male
Species: Garchomp
Team: Team Arrgh!

Description: Ishmael has a salty look to him. Years of living by the sea has weathered his skin down to a sandpaper like feel. He is missing one eye, which he covers up with a rather alarming eye-patch. He has a couple scars that run the length of his back from fateful encounters of other pokemon. Ishmael is sleeker than most Garchomp, though, and he has less of a muscled look to him. He tends to laugh at things most people would be horrified at and as such may be seen smiling in odd situations.

As a self-designated and self-certified pirate, Ishmael can definitely come across as less than reliable. He talks with an unnecessary pirate voice and often tries to rally people into obscure sailing songs that he barely knows. He may seem like a poser pirate, but believe him when he says he’s wrestled with Wailord and won. Ishmael is a very tough pokemon to take down, not even the loss of one eye slowed down this pirate’s eagerness to explore. He’s always looking for the next treasure in his life, but may fail to recognize who he hurts in the process of getting to his plunder. Ishmael is most in his element during a fight, and it’s when most people learn to respect him. He knows how to put a Machamp in a sleeper hold in under 10 seconds, or at least that’s what he says. There’s only one way to find out though, right?

History: Ishmael grew up under the care of his two, bar-owning parents. He was raised in a bar of bad-mouthed sailors who fought over ugly women and traded lies for dubloons. He looked up to these people as a sort of family and was ready as ever to set sail for lands unknown. The only problem was that he didn’t know how to sail, and he didn't know what direction lands unknown were in. He instead decided to form an exploration team. Ishmael formed his team of three female Octillery who considered Ishmael their protector. They followed Ishmael into dangerous watery dungeons and cheered him on as he took on enemy after enemy. Ishmael liked to consider these explorations as a form of sailing and often told stories of his exploits to local bars, exaggerating in some parts to induce the anger of more experienced explorers of the time.

Ishmael was kicked out of several bars for causing large-scale battles between everyone. He took pride in this and made sure to document all of the bars he’d been kicked out of so he could brag to his Team and the exploration teams in other bars. But as his ability to fight grew, his exploration Team's skill and fame rose too. He became famous as a top-notch outlaw finder, taking on all personal cases for revenge. Now he’s ready to step foot into even larger dungeons and fight even larger baddies, and maybe gain a few scars to show off in the process.

IQ Skills: Quick Dodger, Coin Watcher, Haggler, Body Guard, Intimidator

Key Items: Pass Scarf, Twist Band
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@Manaphy Mare: Okay, that sign-up is pending. It's mostly good, but Deoxys' Personality section is on the short side. That quote at the end of it did make me laugh, though. It probably just needs some small quirk, something you might not see with another depiction of Deoxys.

Good choices on your IQ Skills, I see how they all fit. Deoxys needs one more, though (he only has four). The Dimensional Scream will be mostly out of your hands unless you want to do some backstory on him. Reuel is good as he is (will be fun trying to remember how to spell that one...)

@Foo Fighter: hah, I love that pair! Didn't expect to see a cop/pirate show up. Anyhow, you're right, Ishmael couldn't have explored much because of the coral reef and magical barrier protecting Asure Isle. Although... Gaz has white eyes? That might be a mistake. Despite that, you're accepted.
Pairing: Human/Pokemon


Name: Adrea
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Team: Team Rhythm

Description: Adrea is considerably tall for her age, about six feet. Her straight black hair reaches to her shoulders. She has hazel-brown eyes and has a slight tan due to constant exploring. She's not very heavy, but not so light, about 120 pounds.

Adrea usually wears long skirts, a light blue scarf, and a blouse when she's not exploring. On explorations, she wears anything that isn't all that fancy along with her scarf, like a sweatshirt, her scarf and jeans, or a T-shirt, her scarf, and shorts. The reason she wears the scarf all the time is to hide a mark that came from an accident that happened in her past. Occasionally she's seen with an Ipod in her hand.

Personality: Adrea may seem eccentric and erratic at times, but she is actually very nice. She looks and acts experienced, which makes her opponent think she's just a rookie acting experienced. She's usually the boss in any group. Adrea will always speak up to defend her friends. In a fight, she's very speedy but cautious, though some people view her as reckless. She loves to talk about anything except why she wears her scarf, in which case she will just walk away. Coincidentally, Adrea tries to find out her friends' secrets as well. Her intuition is right most of the time. Adrea is always curious and will not stop asking till she knows what's up. She loves music and is most content when listening to music. She's keen and has excellent strategies, but not so wise. Her enthusiastic personality makes her a good friend because of her way to cheer sad people up. She loves being fancy.

History: Adrea grew up under her father's care, since her mother died in a car accident when she was young. Adrea's father is a scientist and an explorer, and he designed all kinds of toys for her enjoyment. When Adrea turned 20 years old, Adrea's father taught her how to explore dungeons, and they explored all kinds of places. When they explored the World Mysteries, Adrea and her father were seriously injured because a mysterious thing almost killed them. She hid a serious cut on her neck with her light blue scarf. A month after that terrible day, she signed up for a guild.

After training in the guild for quite some time, and getting rejected by many teams due to her being too tall, two other advanced explorers accepted Adrea into their team, Team Rhythm. Adrea helped the team become more successful each time they found treasure. She wandered into the abandoned side of Metro City and accidentally bumped into a building. A minute after, her head started hurting and she began to feel a little dizzy. What then occurred was that she saw the owner of the old building and the building getting destroyed. When Adrea was asleep the next night, she saw another vision, this time relating to an odd picture on a wall.

Team Rhythm explored one of the World Mysteries, but didn't find anything. When they explored again, both of Adrea's teammates were attacked by an unknown force.

IQ Skills: Bodyguard, Cheerleader, PP Saver, Nontraitor, Dimensional Scream

Key Items: Scope Lens

Weapon: Adrea's main weapon is a baton, blue on one side, red on the other. At first it was just an ordinary baton, but her father helped construct it for three different uses. The red part of the baton turns into an old-fashioned samurai sword, and the blue part turns into a glowing blue laser sword. Adrea just needs to press either the red or blue button on the baton to make it transform. Sometimes Adrea uses the baton itself to trip enemies. There is also a green button that Adrea's dad says should only be used for emergencies.


Name: Genevieve
Gender: Female
Species: Kingdra
Team: Team Overdrive

Description: Genevieve looks almost like an average Kingdra, with a tall, thin blue body and seahorse-like body parts, such as a snout, fins, and a tail. She has light purple-colored eyes, and has longer fins allowing her to swim much faster. Genevieve wears a blue bowtie on her head. On one of her fins is a mark shaped like a crescent moon,and on the other is a mark shaped like the Sun. Both are birthmarks. She has a pattern on her stomach, like yellow stripes. Her tail has a star and heart design and is about an inch shorter than the other Kingdras. When she glares, the person she's glaring at shivers with fear.

Personality: Genevieve acts serious on explorations and has fun being outgoing on casual outings as opposed to Adrea who's always outgoing till she needs to be serious. She's curious and always wants to get to the bottom of things. When she's angry, she usually controls her anger, but if something really makes her rage go to the boiling point, she unleashes a Hydro Pump at it or glares. Like Adrea, she likes music but she is most erratic when listening to music. She'll defend her friends and her team in tough times. Genevieve doesn't like explaining, but will do it anyway in an annoyed voice. She may seem mean on the outside, but she's actually the exact opposite and helps anyone in need (unless the Pokemon has a suspicious air around it, in which case Genevieve will flee as fast as possible.) Most of the things she guesses is right actually is right. Genevieve can't think of strategies as fast as Adrea can, but she's wise and fairly cunning.

When Genevieve was a Horsea, her parents had taken care of her. She had a busy childhood since her mother was a chef that helped the Dreamless and her father was a doctor. She helped her mother work to help other Dreamless people and helped her father with sick patients until she evolved into a Seadra. Two other Pokemon, a Snover and a Mightyena, became her friend after they had bumped into each other and defeated a Pokemon that had threatened to attack them. It turned out that Snover (whose name was Snowflake) was part of Team Overdrive, so Genevieve and the Mightyena (whose name was Poncho) joined the team as well. Together the three have helped with other explorations, and came out of a dungeon successfully most of the time.

When Team Overdrive explored the World Mysteries, Genevieve had caught sight of something and observed it. She observed it for so long, the rest of the team had already gone ahead. After memorizing the sketch, she looked for her friends, who had already gone home after finding nothing. Her head began to hurt and she started to get dizzy. A vision had showed related to the thing and Genevieve saw a shadow go into the same cave she was in. Genevieve stayed there for three days, nearly getting attacked by a Nightmare on the third day. When she came back, Snowflake and Poncho immediately took Genevieve to her father for him to examine. When she was resting, she saw a vision of an old building and an explanation of why it was there. A week after that, she thought she saw a car speed by.

IQ Skills: Dimensional Scream, Bodyguard, PP Saver, Trap Seer, Nontraitor

Key Items: Blue Bow

Uh, this spent about four hours... Sorry if it's bad...
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I edited Deoxys... I can't believe I missed one IQ skill!


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@Manaphy Mare: It happens. Anyhow, that's accepted now!

@Purplepassion: Pending. It's not so much bad as I'm a stickler for details, but...

Bond partners already see each other' lives as dreams, so perhaps your pair simply sees those lives clearer than most. But if you want Adrea to know about Genevieve's visions, you should swap one of her skills for Dimensional Scream. I would accept that the pattern found by one would cause it to awaken in both. And like I told Manaphy Mare, story specific visions will be out of your hands.

Also, Adrea is actually quite tall at six foot high; average adult female is 5'6" or somewhere there abouts. And change the part about the plane crash (maybe into a car or subway accident?), as planes are now very rare and kind of useless thanks to the energy barrier.

But I do love that baton weapon! Warrior-cheerleader is a nifty concept. Their personalities are good and I like the explanation of how Genevieve got Dimensional Scream


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Yup, that's better. You're accepted now!


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Hey... I am almost done with my Sign-up, but I haven't done a list of IQ-skills, and I don't know all of them. Do you know where I can get a list of them?