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PMD: Monster Houses


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This thread is for talking about some of your experiences from encountering the horrible, killer monster house. Monster houses in PMD appear in magma cavern onward and in PMD 2, monster houses start in Amp Plains and appear onward.
My first time i encountered one I was like "OH Noes!" I died quickly after that >.<.


What do I do now?
Temporal Tower: first playthrough
Me Pikachu, Partner Piplup
Several Porygon-Zs with Discharge. I'll let you figure out the rest


What do I do now?
I had just learned discharge, but it didn't kill all the porygon-zs. So they all used discharge and like murdered my Piplup partner DX it was awful! but hilarious b/c the next time, I kicked their virtual butts!


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Monster houses are a sin and should not be in Pokemon.

The ONLY time they are good is in Buried Relic and a Mew appears in the monster house. I mean, it sure saves the time of hunting down a Mew.

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Temporal Tower: first playthrough
Me Pikachu, Partner Piplup
Several Porygon-Zs with Discharge. I'll let you figure out the rest
Same story here. I'll bet you the absolute worst place to run into a monster house is at Temporal Tower. Those blasted Porgon2's/Z's...

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first time i encountered a monster house was in magma cavern in pmd: red rescuse team. i had pikachu so i didnt have to many attacks i could use on the ground types there. now i make sure i always have a leader poke that can take out multiple pokes at once. dark pulse, earth quake/power, ominous wind, etc.


Worst places to encounter MHs are, without a doubt, the Zero Isles. Once in North, my Kecleon died quickly due to Earth Power Digletts, Sleep Powder Venomoths and Agility Plusles, and once on a rescue mission in Zero Isle South, I made it to the tile I had to get to, but on the same turn (before it gave the option to rescue) Poliwag's Hypnosis and Bubble killed me.

MHs aren't too much of a problem as during the main story I had a Totodile with Blizzard, but now I use Delcatty mainly, along with Pikachu and sometimes Kecleon, which all have Blizzard or Discharge (and Pika has Agility, for icing on the cake).


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I hate Monster Houses. I don't have any pokemon with Discharge or any moves like that so i always end up dying in the end.
Let's see...
Game: Time, Darkness, Sky
Hero: Pikachu, Partner: Chikorita.

Getting Monster Houses wasn't bad if Pikachu had Discharge which I think is at Lv. 37 which all you need is to use that move maybe once or twice to wipe out a Monster House.

Of course... the IQ Skill "Concentrator" helps as well as it boosts Accuracy by 1 level while lowering Evasiveness by 1 level, and I do know Pikachu can learn that IQ Skill.

This move doesn't always work though... as if there's even a single Pokemon roaming the floor that has Lightningrod. This will render Discharge useless.

In other words... have moves that affect the whole room but just be sure it's not Earthquake because that will also hit your teammates unless they are immune to it or if they can survive the damage. Having the IQ Skill "Nontraitor" can help as this renders confuse status useless in case you somehow get confused by a Pokemon. *Hey, you won't kill yourself or your allies when you're confused nor will you miss your targets, Earthquake will still hit your allies I think.*
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First time:

Walking along..... *Oh no! a monster house!* All the pokemon filled up the ENTIRE room! Every single tile! I was about level 12. You know what happenes next....


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My First Monster House:
Blue Rescue Team- in Magma Cavern
My thoughts: Holy Crud! I'm gonna die because of the glitch!
My Hero: Pikachu;025;
My Partner:Cyndaquil;155;
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Monster House + Move that targets all enemies on floor = Bonus EXP :3