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Which do you like more?

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The Grotto's Requiem
I voted for 2 even though I havent played it yet. But I can already tell that im gonna like it more.


Aspiring Author
Well... I can't tell for sure just yet. I haven't played PMD 2. But right now I'm thinking PMD2 is what I will like more.

Though I have heard that this time around the game will focus less on friendship, which was one of the things I really liked in PMD because there were some parts that really got me involved. Right when they left Mt. Blaze, before they entered Frosty Forest, and definitely at the end. I'm hoping that what I've heard isn't true though, I might have to say that PMD is my fave if thats the case.


The Ultimate Absol~
PMD 2. I haven't played it, but it looks better by far. It also looks like it has a better story.


its definatly gonna be PMD2 for me cause aside from the fact its gonna have a longer story mode, it'll have a lot more interesting caves and dungeons etc. to explore, they wont have u repeated most of the stuff again cause there'll be so many things to do there wont be any need to worry bout that stuff plus theres way more mystery and it wont be somthing u can finish ultimatly quickly