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PMD: The Forbidden Chapters (Discussion Thread)

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Primal Crusader V, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Primal Crusader V

    Primal Crusader V Watch some MANime

    PMD: The Forbidden Chapters
    (---Discussion Thread---)

    RaZoR LeAf Approved

    PMD: The Forbidden Chapters (RP link)

    PMD: The Forbidden Chapters (SU)

    Many eons ago, there lied a new creation of the mighty Arceus. The creation in which pokemon would be born in their own realm rather than the realm of the Homosapiens. In that realm lied three distinct continents also known as regions. There was the Variable Region, an area that slowly shifts between seasons and is governed by Arceus' disciples, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. These three pokemon controlled the balance of the seasons in the Variable Region and protected them with their lives. Kyogre, Bringer of Rainfall, protected all of the Variable Region and ranked higher than the three legendary beasts.

    Arceus then created the Coromia Region, a region with numerous valleys and green pastures. The Coromia Region was governed by Cobalion, the Iron Will, Terrakion, the Adamant Guardian, and Virizion, the Knowledgeable Paladin. They were assigned the role to protect all inhabitants of the Coromia Region and promise a plentiful environment to ensure a healthy life. Groudon, King of the Lands, brought a special warmth in the atmosphere that could comfort Coromia's pokemon. With this, all Coromia's Pokemon remained happy.

    Lastly, Arceus' third creation was the Xereon Region. The mighty Arceus donned enormous trees and bellowing mountains that surpassed even the sky within this region. Everything was colossal, but the Alpha Pokemon created a hidden staircase towards the sky that only the Xereon Regions' pokemon could use. This staircase led up towards a vast expanse of treetops and enormous buttes in which the pokemon could settle and live. The region was governed by Moltres, bringer of warmth, Articuno, warrior of winter, and Zapdos, King of thunderstorms. And finally, the ferocious Rayquaza led all Xereon's pokemon through hardships and provided an endless array of knowledge.

    Arceus continued his pursuit in creating the new Realm from the other side of the three regions. All was going in well in Arceus's will until he was interrupted by the God of Space, Palkia. Palkia informed the God of Pokemon that a collision between a planet and a star in the Pokemon Universe took place not so far from where Arceus was. Afterwards, Palkia stated that he felt a malevolent energy circulating throughout space. By his tone of voice, Palkia was shaken by this and worried most of what evil force could emerge from it's slumber and slaughter all existing pokemon.

    But Arceus laughed. He reassured the mighty Palkia that he had never heard of such a thing. If a collision between a star and a planet were to take place, Arceus would notice before even the mighty Palkia would. Though Arceus wasn't convinced, Palkia persisted in his unnerving conversation. Arceus slowly grew irritated, even after the Guardian of Space praised him for his help, Arceus wasn't convinced. The Alpha Pokemon warned him, but Palkia retorted once again flailing aimlessly in a way of a needy mortal rather than a disciplined god. Arceus began to feel more agitated with Palkia upon his presence. And by this, Arceus would be rid of him.

    Arceus rose higher above Palkia and glared with rage. The entire realm began to shake and the seas rose higher towards the sky. Soon, the earth shook even harder, and the seas plummeted down towards Palkia, crushing him under an unbearable impact that could overthrow the God of Pokemon himself. Palkia was then sentenced to a century of banishment. Until then, The Guardian of Space was no longer acknowledged.

    But it wasn't until 3 decades later that Arceus began to understand what Palkia meant by the infamous force.

    Still enraged by His disobedience, Arceus called forth Dialga, The God of Time, to keep a constant vigil from space and keep the balance of time flowing while doing so. While Dialga kept watch of things from the sky, Arceus entered the very depths of the Pokemon Realm and rested to settle his outrage. With the absence of Arceus, the Pokemon Realm fell to the hands of the lesser Legendaries that dominated their individual regions. Rayquaza, Xereon's Master pokemon, could no longer gain any new intel from a source as great as Arceus, causing the Legendary Birds to become unsure of their tasks aside from the control of weather.

    After Arceus's disappearance, Coromia began to lose it's warmth. Groudon slowly started dying off from the Alpha Pokemon's absence. The three Musketdeers, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion begin to send their troops in the search for Arceus. Or at least what's left of him in that world.

    Afterwards, the Variable region lost it's balance as well. The shift of the seasons came to a halt, but on the most brutal of all seasons, winter. Snow ravaged all villages and towns that stood in it's path. Blizzards began to stir up in the climate, wreaking havoc upon whoever stood in the way. Variable was, bar far, the most dangerous region to inhabit. But the Legendary Beasts struggle to keep the everlasting balance of their elements. By the outcome of Arceus's absence, only Variable's pokemon can withstand an unbalanced force of nature.

    You may think that despite this destruction is only occurring within the Pokemon Realm, the claimed collision was so great that the aftermath of the explosion traveled between dimensions. Small particles, as we humans may call it pathogens/bacteria/disease are spreading around our world and taking a rather awkward turn of events. Strangely, no symptoms have been produced by this disease. Our "Realms'" top notch scientists (those include the one's that will be foretold from a pokemon ranger organization IRO) haven't concluded their experiments yet. As a matter of fact, the structure of the pathogen is so complex that it seems it has been created from something, but not of our world. The disease, now concluded as Pokerus X, consumes a hosts' brain cells and transforms them into a cell in a state filled with hallucinogenic properties mixed with a strange power that makes the hallucinations a reality. But other than the scientists' exploration, many Medium's and Psychics claim that it is just otherworldly magic that has come to take us to another life. No one knows for sure, but we are being transported into the Pokemon Realm. This is where the Mystery Dungeon series begins, and where the Forbidden Chapters will be told.

    -Main protagonist, Falcario97 (me) as Raphael (Treecko)
    -Main Supporter, xXZeroXX, as Charmander
    -Takatheedcuatedkid as Kigai (Eevee)
    -Zapphire as Zapphire Fidelus (Solosis)
    -EondragonFTW as Aaron (Aggron)
    -President People as Deimos (Umbreon)
    -Chidori___O as Chidori (Pikachu)


    1.All SPPf and RP rules apply
    2.No bunnying whatsoever
    3.Do not post anything that doesn't regard to the RP unless you post OOC before your statement.
    4.Please try to post your continuing story here when you have the chance. An absence of 7 days or more will the members list.
    5.No flaming
    6.No Godmodding/Power Playing
    7. Please make your posts long. And by that, at least 5-7 paragraphs per post. That'll do.
    8.Remember, I control all major characters in the RP
    9. Have fun! That should go without saying so.

    -Just a side note, you may start off either in the Human realm or the Pokemon Realm depending on your background story posted on the SU.

    About the Discussion thread

    Since I saw that some of our members are having a slow time in writing their RP ideas, here, you can discuss, chat, and initiate new ideas for your character! Also, this would be my Q&A, so I shouldn't expect to see any OOC's on the thread that asks a question related to the thread itself. So all questions and inquiries will be asked here.​

    ------(NEWS) (7/24/12) GMT-8*

    LSU Opportunities+Leaders (EXTENDED): Since the RP thread is a bit short on members (thanks to those who were idle for 7 days and over), I would uphold the privelage of late LSU's for about one week total. PM me before you create the LSU, then I'll be sure to add you to the list. If, and only if, you are active and cooperative in the RP at a consistent rate, then I'll stretch the 7 days rule to 8. Remember, all questions can be directed towards this thread or as PM.

    -As a recent update to the LSU opportunity, I'm allowing just one member to be leader. In order to accomplish this, PM me as a request and give me a convincing paragraph or tow as to why you'd like to be one.

    ---------(NEWS End)----------

    (This thread is subject to change at any day. Keep your hats on)
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2012
  2. Takatheeducatedkid

    Takatheeducatedkid Eevee Devotee

    Okay, so I'm glad this is here because I didn't want to have to discuss all of my problems and questions via OOC, haha.

    First off, I'd like to say sorry for being so inactive. I know I've gone beyond the one week limit but I find it hard to roleplay when I've been waiting on Zero to continue the scene I'm currently in. I was already the last poster as far as that scene goes and President People is probably having a hard time deciding what to say as well.

    Second off, I was sort of expecting the whole team thing to start way earlier- I can't get into the scenes because I feel like I'm in a totally different roleplay. There wasn't really a whole lot to go off of when we started. How long will it be before we meet up with Raphael and form the team? It seems like it will be an entire other storyline before we reach there and it's a little disappointing. I feel apart from the actual story and I can't even envision how anything will get done with the current state the roleplay is in.

    At the beginning I was very excited about this. Now I find that I can't bring myself to bother thinking up some kind of post to waste time.
  3. Primal Crusader V

    Primal Crusader V Watch some MANime

    No problem. Just make sure the lateness doesn't happen again.

    Your stories in the RP vary considering team construction. As for mine, I don't recruit anyone until I meet up with Zero (which was originally Midnight, but left the forums and brought some major complications to the synchronization and balance of the RP). Apparently, Zero hasn't posted in a long time, which is why it is taking me a while to kick things off. There's a balance between all characters in the RP, but since Zero is (partially) one of the leaders, we've been going through some terrible hiatus because of that. I'll go ahead and ask him what's holding him up, and then we'll go ahead and kick things off once more.

    This is also why I'm allowing LSU's for the RP. As my personal issue with the RP, we need more members to fill in a few spots for each team. I may also extend the LSU period, if necessary. I'll try to find at least one more leader. Maybe then we'll be more active and orchestrated in the RP.

    Thanks for your comment.

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