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PMD2: Blind Eyes, Gazing Heart


Foliatus Lacerta
Hiya! I've decided to put my other fic on pause for a while and do a fic with the PMD2/3 plot. If you haven't played those games, or watch someone else play them, or if you plan to play them, I highly suggest that you don't read this if you want to be surprised when you see the actual game in action.

(Rated PG-13, for violence, swearing, and gore. Possibly a little romance later on.)

Chapter One
The Day Life Got Weird

Rin was in unimaginable pain. Her black hair swirled around her head, and she struggled to keep her pale blue eyes open, in fear that they might never open again if they closed.

She wondered, Why the hell did I do that? But she knew.


"Rin! Are you okay?! Does it hurt?!"

"Well, it doesn't feel good!"


"Hold on!"

"Can't.... I'm slipping...."


Rin screamed. She screamed because she was falling, and because of the increasing pain.

"Rin! NO!"


A young Pokemon of about thirteen years paced back and forth in front of a tent shaped like another Pokemon.

"Okay, deep breaths.... I can do this. Just gotta try."

The Pokemon took a step onto the grate in front of the tent. A voice called out.

"Pokemon detected! Pokemon detected!"

"Whose footprint?!" called another. "Whose footprint?!"

"The footprint is Eevee's! The footprint is Eevee's!"

Eevee jumped off the grate. "Aaaah!"

Then he sighed. "Oh, it's no use! I can't do it!"

"Hey, kid!" the voice called again. "If you want to talk to Sunflora, check town tomorrow! She's always checking out the shops!"

"I don't want to talk to Sunflora!"

A shrill voice called out. "Eek! Oh my gosh! How rude!"

"No - it's just - I mean.... Aw, screw this!" Eevee stepped away from the grate and put a paw to the stone on his necklace.

How am I going to be an explorer if treasure can't give me courage?, he asked himself. Some leaves rustled in a nearby bush.

"Hello? Anybody there?" No answer. Eevee shrugged and made his way to the beach.

Eevee took in the beautiful scene. The light of the setting sun against the Krabby's bubbles.... But something was wrong.

Eevee looked around, and saw a black and blue lump in the sand. He walked closer until he could see.

"Holy crap! It's a girl!"

He ran over to the girl. A Riolu, about his age, pretty too. Eevee began to shake her by the shoulders.

"Hey! Wake up!"

Finally, the girl's eyelids fluttered open. Her eyes should have been red and able to gaze into your very soul. But instead, they were pale blue and unfocused.

She was blind.

Rin felt her eyelids open slowly.

She. Felt. Terrible.

She couldn't remember anything. Only her name, and that she had been blind for most of her life.

Rin also knew that somebody she didn't know had her by the shoulders and was shaking her. And that, memory intact or not, was a bad thing.

She punched this unknown person right in the face.

"Yoowww! Ouch! What was that for?! I was just trying to wake you up, Riolu!" Male. Things weren't getting better for this guy.

Riolu? Was he blind, too? Rin tried to face him. "I'm not a Pokemon."

"Yes, you are...."

Was he serious? "No. I'm human. And who are you?" That came out as rude as Rin meant it.

"I'm Eevee. A Pokemon, like you. Uh, are you okay?"

"No, I'm not okay! I'm blind, I just woke up on...a beach, right? And I somehow lost my memory. Oh, and I'm not a Pokemon." This guy was seriously messed up if he wanted to try to trick a blind girl. But, he did seem serious.

No. Impossible., Rin thought. But then she had an idea.

Rin blinked, and called upon an ability she suddenly remembered she had. Instantly, she could see her surroundings, or at least make them out, as everything was blue and blurry.

She held what she expected to be her hand in front of her face. Her paw was emanating a strong purple aura, as Rin realized the rest of her body was as well.

Rin gasped and blinked again, deactivating the ability. She felt at her feet. Paws! In desperation, her forepaws (Aaaah!) flew to her backside. She had a tail!

"AAAAAAAH! Oh, sweet mother of Arceus, I've been turned into a Riolu! Eevee, I'm sorry! You were telling me the truth! But I swear, I used to be a human!" Rin screamed again. Then, she felt a comforting paw on her shoulder.

"Hey, hey, easy! It's all right! Now, since I'm getting the feeling that you don't want me to call you 'Riolu,' what's your name?"

"Rin's the name," she answered. She was going to tell Eevee what her game was, but she couldn't remember. "Sorry. I can't remember a thing about when I was human. 'Cept that that I was human, I'm blind, and I can find my way around by sensing aura."

"Hmmm," said Eevee. "You sure?"

"I just poured my heart out to you, and you think I'm lying?!" asked Rin angrily.

"No! It's just, these days...." Eevee sighed. "I believe you. Sorry for doubting you."

"Sorry for punching you in the face." They laughed at that.

I'm not doing so bad, Rin thought. I've been awake in the this strictly-Pokemon world for five minutes, and I've already got a friend.

Just then, Eevee screamed and crashed into Rin. She leapt to her feet, and decided to keep her aura-sensing ability on for a while. She saw two Pokemon, whose auras seemed to be shaped like a Koffing and a Zubat.

They were laughing, and Zubat was holding a small object that Rin couldn't make out because it had no aura. From the Pokemon's auras, she could tell that they wanted trouble.

Eevee leapt up to his feet beside her. His aura was fiery red. "Hey! Give me back my treasure!"

"Who says we gotta?" asked Zubat.

"Yeah," agreed Koffing. "What, are ya gonna fight for it? You and your little blind friend?"

Oh, they just made it personal!, thought Rin. She opened her eyes.

"Listen up!" shouted Rin. Zubat and Koffing jumped in surprise. At least, she thought they did. "Give him back his treasure, or confirm that I want to kick your ***!"

They simply laughed. "Try and catch us!"

Rin heard Zubat's flapping wings as they sped past. They were gone.

"Ooooh," sobbed Eevee. "How am I gonna get that back?"

Rin put her paw on what she assumed was his shoulder. "We could go get it."

"You'll help me?!"

"Naturally. Come on, show me where they went." So, Rin kept her paw on Eevee as he led her through what felt like a damp cave. There was not a dry spot to be found, and they had to fend off attacks more than a few times.

Finally, Rin felt sand under her paws.

"Hey, punks!" yelled Eevee.

"Hey!" Zubat.

"Whoa ho ho! Looked who grew a backbone!" Koffing. "So, come to take back this little rock?"

Zubat cackled. "Hardly worth stealing."

Rin felt Eevee tense under her paw. "Then give it back!"

"Like we said, you gotta fight for it! Heh heh!"

Rin released Eevee. "No problem!" She did a flying jump kick, and kicked someone in the mouth, earning the defeated moan of what sounded like a fallen Zubat.

Eevee laughed. "Nice one, Rin! Now, Shadow Ball!"

His Shadow Ball knocked out Koffing, who went down, but not without a Poison Gas. It left Rin and Eevee coughing violently, but they were not poisoned.

Rin recovered quickly. "One hit each? And you called Eevee a wimp. I punched him in the face, but he didn't go down as fast as you guys!"

"Whoa ho.... Shut up, princess!"

"Heh heh. Yeah, your victory was a fluke!"

"You're a fluke!" argued Rin.

"That didn't even make sense!"

"You don't even make sense! Come on, Eevee. Take your...thing and let's get out of here."

"Okay," he said. He let Rin hold his shoulder again and led her out of the cave.

"We're out!" Eevee announced, after about an hour of walking.

Rin plopped down on the sand. "YES! FRESH AIR!"

Eevee laughed. "Rin? Thanks."

"For what?"

"For making me feel brave."

"Oh...well...you're welcome." Rin was sure she was blushing.

"Hey, put your paw on this. It's the treasure we recovered." Rin slowly reached with her paw and touched it. It was a rock. Whoopee. "Good. Now, feel the pattern."

She did. She ran her claw around little ridges of the rock, which Rin felt to connect and make an intricate design.

"That's cool."

"Yeah. I just love legends and lore. It's my dream to discover what this Relic Fragment fits into. Uh.... Hey, can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

"Will you form an exploration team with me?"

Exploration team? As in, treasure, knowledge, and the right to kick someone's poor unfortunate ***? "You bet!"

"Really, you'll just agree?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Cool! Okay, now we just need to register as apprentices at Wigglytuff's Guild."

"Then close your screamer and lead the way!"

Again, Rin took Eevee's shoulder and he led her to their destination. Little did they know that every step they took was another step into their brand new adventure, filled with friendships, surprises, discoveries, and betrayal.

Yeah! That's chapter one! Reply freely!
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Foliatus Lacerta
Hi hi! I've got some spare time, so I'm just gonna go ahead and post *drum roll* chapter TWO! Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh....

Chapter Two
Rin's Game Begins

Eevee led Rin to Wigglytuff's Guild, the place he had failed to go into the last time. But right now, he wanted to think positive. He had Rin with him this time.
Eevve was still silently admiring her fighting skills - Rin couldn't even aim, but she got Zubat right in the kisser.


He sped back to reality. Rin, his newly acquired former-human friend, still had her paw on his shoulder. She was trying to face him, looking expectant.

"Well?" she asked. "Are we there yet?"

"Uh, yeah. You - you stand right there, and I'll go first."

Rin tilted her head. "Go where?"

"There's a grate in the ground right in front of us. The Guild uses it to identify visiting Pokemon. Er, didn't you say that you can find your way around by sensing aura?"

She shrugged. "I can only sense the aura of living things. You know, 'cause non-living things don't have aura? Doi."

"Right. So, now I'll go...." Eevee walked onto the wooden grate. The same voices from before called out.

"Pokemon detected! Pokemon detected!"

"Whose footprint?! Whose footprint?!"

"The footprint is Eevee's! The footprint is Eevee's!"

"All RIGHT, Eevee! There's someone with ya, kid! So get 'er on the grate!"

Eevee gently guided Rin onto the grate. "Okay, they mean you. So, just stand...there."

With Rin in place, the voices called out again.

"Pokemon detected! Pokemon detected!"

"Whose footprint?! Whose footprint?!"



"Uh, maybe Riolu's! Maybe Riolu's!"


"This is only, like, the second time I've seen this footprint! I.... I don't know what I don't know."

"Pretty lame excuse! Good philosophy, though."

"Why, thank you."

"Hey!" shouted Rin. "Can I come in or not?!"

"Eh, go ahead."

"Thank you for finally giving me that important info!"

Eevee let Rin have his shoulder, led her inside, and helped her down the ladder. When they reached the bottom level, Eevee was surprised at what he saw there.

Several other Pokemon were talking among themselves, even some who Eevee recognized as high-rank explorers.

"Wow!" he gasped. "Do you think they're all explorers, Rin? Don't they look like explorers?"

"I'd have no way of knowing."

"Oh. Sorry."

"S'okay, it's cool. Now what do we do?"

Rin waited for Eevee to answer her question.


"Eevee, please tell me you planned this far!"

"Well, uh, I was kinda focused on actually getting in...."

"Yeah," said Rin, sarcastically. "We had to stand on a grate, walk through a door, and go down a ladder. It was an ingenius plan, must've taken you hours."

"Oh, yeah, well.... Oh yeah, well.... Oh, yeah?!"

Rin clapped. "Amazing."

"Shut up, Rin!"

They were interrupted by another Pokemon. Rin used her ability to tell that he was some kind of small bird, with a metronome tail. She blinked.

"Ah, you're the visitors!" said the Pokemon cheerily. "I'm Chatot,the Guild's head of intelligence and the Guildmaster's right-hand Pokemon!"

"Hi! Uh, I'm Eevee and this is Rin!"

Rin nodded her greetings towards where she suspected Chatot to be standing. Even though she was blind, she could tell that he was looking at her interestedly.

She tried hard to be polite. "Chatot, sir, we'd like to - "

"Sorry! We have no time for salesmen! I'm afraid I must ask you to leave."

"B-but - " started Eevee.

"No buts! Now - "

"Chatot, sir," said Rin, "we came here to sign up as an exploration team. We're not salesmen."

"Oh! An exploration team, eh?" Chatot's voice dropped to a whisper. "Kids like these two.... A rare sight, considering our training.... Especially since Team BurnOut on that trip to the Surrounding Sea. Oh, they burned out all right...."

Eevee interrupted. "Chatot? Is the training that hard?"

"Er, no! No, of course not! Our training is as easy as can be, dear boy! Now, let me lead to the Guildmaster so you can register your team!"

"Okay.... Geez...."

Rin took Eevee's shoulder again and they followed Chatot to the Guildmaster. She guessed that they passed by a window.

"Wow!" exclaimed Eevee. "We're two stories below, but you can see outside!"

Rin took note that Chatot had a short temper and Eevee had a short attention span. "The Guild is built into the cliffside! Of course you can see outside! Rin, please tell me that you guessed that."

"Yeah, Eevee! I can see out there perfectly - nice view, by the way - so of course we must be inside the cliff. You know what, I can't even talk to you right now."

"But - " spluttered Eevee.


"Rin - "

"Uh ah! No talking!"

This earned a laugh from Chatot. "Well, Rin! I can see that you'll be perfectly fine here!"

"I'll do my best," said Rin. Then, to a confused Eevee, she whispered, "Let 'em take their time. I wanna see how long it takes!" He snickered.

Chatot led them through a door and stopped. Assuming that they'd reached the Guildmaster, Rin activated her ability. She'd keep it on for as long as they were in the Guildmaster's presence.

Chatot's little green form hopped over to a rainbow one.

The Guildmaster must be quite a character, thought Rin.

Chatot hopped a little closer. "Guildmaster! It's Chatot!"

No answer. "Er, Guildmaster?"

The rainbow figure turned around to face them and Chatot jumped in surprise. "Hiya! I'm Guildmaster Wigglytuff! Are you hoping to join my Guild?"

Eevee's small red form stepped forward nervously. "Y-yes! Yes, sir! Uh, I'm Eevee and this is - "

Rin put a paw to her chest. "Rin. I'm Rin, Guildmaster. Happy to meet you."

Wigglytuff stared at her for a second, in deep thought. His aura took on a knowing glow.

Uh oh., Rin thought. Game over, he knows....

If he did, he showed no sign. "Happy to meet you too, Rin! What pretty eyes you have!"

Rin hesitated. "Er, thank you."

Wigglytuff had figured out that she was blind, she knew it. Maybe he wanted to play the game, too.

The Guildmaster continued. "Okay! Your team! What's it called? What's it called?"

Eevee's aura dimmed a little. "Uh...."

"What parts of this have you planned?!" asked Rin, annoyed.

"Sorta just the 'getting in' part...."

"Oh, fine, I'll do it. Hmmmm...... What about Team Canine?"

Chatot shook his head. "No. Too similar to Team Poochy."

"All righty..... Team.....Sensory?"

"Yes.... Yes, that's available."

"Woohoo! One point for Rinny!"

"So, you now have zero points."


"You got a point taken off for Team Canine. So: Chatot, one point. Rin, zero."


Wigglytuff ignored that whole conversation. "Team Sensory.... Registering...registering.... All registered! YOOOOOM TAAAAAHHHHH!"

Waves of sound pulsed all around the room. Eevee and Chatot yelped; Rin struggled to keep her footing so that her ability stayed activated and she didn't lose her sense of direction. Finally, the pulsing stopped.

"Uh, what was that?" gasped Rin.

"That was my Hyper Voice!" answered Wigglytuff. "I use it to register teams."

"'Kay," said Eevee.

"Well," said Chatot, "time for bed, you two. Come on."

Rin held up her paws. "Wait!"

"What?" asked Chatot.

"Uh, Chatot, Guildmaster? Can I ask you something?"

They nodded. Rin explained to them that she had been human not so long ago, that she had been transformed into a Riolu. But she didn't mention her blindness, because she was enjoying her game.

At the end of her story, Chatot was speechless. Wigglytuff, however, was absolutely not.

"How peculiar.... Human, eh? I understand why Eevee didn't believe you at first! Around here, humans are only spoken of in myths! But I always believed them, ya know!"

"Guildmaster?!" hissed Chatot. "Surely you can't be serious! If she doesn't remember anything except her name, how could we be sure?!"

"Of course it's true! If she wasn't human, wouldn't she be with her parents or some other guardian? How could she have woken up on the beach?"

Rin cleared her throat. "So, uh, the question. Do you...can you tell me how this happened?"

Wigglytuff pondered this for a moment. "'Fraid not. Sorry."

"Oh...okay." Rin was a little disappointed, but she considered herself lucky at the moment. The Guildmaster had not mentioned the word 'blind' once.

"Don't worry! I'm sure some sleep will help you remember."

"Yeah. Thanks anyway, Guildmaster."

"Ahem," said Chatot. "As I was saying, time for bed. Follow me!"

As Chatot turned away from them, Wigglytuff gave Rin a little wink. Yep, he definitely knew she was blind. Rin smiled slightly, and closed her eyes for a few seconds, deactivating her aura-sensing ability. Her world filled with darkness once more.

"Hey! Are you two coming?" called Chatot.

"Coming, Chatot!" Rin called back. Eevee let her have the usual grip on his shoulder, and they followed Chatot out of the room.

"Chatot, where are we going?" asked Eevee. Chatot was leading him and Rin through a long hallway.

"We're going to your room, of course!"

"Whoa! We get a room? As in, beds and walls and a floor?"


"Wait," said Rin. "Did you say we get a room? Not rooms? As in, we're sharing a bedroom?" Eevee silently thanked Arceus for Rin not being able to see him blush.

Chatot looked amused. "Yes. All teams share a room. All of the other apprentices aren't part of teams yet. Ah, here we are!"

They stopped at a small circular room. Light streamed in through only one window, and there were two straw beds with small, dark green blankets in the center. After leading Rin far enough inside so she could easily navigate, Eevee plopped down on his bed.

"Yeah!" he laughed. "This is so cool!"

Rin giggled and sat down on her bed, hugging her knees. "You're so easily amazed, Vee."

Eevee shoved her playfully and laughed. Rin was doing an amazing job at pretending she could see. Chatot didn't suspect a thing.

"Well, I think I can leave you here," said Chatot. "Goodnight!"

Eevee and Rin responded simultaneously. "Goodnight, Chatot!"

The two partners lay down in their beds. Looking at the ceiling, they talked quietly, so as to not wake anyone else.

"Rin?" asked Eevee.


"Why are you pretending that you can see?"

"For two reasons. One, I wanna see how long they're gonna go without figuring it out. And two, I want to prove something."


"I know how shocked you were when you figured out I was blind. Think how shocked everyone will be when they find out that a famous explorer is blind!"

"But we're not famous."

"Yet. I want to prove that I can make it that far."

"Good! I'll help you."

No answer. "Rin?"

Eevee looked at her, and saw that her eyes were closed and she was breathing very calmly. She was asleep.

"Okay...'night, Rin...." With that, he fell asleep as well, and the pair awaited the next day.

And that was Chapter Two!
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Foliatus Lacerta
Hooray for spare time!

Chapter Three


Rin woke with a start. It was still her intent to maintain the illusion that she could see. She would prove that she could become a famous explorer even though she was blind, and it certainly couldn't hurt for her to have some fun in the process. Rin was very much enjoying her new game. She blinked and activated her aura-sensing ability, which she had also decided to keep secret.

A Pokemon was standing in the doorway of Team Sensory's bedroom. His aura seemed annoyed. "I WON'T GET IN TROUBLE 'CAUSE YOU ROOKIES GOT UP LATE!"

The Pokemon left. His voice was so loud that it made Rin's ears ring. Eevee stirred in the bed beside her own.

"Huh? Rookies?" he said, still a bit dazed. "Oh sh**! Rin, we slept in late!"

"Oh crap!"

With that, they scrambled out of bed and on to the Guild's main room. Chatot and other apprentices were gathered there. The Pokemon from before still looked annoyed at the new arrivals.


Chatot flapped his wings violently. "Hush! Your voice is too loud!"

"Yeah," agreed one apprentice, obviously female. "Eek! Tone it down!"

"All right," Chatot hopped over to something that looked like it could have been a door to Rin, and knocked. "Guildmaster! Everyone is ready!"

Wigglytuff's rainbow aura walked into the room. It had a happy glow to it. The Guildmaster looked around at everyone in the room, and the glow became brighter.

"All right! Everyone, you know the drill!" said Chatot. He gave Rin and Eevee a look, and his green aura took on two different shades. Rin guessed that that meant that she and Eevee didn't need to know 'the drill' on their first day.


"Good!" said Chatot. "Now, as you may already know, we have a team of new recruits." Some murmurs among the crowd. "Please welcome Team Sensory! Kids, introduce yourselves...."

"Hi! I'm Eevee!"

"And I'm Rin."

"Eek! Oh my gosh! I'm Sunflora!"

"I'm Diglett. I'm the one who identified your footprints when you first came in."


Oh joy, thought Rin.

"We are Dugtrio. We...well, you'll find out soon enough."

"Meh heh heh. I'm Croagunk."

"Hey hey! I'm Corphish!"

"Chimecho, here!"

"And I'm Bidoof, yup yup!"

Chatot cleared his throat, and the room fell silent. So silent, in fact, that Rin wondered if she had gone deaf as well. But the silence didn't last long.

"Now," said Chatot, "I want you all to go about your regular duties. Team Sensory, come with me."

Rin and Eevee followed obediently. Eevee led Rin by his shoulder, which she guessed had gotten Chatot curious, but he didn't bring it up. Rin was sure that she would have to tell everyone someday, if they hadn't figured it out by then. She was positive that people had noticed her eyes, but they seemed to be under the impression that she had perfect eyesight. Rin decided to question Eevee on the matter when they were alone.

Eevee followed Chatot into the Guildmaster's chamber, leading Rin by his shoulder. They had gotten into this habit: they go somewhere, Rin takes Eevee's shoulder. He had no problem with it, but Chatot seemed to be getting curious. If Rin wanted to keep playing her game, she would have to come up with some pretty good excuses soon. Her eyes were a hint to her blindness, but Eevee knew that they hadn't given her away, not in Treasure Town. He would explain to Rin later.

The Guildmaster sat in his chair, while Chatot brought out a knapsack that was nearly his own size. He only struggled the tiniest bit, though. When the bag was right in front of Team Sensory, Chatot went to perch on Wigglytuff's chair.

Wigglytuff was wearing a bubbly grin on his face, and seemed unable to keep still. "Open it, open it!"

Eevee knew that Rin had no idea what was going on, so he shrugged and opened the bag. Inside there was a purple ribbon, a map, and two badges of some sort, silver disks with bronze wings and pink centers. For his partner's sake, Eevee listed what he found inside as he picked them out.

"Let's see...a purple ribbon, some kind of map, and...explorer badges!"

"That's right!" said Wigglytuff. "All the stuff you'll need for explorations! Now let me give you your first mission."

"Anything, Guildmaster!" said Rin excitedly. Eevee was glad she was so happy about explorations. Only true as blue explorers got like that.

"All righty, you two! I want you to go to Treasure Town and buy your supplies!"

Eevee was a little bit disappointed at this. He had expected to be assigned to explore an exciting, unknown place filled with treasure. But then he remembered that he and Rin had only joined the Guild the day before.

"Okay! What should we buy?"

"Whatever you think is important. Here's two thousand Poke." Wigglytuff tossed them a little bag that jingled when shaken.

"Two thousand?!"

"Yep! You'll be surprised at how much supplies cost these days! With all of the rogue Pokemon around and about, there's a big demand for lots of special items!"

Eevee knew about the sudden increase of rogue Pokemon. Recently, there'd been a mass breakout of Mystery Dungeons, and rogue Pokemon were giving the sheriff a hard time. Exploration teams were always busy now, catching outlaws.

"Okay," said Rin.

Eevee glanced at the purple ribbon and picked it out of the bag. He held it close to Rin's paw, so that she could tell that it was there.

"Rin, put this on." Rin took the ribbon and tied it around her neck. She twirled around on one foot.

"How do I look?" She giggled.

Eevee once again thanked Arceus for Rin not being able to see him blushing. "Er, good. Nice."

So, Eevee led Rin through Treasure town. He told her about Chansey's Daycare, Duskull Bank, Marowak's Dojo, Electivire's Link Shop, the warehouse, Xatu Appraisals, and last but not least, the Kecleon Shop.

The green Kecleon and the purple one were brothers. They waved at Eevee happily.

"Ah, Eevee! Welcome back!" said the green Kecleon.

"Oh? And who is this vision of loveliness?" asked the purple Kecleon. He winked at a blushing Eevee.

"My name's Rin. I'm new here, and Eevee and I just started an exploration team," answered Rin, sparing Eevee. He had to remember to thank her about a thousand times.

"Ah, you're new, Rin! That explains why we didn't recognize you! This town's so small, anyone who's been here three days knows everyone!"

Rin nodded, and laughed a little. She had a pretty laugh, easy to distinguish from a fake one. She really was pretty too, as Kecleon had said.

At the store, Eevee and Rin bought two Reviver seeds and two Oran berries. As they turned to leave, two little Pokemon came running to the store.

"Misters Kecleon! Misters Kecleon!" they cried.

"Yes? Oh, little Marill and Azurill! What brings you here?"

"We need these." Marill handed the green Kecleon a grocery list. He looked over it, then nodded and when to fill the orders. Eevee decided to get to know these little kids. He'd seen them around town before.

"Hey, you're Marill and Azurill, right?"

"Yep!" said Azurill.

"Well, aren't you independent! Doing shopping all by yourself?" said Rin, smiling.

"Yeah. Mommy's sick, so we shop for her," answered Marill. He seemed to be very interested in Rin's pale blue eyes.

"Oh. I hope she gets better soon."

Kecleon came back with a small woven bag and an extra apple. He gave the bag to Marill and the apple to Azurill. Little Azurill looked confused.

"Misters Kecleon, why is there an extra apple?" he asked.

"That is a gift from me and my brother," answered the green Kecleon. "Please, share it among yourselves!"

"Thank you!" said the two young brothers. But, as they were half-running half-hopping away, Azurill fell flat on his face and the apple dropped to the ground. Rin must have been sensing aura, because she hurried over to help Azurill to his feet, while Eevee picked up the luckily unbruised apple, dusted it off, and returned it.

"T-thank you! Sorry to bother you!" said Azurill, and then ran off to catch up with his brother. Eevee looked at them fondly.

"What cute brothers! But I hope that they're not that clumsy all the time," he said. He looked at Rin, expecting her to comment, but she was doubled over in pain, clutching her head.

"Rin!" Eevee laid his paw on her shoulder, and her pain passed. "Are you okay?"

Rin looked a bit dazed. "Uh, yeah, yeah, fine. Let's go."

She didn't look so fine.

Sorry it's so short, I'm kinda in a hurry....
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Okay, so I see you borrowed *coughstolecough* a couple of my ideas. It's cool, though. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

Nice twist making Riolu the girl and Eevee the guy. There's just one thing that bothers me - how are you going to pull off the Dimensional Scream if Rin is blind? I mean, doesn't that require sight?


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Okay, so I see you borrowed *coughstolecough* a couple of my ideas. It's cool, though. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

Nice twist making Riolu the girl and Eevee the guy. There's just one thing that bothers me - how are you going to pull off the Dimensional Scream if Rin is blind? I mean, doesn't that require sight?
Sorry. I made up the character of Rin, like, two months ago just for fun. So, when I read your fic, I thought, Hmmm is this gonna cause a problem??? Those names are reallllly similar..... I'm not quite sure, but I think that Rin is the name of the old queen from Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Either Rin or Lin. But, Rin's pretty, so I kept it.
And, no, in my crazy messed up mind, the Dimensional Scream does not require physical sight. 'Cause they're seeing stuff in their mind, you know?

Thank you for leaving the first comment, it was nice. And as more of an apology for the incident, you (NOT ANYONE ELSE *prepares to release dogs*) can borrow *coughstealcough* one of my ideas. :)


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Chapter Four
Mysterious Mysteries of the Suspicious Variety

Rin had never experienced that kind of headache before. At least, not that she could remember. It was strange, but not completely unpleasant. It did feel like her head was going to explode at any given moment, but it also had a comforting and reassuring feeling, as if whatever caused the headache didn’t want to hurt her. But…the strangest and most unpleasant feeling was that crazy hallucination.

Rin was sure that it had been a hallucination; there was no other explanation for what she had heard. But it still replayed itself over and over in her head even after the headache had passed….


As usual, the world was black for Rin. Her pale blue eyes saw nothing. But, in this place, she didn’t feel like she was part of the surroundings, the black, black surroundings. It was as if her mind had left her body far behind, and had escaped to this place. A single scream broke the silence.


The voice was little Azurill’s, almost unrecognizable by the thick layer of fear and panic. Rin wanted to run to the little boy and help him, but her body wasn’t with her. She found that she couldn’t scream back, and she wanted to help Azurill so desperately. The plea for help was repeating itself faintly, each time causing Rin to struggle more violently. It made her sick, this helplessness. She wanted to retch, but reminded herself that she had no body to do so.

Rin came to a realization, with mixed feelings of joy and sadness. Mostly sadness. In this place…this terrible place…she could see. See. She didn’t know how she knew this, or how it was possible, only that it was true. Sadness came from the fact that there was nothing to see in this world. There really was absolutely nothing here, only emptiness and the feeling of loss.


Then, Rin’s mind had retreated back to her body. She was blind once more, a comforting thought after what had just happened. She was trembling, and blinking madly, constantly activating and deactivating her aura-sensing ability without meaning to. Rin felt Eevee’s paw on her shoulder, and gradually, as seconds ticked by, she began to feel better. Her body stopped shaking, she regained control of her ability, and she found that she could speak again.

And now, Eevee was leading her back to Wigglytuff’s Guild. Rin had found that her aura-sensing ability required a certain amount of strength, strength that she did not have. Her experience had left her tired, and she asked her partner at least ten times if the sun was setting. Each time the answer was yes. Rin planned on skipping dinner and going to bed early. She was afraid that her stomach would reject any food offered to it, and that she would collapse at any moment.

“Hang on, Rin, we’re almost to the ladder….” murmered Eevee. He had to almost carry her down the ladder. Going down all that way didn’t make Rin feel any less tired. All she wanted to do was go to her bed, crawl under the blanket and wait for sweet merciful sleep.

“Come on, Rin. You’re going to bed, I’ll tell the Guildmaster and Chatot that we bought our supplies.” Right now, Rin valued Eevee’s friendship more than anything in the entire world. He knew that she felt terrible, and insisted on her going to bed immediately. He insisted on going to report on how their ‘mission’ went all by himself, while she stayed and rested in bed.

Before she knew it, her limp body was being laid down on the soft straw she recognized as her bed and covered in a blanket. Rin heard Eevee walk away down the hall. She listened until the sound of his footsteps had faded, and closed her eyes. But she couldn’t fall asleep, as exhausted as she was. Rin twisted and turned in bed, but sleep would still not come to her.

Oh well, she thought. I’ll just think until I fall asleep…. Eevee will have to tell Wigglytuff and Chatot why I can’t be there. He’ll have to tell them that I was on the verge of collapsing for some unknown reason. Hmph. And after dinner, they’re gonna have someone with some healing experience (Not Eevee, no….) in here to check on me. I think Chimecho knows a bit about healing…. Rin was finally able to fall asleep with those thoughts swimming in her head.

Turns out Rin was right about Chatot and Wigglytuff sending someone to check on her. She woke about an hour later, still feeling exhausted. She listened as two Pokemon entered the room. The footsteps belonged to Eevee and Chatot. Rin still didn’t open her eyes; she just didn’t feel like it. It wouldn’t make any difference to her anyway.

“She’s asleep,” whispered Chatot.

“I think ‘passed out’ is more like it. I don’t think we need to whisper,” said Eevee.

“Very well, then. So, tell me what happened again.”

“She was just doubled over when I turned to look at her. She was holding her head like she had a bad headache. But it only lasted about ten seconds.”

Ten seconds?, thought Rin. It felt like ten minutes.

“Okay. Did anything strange happen right before?” asked Chatot.

“No. Azurill fell, and Rin helped him up. That’s all.”

“I see….” Chatot felt Rin’s forehead. “…She’s not sick. Probably still recovering from the human-to-Pokemon transformation.”

“I thought you didn’t believe that?”

“There’s always the possibility. She should be feeling a little better in the morning, but we’ll see. She may have to be held back from missions for a day or two.”

“Okay. Goodnight, Chatot.”

“Goodnight.” Rin listened as Chatot left the room and Eevee settled down on his bed.

Held back from missions. The idea upset Rin. Her first day on the job, and she just had to collapse. She was glad that she couldn’t see the faces of the other apprentices. Or Eevee.

Tired, disappointed, embarrassed, and guilty, Rin fell back into slumber.


Rin was aware that she was dreaming. She was still blind, but it had a different feel from her other experience. This darkness was a kind sort, comforting and reassuring. It wasn’t silent here either, but there was no screaming. This voice was male, calm and soothing. But it had a rough, sort of dangerous edge that sounded like its owner was well experienced in battle.

“Rin….” it said. This voice sounded very familiar, but Rin couldn’t tell from where. From her past, maybe?

“Yes?” said Rin, realizing that she could talk.

“You’re okay. I’m so glad.”

“Who are you?”

The voice hesitated, as if confused. “You…don’t remember me?”

“No. Should I?”

“It must have been the incident with…never mind. Have you had any problems?”

“Yes. I had a headache this afternoon, and blacked out. And I heard the terrible scream of a little boy in some terrible empty world, and I felt so tired afterwards….” answered Rin, without thinking. Now that she had brought the scream back into her mind, she felt like crying. Just breaking down into the arms of whomever she was talking to, and cry and cry. Rin sniffled.

“Now, now, don’t cry. I know you, you’re stronger than that. Now that one of these visions has been triggered, you must prepare yourself for more of them.”

At this, Rin broke into tears. She didn’t want to be surrounded by all of that sorrow and loss and complete nothingness ever again. The owner of the soothing voice took her gently by the shoulders.

“Shhhhh, shhhhh. Not all of the visions have the same feeling. And you only felt so tired because it was your first vision in this world.”

Rin felt like such a child. “Really?”

The voice chuckled. “Really. Stay safe, kiddo.”

The dream began to fade as Rin began to wake. The voice’s last words lingered.

Stay safe, kiddo.

Who was that?


Rin woke early that morning. She felt completely recovered. She sat up, stretched, and activated her aura-sensing ability. Eevee was staring at her, his red aura dimmed with confusion. Rin laughed.

“Well, g’mornin’, sunshine!” she said. Knowing that she would probably never have to feel as terrible as she had the day before ever again, Rin felt a thousand times better. But she couldn’t remember what that voice in her dream sounded like.

Whatever! I feel great!, she thought. She got up and yawned.

“Rin? So you’re feeling better?” asked Eevee, standing up with Rin.

“You bet! So, what do ya think they’ll have us do today? Maybe we’ll actually go farther than a mile this time!”

Chatot hopped into the room just then. Rin could tell from his aura that he was just as shocked and confused as her partner. She laughed again.

“Do you feel any better?” asked Chatot, as if he was still asleep and dreaming.

“Yeah,” laughed Rin.

“B-but how is that possible?! Just last night you were unable to stand, let alone talk and laugh!”

“Well, I’m better now!” said Rin, doing a cartwheel. “Ta-da!”

“Well…okay. If you two don’t want an unnecessary wake-up call, I suggest you go to the main room soon.” Rin and Eevee nodded, and Chatot left. Eevee turned to Rin, his red form still confused.

“Rin,” he said. “What happened back there?” He was referring to her little meltdown.

Rin sighed and sat back down on her bed. She didn’t want to talk about it. “I’m not quite sure. After I helped Azurill to his feet, I started to feel dizzy. And I got a bad headache after he left. Then, I sorta just blacked out. I was in an empty world, it was all just black. Not my kind of empty world. It was weird, because…I could see in that world. I don’t know how I know that, since there was nothing to see, but it’s true. Oh, and there was a scream. Azurill’s scream. It was a cry for help, and it kept repeating itself over and over…. Ugh, I felt sick. I think I was so exhausted afterwards because when I woke up, I kept activating and deactivating my ability without meaning to. Good news: I discovered that this ability takes up a certain amount of power. Or is that bad news…?”

Eevee seemed to understand that she didn’t want to talk about her experience, and pulled Rin to her feet and led her to the main room. They were among the first apprentices there. Rin only sensed Sunflora’s pink aura and Chimecho’s yellow aura. Rin had discovered that the color of someone’s aura was determined by personality. Pink and yellow were happy colors, so that made sense with Sunflora and Chimecho.

“Eek! Rin, are you feeling better?”asked Sunflora.

“We heard you weren’t feeling well, but that was a given since you skipped dinner,” explained Chimecho.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” said Rin. She noticed that Eevee felt a little awkward at the moment, since he was the only male in the room. Rin laughed and elbowed him playfully. “What? I guess that even explorers get nervous around girls!” Sunflora and Chimecho laughed right along with her, while Eevee’s aura fired up with annoyance.

Soon, the rest of the apprentices filed into the Guild’s main room, Chatot flew down from Arceus-knows-where, and Wigglytuff emerged from his chamber. They did the morning motto, and were off to their daily assignments. Chatot called Team Sensory to him.

“Okay, Team Sensory!” he said. “I want you to take care of this job request.” Rin heard a swish of paper as he handed something to Eevee, who started reading.

“’Client: Spoink
Please help me, brave explorers! A thief made off with my precious pearl! Without that pearl atop my head, I can’t sit still for five seconds! The thief went into Drenched Bluff, but it’s too dangerous for me to go! Please, help!’
So, you want us to go to Drenched Bluff and get the pearl back?”

“Correct! But, please, be careful. Drenched Bluff is very unstable, and it’s…a Mystery Dungeon.”

“What’s a Mystery Dungeon?” asked Rin.

“Mystery Dungeons are very strange places. The Pokemon there have very little reason, especially the bosses. And if you faint in Mystery Dungeon, you are automatically teleported out, your money is gone, and half your items or more are missing. More and more of these dungeons have been popping up lately.”

“Remember that cave we went through when we met, Rin?” asked Eevee. “That was a Mystery Dungeon, too.”

“Oh. So, in other words, don’t faint?”

“Yes,” said Chatot. “Now, off you go!”

“Vee, are we there yet?”

“Yeah, we’re at the entrance.”

“Okay. So, one more time: we go in there, get the pearl, and go back.”

“What if the thief is in there?” Eevee sounded scared.

“My friend, there is a simple solution to that problem. If the thief is in there, we kick his a** and turn him in.”

“Uh, okay.” Eevee didn’t sound entirely reassured, but it couldn’t be helped. Rin had decided to deactivate her ability, saving her energy just in case they encountered the thief.

They had been walking through Drenched Bluff for about an hour when it had seemed they had reached its end. Being blind, Rin’s functioning senses were acute. She smelled blood, and gasped.

Eevee screamed. Rin instinctively activated her ability. Eevee had run to a figure on the ground. It’s aura was brown and growing weaker by the second.

“Who attacked you?!” demanded Eevee.

The dying figure on the ground was female, and her voice was one of a kind person, but coarse. Rin guessed that she had a wound to the throat. “He went after – AAAAAAAAAAAH!” The woman screamed before she could finish. Her aura flickered and died along with her.

Eevee’s fiery red aura shone with purpose and determination. “Rin! We gotta go after that guy!”

They ran off further into deep foliage, Rin following Eevee’s aura. They ran to apprehend the one who had caused that woman’s death, having no idea what they were up against.
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Hey this is pretty good. I like the fact that Riolu is a girl and Eevee is a guy. It mixes things up. And I LOVE the idea of a blind Riolu or Lucario. When I was watching the movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew I thought Lucario was blind at first because he had his eyes closed, yet he was looking at aura and stuff. I've always wanted to see a blind character that could sense aura (I was thinking of using one in my own fic) and I think it's really cool that you're doing that.

My only complaint is that your chapters are lacking description and there's not enough detail. Too much dialogue I guess. It's probably hard though because Rin is blind and you can't really describe what she "sees" exactly. Anyway, this is a good start.

Are you just going to follow the PMD2 storyline or adapt it like you did with your main characters? Just curious because I kind of feel like following a story that's already been told isn't very original. If done well though, I think it would be fine.


Foliatus Lacerta
Awww, thanks! I was just watching Quest to Camelot one day, and I thought, Hey, maybe it would be cool to have a blind character... And thanks for the tips, I was thinking the same thing. MUST FIX *walks towards laptop like Frankenstein*
The storyline will have the same goal, but I'm gonna mess with and/or rearrange almost all of the events. I may spare the lives of one or two. I'm working on a bizarre change to the first mission right now.

YEAH!! Two people commented! Current goal accomplished!


YEAH!! Two people commented! Current goal accomplished!
Haha, yeah that's my goal for my fic too. You've already commented on mine so I figured it was only fair if I read/commented on yours. Now... let's see if we can both get FIVE people to comment on our fics!


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Wow DaggerThruMyHeart911, It is like one of the best MD fic's I have read, and It has great detail, and you are following the storyline well. Keep up the good work, and I am gonna continue reading on!!!! x

PS: I thought I would return the favour of you reading my fic, so here I am!


Foliatus Lacerta

*hugs* Oh my goodness, thank you! It's really hard to detail since Rin is blind.

BTW if you guys want, you can just call me Dagger to save typing.


Foliatus Lacerta
Yay! Comments by THREE people! And I'm just gonna rate this PG from here on out. No details in that rating, since almost everything is unplanned.

Chapter Five

Team Sensory stopped running at the sound of crackling electricity. For a fleeting second, Rin sensed a figure running past. It moved too quickly for her to identify the aura. Eevee’s red aura shimmered with unease.

“Rin, this place feels weird,” he said, a frightened edge to his voice. And with good reason. This feeling in the air, this feeling of unknown danger, made even Rin uneasy. She sensed something creeping closer and closer….

Eevee gasped in horror. “RUN! NOW!”

Rin had no idea what she was supposed to be running from, but she didn’t want to stick around to find out. She ran as fast as she could in the direction they had come from. She discovered that ‘as fast she could’ was pretty darn fast. Eevee was shouting at her to slow down. About a minute later, she stopped in what she assumed was the place where the woman had died. Rin was hardly tired, but Eevee came after her panting heavily. She had no idea she could run that fast.

Probably just a ‘do or die’ kind of thing, she thought. She felt her foot nudge something big and round. Rin picked it up and felt all around its surface. It’s a pearl. Probably Spoink’s. She stuffed the pearl inside the treasure bag.

Eevee was still panting so heavily he was in danger of breathing in rocks. “Time…t-time…”

Rin ran over to her partner and began to shake him by the shoulders. “What?! What about it?!” It sounded stupid, but she had absolutely no clue what was going on, and was open to new ideas.


Rin slapped Eevee right across the face. “What?!"




Team Sensory was back at the guild, reporting on how their mission went, after Spoink has gotten his pearl back. They were explaining to Chatot that time had somehow stopped in an area near Drenched Bluff. Rin was telling him that an unknown Pokemon had sped past them, running from the impending paralysis. She also told him about the dying woman, and how it was too late to save her even though the paralysis had not reached Drenched Bluff.

Eevee’s cheek still stung from when Rin slapped him. Great, he thought. First, she has a nasty left hook, then she’s a Kung Fu princess, and now she can strike fear into the heart of any male she wishes.

Eevee thought about the woman that had died in Drenched Bluff. She was a Noctowl, but she had pristine brown-green feathers. Poor Noctowl had died from a severe wound to her neck.

Chatot was trembling and breathing heavily. “So, let me get this straight. Time in an area near that dungeon suddenly just stopped?!”

“Yes,” answered Rin. Eevee had the feeling that she wanted to add, “For the zillionth time.” Chatot had been ‘getting this straight’ at least sixteen times.

Chatot began to fly wildly around the room, screaming, “GUILD MEETING! GUILD MEETING! EVERYONE TO THE MAIN ROOM!”

“WHAT, NOW?!” called Loudred.

“YES, NOW! GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!” screamed Chatot, possibly even louder than he had been before.

Once the Guildmaster, Team Sensory, and all the other apprentices were assembled, Chatot somehow managed to calm down enough to speak normally. “Okay, okay. Everyone, remain calm, everything’s fine, everything’s fine…. OH, WHO AM I KIDDING?!” He began to fly wildly around the room again. He was actually the only one who was freaking out. “EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE! A TIME GEAR’S BEEN STOLEN! A TIME GEAR’S BEEN STOLEN! A TIME….” Chatot was suddenly shot down by a well-aimed Aura Sphere. “Okay, who did that?!”

Next to Eevee, Rin raised her paw and jumped around excitedly. “Me!”

“When did you learn that move?!”

“I don’t know. Why, is that bad?”

“Urk! Later, I’ll deal with you later! Ahem, so as I was saying…. Earlier today, time stopped in Twilight Woods!” Everyone gasped, and started to chatter. “As you may or may not know, deep inside Twilight Woods is a Time Gear altar. But that Time Gear was taken from its home, and that area is now paralyzed!” The chatter increased, and Sunflora began an endless sentence consisting only of “Oh my gosh!” and “Eek!”

Chimecho spared Chatot the agony of regaining order among the apprentices by calling everyone to dinner. Eevee was surprised at the variety of food served at the Guild. There were apples, Oran berries, Pechas, Cheris, Leppas, Tamatos, Wikis, Micles, Apicots, even Petayas and Rowaps. And there was a surplus of each food item. Rin seemed to like the Apicots and Petayas the best. That made sense to Eevee, since no one knew much about Apicot and Petaya berries, and no one knew much about Rin.

After eating, everyone retired to their rooms. Eevee was staring out the window, where it was storming, and looked at Rin’s reflection in the glass. She was lying awake on her bed, thinking about something. Eevee thought that, despite her violent talents, Rin was really pretty. Her jackal’s head was beautifully figured, her blue and black fur was always casually messy, her lethal white claws shone in the light, she had sharp pearly-white teeth, and her eyes…they were amazing. They were useless to Rin, but their pale blue irises were mere shades away from the whites, and Eevee admired that light beauty. But, as he looked at Rin’s reflection, Eevee suddenly became sad. Rin was beautiful…but she didn’t know, and she would never know. She could never see her own reflection, and any attempt to tell her would seem like a false compliment. Rin herself was the only one who couldn’t see her beauty.

“Hey, Vee?” said Rin, snapping Eevee back to attention.

“Uh, yeah?”

Rin smiled. “No one here at the Guild even guesses that…” She covered both of her eyes, in case anyone was listening. Eevee understood the gesture. “So, how did you know?”

Eevee thought that this would come. “My Aunt Leafeon is an exploration team leader. She was in a battle with a group of outlaw Delcatty once. She was winning, but then all the Delcatty used Flash, and…. Well, my aunt won the battle anyway, but she was blind after that. Her eyes are pale now, like yours.”

“Does Leafeon live in Treasure Town?”

“No. My parents got into some kind of accident when I was a baby…Leafeon doesn’t like to talk about it, being my dad’s sister and all. I lived with her for most of my life, but when she thought that life up in the mountains was getting too dangerous for me, she sent one of her teammates to take me to Treasure Town. She still writes, but I miss her.”

“Oh…I’m sorry. Wait, then how did Zubat and Koffing know?”

“Those two are part of a trio,” answered Eevee, glad to change the subject. “Rumor has it that their leader is blind, but he doesn’t look like it. So they probably know how to see the signs. So, basically, almost no one around here knows how to identify a blind person.”

Rin nodded in understanding. She was silent for a moment, but then she muttered a ‘goodnight’ and fell asleep. Eevee crawled under his blanket and did the same.


Eevee was standing in the mountain forest he had grown up in, aware that he was dreaming after a few moments. An unfamiliar figure stood in the shadow of a large tree. Eevee couldn’t quite distinguish the figure from the shadows.

“Take care of her,” the figure said. The voice was male, holding the dangerous edge of a well-experienced battler. Absently, Eevee nodded, and the figure nodded back. “Now go back to sleep. You can’t take care of her if you keep dozing.”

Suddenly, the figure held up some kind of Orb above his head. Then, he threw it to the ground at his feet, causing an explosion of light. When the light cleared, the figure was gone, and Eevee’s eyelids were heavy. But before he fell back into dreamless slumber, he thought:

Who was that?



Eevee’s eyes snapped open just as Loudred left the room. Beside him, Rin was sitting up and stretching, with a content smile on her face. Then she gave Eevee a strange look, so she must have sensed him staring at her.

“What?” she asked.

“Er, nothing. Nothing.” Team Sensory then hastily made for the Guild’s main room.

After Chatot led the morning chant, he told Rin and Eevee to follow him upstairs, to the Outlaw Notice Board. Once there, he began to explain about a breakout of evil Pokemon, and reassured a nervous Eevee that many of these Pokemon were merely petty thieves. His aura had a happy glow, so Rin guessed that he enjoyed explaining things.

“…and that’s the gist of it!” he finished. “Today, I want you two to catch one of these Pokemon.”

“What?!” asked Eevee.

“That’s right! But you’re new, so…. Bidoof! Bidoof?! Come here!” A few seconds later, Rin sensed Bidoof’s orange aura racing up the ladder. Chatot took him aside and started to give him instructions in a hushed tone.

Chatot seems to be trying really hard to make sure Bidoof gets those directions, thought Rin. I think Sunflora mentioned to me at dinner that Bidoof was kinda new, only senior to me and Eevee. Well, orange is a misunderstood color.

Chatot’s aura disappeared from Rin’s view, and Bidoof came to stand next to her. “Howdy! I’m Bidoof! Er, you remember me from before, right?” Rin and Eevee nodded. “All right! So, I’m supposed to help you choose an outlaw today.”

“Okay! But, uh, I’m kinda scared,” said Eevee.

“It was scary on my first time, too!” reassured Bidoof. “Trust me; it’s not as bad as you think. Yup yup!”

Suddenly, a siren sounded and Dugtrio’s voice yelled, “Update! Update!”

“What’s he doing?!” asked Rin.

“Oh, he’s just updating the board,” answered Bidoof. “That’s Dugtrio’s job, see. He updates the Outlaw Notice Board when new wanted posters come in or some posters get too old. He didn’t tell you that when you met him because he likes to scare the new recruits.” Dugtrio laughed from wherever he was. Rin hoped that Bidoof hadn’t learned that from personal experience.

“Update complete! Update complete!” yelled Dugtrio.

“Okay!” said Bidoof. “Which outlaw d’ya reckon you could take?”

Rin had the feeling that Bidoof was looking at her, and she didn’t want to end her game yet. She bit her lip. “Uh, you pick, Vee.”

Bidoof’s aura dimmed with confusion, but that couldn’t be helped. Since Rin was blind, she couldn’t pick an outlaw by herself.

“Hey, Bidoof,” said Eevee. “What about this guy? The one with the yellow head, and the trunk, and those beady eyes.”

“Hm? Oh, him. Looks like his name is…Drowzee.”

Before either Rin or Eevee could respond, a huge explosion from outside shook the ground. Without question, Rin took Eevee’s shoulder as they ran outside to investigate. Rin heard the running footsteps of everyone else who had been in the Guild. And as they ran, she heard something that she hoped would never come up again, but knew was inevitable.


Running even faster, Rin tried to keep up with impending disaster.

Eevee gasped when he and Rin reached the crossroads outside the Guild. Drowzee, the Pokemon from the wanted poster, was staring menacingly at little Azurill. Marill was nowhere in sight. Azurill was cowering on the ground.

“C’mon, kid!” shouted Drowzee. “I said I’d take you home after I got the treasure!”

“No!” cried Azurill. Drowzee stepped a little closer, and the small Pokemon flinched.

Eevee looked at Rin. She had a murderous expression, and was getting ready to fire an Aura Sphere, a move that everyone had been surprised to learn she had. Aura Sphere was an extremely rare move, and normally took years to master, but Rin handled it like a master. Drowzee was in trouble.

Eevee shot a Shadow Ball at Drowzee the same time as Rin fired Aura Sphere. Amazingly, it only knocked the breath out of Drowzee. He recovered and glared at the members of Team Sensory.

“This has nothing to do with you!” he shouted. “Protect!” A huge, blue protective wall started growing around the center of the crossroads just as all of the other Guild members arrived. Luckily, Eevee and Rin were able to jump through just before the wall became solid.

“Take this!” shouted Rin. She ran towards Drowzee, leaping to avoid his Psybeam, and landed right behind him after a swift dodge from his Pound. Then she got Drowzee straight in the middle of his back with Force Palm. He cried out and became still, paralyzed by the force of the attack. Eevee finished it with Quick Attack.

Drowzee fell to the ground. His limp body was hastily gathered up by two Magnemite, who had been part of the wide-eyed crowd that Eevee suddenly noticed was gathered around the fading Protect. Marill suddenly ran forward to Azurill, who was half-crying half-laughing at the whole ordeal. Rin laughed too, recovered from her murderous anger.

Note to self: never get Rin mad, thought Eevee, as proud Guild members gathered around them, slapping them on the back. The crowd parted just enough for Sheriff Magnezone to float through.


“’B?!’” asked Chatot.

“YES. BZZZZZT! HERE IS YOUR REWARD.” Magnezone handed Rin a Protein, Calcium, and a bag of three thousand Poke.

“Whoa!” said Eevee happily. “Three thousand Poke! We’re rich, Rin!”

Chatot cleared his throat. “Not exactly.” He took the bag and removed a large amount of the money, leaving only four hundred Poke.

“What?! We only get four hundred?!”

“Yes. Normally, for that amount of money, you would receive three hundred. But for that awesome display of fighting skill, I think you deserve a little more. It’s all a part of training!”

Eevee and Rin had no choice but to cooperate. Soon, all of the excitement died down, and Team Sensory took the rest of the day to rest on the beach.

Eevee splashed around in the water, laughing and slipping. Rin sat on a soft part of the sand, enjoying the warmth of the sun.

“C’mon, Rin!” shouted Eevee. “The water’s fiiiine…!” He slipped and fell back on his tail.

“No, I-I’m fine here.”

“Oh, come on!”


“Why?!” whined Eevee. Rin mumbled something. “What?” She mumbled it a little louder, but he still couldn’t hear. “What?!”

“I CAN’T SWIM!” shouted Rin. Eevee chuckled a little, which was a mistake. Rin took a pawful of sand and threw it in his face. He coughed and spat, then rinsed his eyes out with water.

“Okay! Why can’t you just learn?” said Eevee, after his eyes were devoid of sand.

“I’m a blind thirteen-year-old girl with anger issues. Swimming in the ocean when it's about to rain isn’t exactly good for my health.” That was understandable. Dark, heavy storm clouds were slowly making their way towards them.

So, Eevee decided to leave Rin alone while he dried off by running around. He was having fun doing that, occasionally showering Rin with sand he kicked up, until he tripped. When he looked, Eevee saw that he had tripped on a shiny red gem that was warm to the touch. He described it to Rin and let her hold it. She had no idea what it could be either, except a warm red rock.

Suddenly, Eevee had an idea. Rin hadn’t exactly been in a good mood that day, with everything that had happened. He took out some string he had found from the Treasure Bag. Combined with the gem, it became a necklace. Eevee tied it around Rin’s neck. He knew she couldn’t see it, but she understood the gesture.

It looks good on her, thought Eevee. Rin had a genuinely happy grin on her face, and she slipped the gem under the purple scarf she wore.

“Thanks, Vee,” she said. Eevee blushed, said it was nothing, and led her back to the Guild.
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Well Described Dagger! In my opinion best chapter yet. And Eevee got a facefull of sand- lol! Advice for Eevee, Don't make Rin mad. I am looking foward to the next chapter!


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No one should make Rinny mad... O.O
Glad you like it.

I might not be able to get chapters up as fast now because I have school... :( But THEY SHALL COME UP! I swear it on my entire book collection! (That's a pretty big swear for me.)
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I might not be able to get chapters up as fast now because I have school... But THEY SHALL COME UP! I swear it on my entire book collection! (That's a pretty big swear for me.)
Haha, yeah me too. I'm about halfway through my next chapter. It's slow going (or at least it feels that way). It feels like

BTW, nice chapter. Rin is very temperamental isn't she? Hahaha.


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Haha, yeah. I like to let my characters take on their own personality, and Rin just happened to 'inherit' my temper. People SHOULD NOT be going near my fanart with an uncapped Sharpie!

Grrrrr! Must - get - to - point! I have gone way too far ahead with this, I already have an idea for a prequel and sequel, and semi-sequel.
And I'm starting a PM list, so just ask if you want in!
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Hi! Here's the next chapter! Go on, all you critics out there, be brutal, I can take it.

Chapter Six
Explorations, Expeditions, and a Coupla More Mysterious Mysteries

The next day, Chatot announced that Team Sensory was to go on their first real exploration. The other apprentices cheered, and Wigglytuff gave them their assignment. Now, Rin and Eevee were standing before a gigantic waterfall.

“Okay. So, this is the waterfall,” said Eevee.

“Yeah,” agreed Rin. She rocked back and forth on her heels. “It’s really…wet. And loud.” No answer. “I can’t see you nod, dummy.”

“Right, sorry…. What should we do now?” Rin shrugged. Out of pure curiosity, she reached out and tried to touch the waterfall. The sheer force of it stung her paw, and she stumbled back a few steps. Then she began to feel strange.

That headache. For a second, Rin panicked, but then remembered that her dream had told her to be ready when this happened. She took a deep breath, and let it out. Rin became dizzy, and she blacked out.


This wasn’t nearly as bad an experience as before. Again, Rin felt like her mind had run away from her body, but she could see, and she didn’t feel like vomiting. She could still hear the waterfall, and now see it as well. Rin also saw a very familiar figure in front of the waterfall. She couldn’t quite place its identity.

To Rin’s surprise, the figure jumped right through the waterfall. It landed on its back in some kind of hidden cave, and somersaulted a few more feet. Then, it disappeared deeper into the cave.


Rin’s mind snapped back to her body. She still felt a little dizzy, but otherwise, very much normal. The dizziness passed after a few moments.

“Something wrong, Rin?” asked Eevee, with concern in his voice.

“Another vision. I…I think we should jump through.”

“Please tell me you don’t mean the waterfall! And if you had another vision, why aren’t you tired?”

“I was prepared this time. And, yeah, I mean the waterfall. This one. If you aren’t ready for launch in twenty seconds, I’m throwing you in.” Then came ten seconds of Eevee taking in and letting out deep breaths, and muttering reassurances to himself.

“Okay. I’m ready,” he said finally. With that, he and Rin took a running start and leapt through the waterfall at full speed and force. Like the figure in Rin’s vision, they landed on their backs and somersaulted a few feet deeper into the once-hidden cave.

Rin activated her ability, and ‘saw’ that Eevee was already on his feet. “Whoa! A hidden cave! Did you see this in your vision, Rin?” She nodded, and let her partner help her up and lead her further into the cave.

It took five run-ins with Psyduck, Wooper, and Barboach, and a good hour to reach the end of the damp cave. According to Eevee’s dreamy/idiotic comments about the place, it was apparently chock full of shining gems of varying colors. Rin thought that gemstones were very much like aura: differing in size, beauty, color, and glow.

“There’s a huge gem over there!” exclaimed Eevee, running off somewhere ahead. “Imagine Chatot’s face when we bring this back!”

“I’ll try,” said Rin blandly. “Careful, don’t hurt yourself….”

“Aw, don’t worry, I can lift this thing,” her partner said. No sooner than when he said that, Rin heard him fall back on his tail with force. She sighed.

Never give a boy a girl’s job, thought Rin. She walked over to where Eevee’s red form was cringing from the force of his unfortunate landing, and got a grip in the huge gem. Rin pulled as hard as she could, but the stone refused to move an inch. She stepped back, panting, and felt a familiar dizziness.

Oh, crap, thought Rin, as she blacked out again.


The same figure from before. It was standing in a room that was lit with the glow of gems of many different colors. Red, blue, green, purple…all of them. The figure strode over to a magnifent violet gem at the far end of the room, and pushed it instead of pulled it. There was a small ‘click’, and the ground began to tremble. The figure looked all around in surprise.

After a few minutes, with the ground shaking more loudly and violently, a huge wave came crashing in. It swept away the figure, and the vision blurred, and finally closed.


Rin woke to the Eevee’s red form giving the gem another go. He pulled and pulled, but could not dislodge it. Eevee gave up, panting, and leaned against the gem.

“Eevee! No!” shouted Rin, but she was too late. There was a small ‘click’ as the gem moved forward, and the ground began to tremble. Eevee panicked, but Rin knew what was coming. After a few minutes, a gigantic wave crashed in, and swept Team Sensory away.

Eevee woke when he fell into the water. It was a little muddy, but warm, and there were other Pokemon in the spring. Mankey, Primeape, Teddiursa, Ursaring, and Rin, still floating unconscious. Eevee recognized the town elder, Torkoal, sitting on a nearby rock and watching amusedly.

“Well, what have we here?” said Torkoal. “Ah, it seems that Waterfall Cave has tricked the Guild’s new recruits.”

“W-what do you mean?” asked Eevee, climbing onto the rock beside Torkoal’s. Now that he was out of the warm spring, he was shivering slightly from the cold.

“That trick gem! Did you accidentally push it when you tried to take it?”

“Yes…. Wait, has this happened before?”

“Yes, lad. Guildmaster Wigglytuff explored that cave when he was younger. Like you, he tried to take that gem and triggered the trap. The waves swept him away and he ended up at the Hot Springs.”

Rin was awake at this point. The moment he saw her get to her feet, Eevee walked back into the Hot Springs and helped his partner onto the rock beside Torkoal, and then clambered up next to her. Torkoal watched them with a smile on his wrinkled face, and laughed slightly.

“Well,” the town elder said, “you must be Rin, dear lass. Wigglytuff has mentioned some new recruits during one of his visits.” Torkoal leaned in closer so that he could whisper. “A young Riolu with blue eyes, amazing fighting skills, and a habit of taking her partner’s shoulder whenever they go somewhere. Care to explain, lass?” Rin gulped, and bit her lip.

“I’m blind, sir,” she whispered. “Please, don’t tell anyone! I want to prove that even I can be a famous explorer.”

“Don’t you worry, lass!” laughed Torkoal. Then he dropped his voice back down to a whisper. “If I could keep it hidden for eighty years, I can certainly hide yours for a little while!”

“You’re…blind!” whispered Rin. “Wait, but how did you….”

“Smell,” interrupted Torkoal. “Everyone has a certain smell. My disability has heightened my other senses, as it did for you as well. You, my dear, smell of lilies and salt water. Eevee, you smell of smoke and rain. Rin, your functioning senses will be extraordinary, over time. Now, you must work with what you have.”

Rin nodded, and Eevee led her back towards the Guild. He couldn’t help but feel disappointed that he and Rin hadn’t really made a huge discovery. He was also a little frightened by how Chatot would react when he found out. Once back at the Guild, Eevee had every reason to be cautious with his wording.

“Well,” he started, “we found a cave behind the waterfall, and when he reached the end, we…”

“You. I had nothing to do with it,” added Rin.

“Right. I accidentally triggered a trap, and some waves carried us all the way to the Hot Springs. But…”

“Congratulations!” interrupted Chatot. “Your first exploration was a success! I’ve got to go tell the Guildmaster!”

Just as Chatot was turning to leave, Eevee stopped him. “Wait! I think that Wigglytuff may have explored that place before.”

Then all three Pokemon got into a ten minute argument that involved Chatot yelling, Eevee retorting, and Rin swearing. Finally, Chatot was forced to give in. He went to check with the Guildmaster to settle the argument, and came back a few minutes later, defeated.

“All right,” said Chatot. Rin had a smug little smile on her face. “It seems that the Guildmaster did already explore Waterfall Cave. He forgot that little detail when he assigned you two the job.”

“So, we accomplished…nothing,” said Rin.

“Oh, now, that’s not…er, yes, that’s correct.” Then, Chimecho rang the dinner bell, and everyone rushed off to dinner.

A week later…

Rin sat on her bed, thinking. She thought about Eevee, about her strange dream with that familiar voice, and about her visions. The second vision had had hardly any effect on Rin, but the visions in general still confused her. She was trying to figure out what triggered them, when it seemed that some weird magic caused her question to be answered in the physical world.

“Hey, Rin?” asked Eevee. “I think I just figured out what causes your visions.”

THANK YOU, ARCEUS!, Rin thought, but instead she said, “Oh? What?”

“Your visions…they happen when you touch certain things. Like when you helped Azurill when he fell, or when you touched the waterfall.”

“That’s true. Sometimes, when I touch stuff, I see its past or future….”

Just then, Rin sensed Chatot’s little green form enter the room. “The Guildmaster wishes to see you, Team Sensory!”

Rin took Eevee’s shoulder and was led to Wigglytuff. The Guildmaster’s rainbow aura glittered happily, as usual. Team Sensory greeted him appropriately, and he explained why he had called them to his chamber.

“An expedition?” asked Rin.

“Yes!” answered Wigglytuff. “All week long, Chatot and I have been monitoring everyone’s progress! But I think that Chatot was paying more attention to Chimecho’s progress.” Rin was a little shocked by this comment. Chatot’s aura became spotted with darker shades of green, showing that he was blushing.

“Guildmaster!” he hissed. “You said you wouldn’t bring it up again! It’s embarrassing!”

“Oh, it’s not like it’s a secret to anyone except Chimecho. Besides, she’s only a year younger than you, and she’s not even an apprentice anymore!”

“She’s not?” asked Eevee. “Did she graduate?”

“No,” answered Chatot. “About a month ago, Chimecho applied to be part of the staff instead. And furthermore, I do not like her that way. Wigglytuff, please stop bringing it up!”

Wigglytuff laughed. “Oooo! You’re getting defensive! Fine. So, anyways, we’ve been monitoring everyone’s progress, including yours, Team Sensory! And we’re gonna announce the members of the expedition tomorrow morning!”

“Cool!” exclaimed Rin and Eevee simultaneously. Then, Chatot escorted them back to their bedroom, where they almost immediately plopped down on their beds and fell asleep.


In this dream, Rin found that she could see, but her vision was intensely blurry. She could only make out colors. Around her, the surroundings were mostly gray and black, but not too far away was a small pink form, next to something tiny and gold. Once Rin realized that the pink form was singing a wordless tune, she also realized that the golden object was a harp. Then, the pink Pokemon (Rin assumed it was a Pokemon) began to sing an actual song. Her voice was beautiful, but sad, and Rin discovered that the female creature was crying.

“Shadows are all…
My love has gone to free morning
And still
He knows nothing of my mourning
For him…
My heart calls….

My fragile heart is hidden
Beneath my pride…
Beneath my strength….

He still won’t see…
Hear my haunting melody….

Fate still hasn’t decided
Whether or not
We will be…
But in our future,
Love is still not a thing I see….

My love has gone to free morning
And he knows nothing of my mourning
And here I am
Singing my lost hopes….

My fragile heart is hidden
Beneath my pride…
Beneath my strength….

He still won’t see…
I don’t think it’s to be…
Hear my haunting melody….”

Before the poor Pokemon could sing another word, or play one more note on her harp, she burst into tears. Between her sobs, she whispered, “No…no…no….”


Rin didn’t need Loudred’s wake-up call to wake up that morning. She sat bolt upright in bed, tears streaming down her face. Crying was the only thing that Rin’s eyes could be used for.

That poor Pokemon, she thought. It must hurt so much, to love someone when they don’t love you back…. That Pokemon, who was she?

Eevee interrupted her thoughts, asking her what was wrong and if she was okay. Rin reassured him that she was fine, that she had just had a dream. But she took this dream seriously, since the last one turned out to have given very good advice. It must have something to do with something she would encounter later.

After she had stopped crying, Rin blinked to activate her aura-sensing ability. Nothing happened. She blinked again, harder this time. Nothing. Rin blinked again, and again, and again. Darkness. More tears ran down her face, with a sudden realization frozen in her mind.

“Rin? What’s wrong?” asked Eevee.

“My ability isn’t working,” sobbed Rin. “I…I’m completely blind, Vee.”

Somehow, Eevee got his partner to stop crying before Loudred came in for his wake-up call. He led Rin, carefully, to the main room of the Guild. Sunflora, Diglett, Chimecho, and Chatot were already assembled. Chatot was speaking to Chimecho about something or another, while Sunflora gave Diglett advice on exploring. Eevee led Rin to the window, where they sat down and waited for everyone else to arrive.

All of the Guild members were assembled in less than ten minutes. Wigglytuff had come out of his chamber and announced the expedition, and Chatot was reading the list of expedition members out loud. As each person’s name was called, they went to go stand beside the Guildmaster.

“Loudred! Sunflora! Bidoof! Chimecho! Corphish! Croagunk! Diglett! Dugtrio! Eevee! And last, but certainly not least, Rin!.... Wait a second! Guildmaster, everyone’s on this list!”

“Yep!” exclaimed Wigglytuff. “I thought it would be fun-fun-fun if we all went! I was so excited, I could hardly sleep!”

“But that means that the whole selection process was pointless! We could have gone right away!”

“That would have been boooooring…. Besides, we got a chance to see how everyone was doing!” Wigglytuff turned to the expedition members. “Now, everyone get ready for the trip!”

Wigglytuff and Chatot went into the Guildmaster’s chamber to plan, and everyone else gathered together in a big circle. They talked excitedly about the expedition, like where they would go, and what they would see. Eevee talked a little bit, but mostly he was thinking. Rin was going to need his help on this trip, because she had explained to him that she was still going to hide the fact that she was blind.

I just can’t bring myself to be mad at her about that, thought Eevee. If they knew Rin was blind, she probably wouldn’t be allowed to go on the expedition. With that in mind, Eevee took Rin to Treasure Town so that they could get ready.

As they traveled, Rin discovered that she was angry. Not because Chatot had Team Sensory travel with Chimecho to the base camp. Not completely because she kept tripping on rocks. No, Rin was mad because she had to count on Eevee to get her where she needed to go. Rin hated the fact that she couldn’t follow Eevee and Chimecho all by herself, because her stupid ability wasn’t working. Well, she wouldn’t call it stupid. Honestly, Rin loved that ability, and was very upset about not having it at the time. Or ever again. Rin hoped it was the former.

“Rin, do you need any help?” Eevee whispered in her ear. A while ago, Rin had refused her partner’s help and walked a little ahead. Every few minutes, she stumbled or just plain fell over something on the path.

“No,” hissed Rin. No sooner than when she said that, she fell over a rock with a short yelp. After pulling herself up again, she said, “Not. One. Word.” Eevee, having common sense, let her be and continued walking, Rin following short behind. She heard Chimecho chuckle, stifled a ‘shut up’, and struggled onward until the group reached Fitting End Mountain, the only obstacle standing in their way.

Rin knew they were at the mountain, even though she had no way of seeing it. “Damn….”

“Do you want help now?” whispered Eevee. Reluctantly, Rin nodded. She took her partner’s shoulder and allowed him to lead her into the mountain.

“Oh!” exclaimed Chimecho. “It’s so dark in here!”

“I know, right?” agreed Rin, still keeping up the pretense that she could see. “Ugh, I can’t see one damn thing….” Eevee agreed with her, and shuddered a bit. Rin realized that he was, once again, feeling awkward about his traveling companions being females. “Ooo, is someone nervous?”


Chimecho giggled. “Oh, I think he is! Look, he’s blushing!” Rin pretended to look at Eevee, and laughed. She and Chimecho teased him for the remainder of the mountain’s tunnels, until they emerged into warm sunlight and their day was ruined.

“Stop right there!” yelled a voice. The voice was harsh, and demanded respect. ‘Respect’ wasn’t a term whose meaning was very familiar to Rin.

“’Stop right there!’” she mimicked. “What, are you a cop?! Do I have the right to challenge you to a kick*** battle?!”

“You did it now, girly!”

Instantly, a horrible stench washed over Rin. She swayed, and passed out.

Sorry it's so short! I was kinda rushed, and this seemed like a good foreshadowy place to stop.

Eh heh heh.... About the whole ChatotxChimecho thing.... I was bored and uhhhhh.... Do you guys think I should go anywhere with this? Please comment your answer.

And it would be very nice for me if you guys commented anyway. Just sayin'.
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BestCharacterEver <3
It's not short at all, but it's best chapter yet. Well explained, and it was worth the long wait. I can't wait for the next one!


It's not short at all, but it's best chapter yet. Well explained, and it was worth the long wait. I can't wait for the next one!
I very much agree with this statement.


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I very much agree with the fact that you guys are AWESOME!
Sooooo..... Do you guys want more from the ChatotxChimecho thing? Some bits in the next chapter kinda depend on the answer.
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